Who is Ricko DeWilde’s Wife? Ricko’s Marriage, Net Worth, Children

Ricko DeWilde is Allegedly Married to Wife Rona Vent, Net Worth

National Geographic’s Life Below Zero cast members including Sue Aikens and Jessie Holmes are known for their grit to live in the remote corners of Alaska.

While living in the wilderness of Alaska away from their family and children is of their choosing, it does not imply they do not miss having them along.

Some cast members have their kids appear on the show, like Ricko DeWilde. Some married pairs, like Agnes Hailstone and Chip Hailstone, appear together on the show.

Ricko DeWilde, a father of five children, sometimes brings his children to explore the excruciating life in remote Alaska.

While he makes sure to give his kids a taste of hardship from an early age, what about his wife? Ricko has never brought his wife to the show, unlike his kids.

As a regular of National Geographic’s documentary TV show Life Below Zero, you may wonder who Rick DeWilde’s wife is.

Life Below Zero’s Ricko Married? Who is Ricko DeWilde’s Wife?

Life Below Zero cast members are known for bringing their wives and kids on the show.

Ricko DeWilde, a native American rights activist, joined the documentary show in 2018. He joined the show in its eleventh season.

Since joining the show, Ricko has appeared in several episodes with his children. But we never get to see his wife on the show.

Ricko DeWilde exploring Alaska with his kid
Ricko DeWilde exploring Alaska with his kid/ Source: Facebook

You may be thinking, this TV personality is not married yet. Well, that can be the case.

Ricko DeWilde is in a long-term relationship with a girl named Rona Vent. Rona is the mother of Ricko’s five children.

There are several pictures of Ricko and his long-time girlfriend, Rona Vent, on social media. In most of the pictures, they are seen with their kids.

While we have plenty of pictures of this lovely couple, we are curious if Rona Vent is Ricko’s wife.

Ricko loves to share his personal life with his social media followers. He often posts pictures with his kids and their mother on Facebook. Not in a single picture has Ricko addressed Rona Vent as his wife.

Many media portals have also denied the claims of Rona being Ricko’s wife. In contrast, a website named Fresherslive has claimed Rona Vent and Ricko DeWilde are a wife and husband pair.

Partner for Life; Ricko with his long-time girlfriend Rona Vent and their kids
Partner for Life; Ricko with his long-time girlfriend Rona Vent and their kids/ Source: Facebook

Well, all we can say is that Ricko’s marriage and wife topic is an enigma.

We would also like to mention that there are no wedding pictures of Rona and her partner Ricko. Likely, Rona and Ricko’s wedding is yet to take place.

After sharing five children and living together like a married couple, it could be time for this couple to make a ‘wedding announcement’ soon!

Ricko and his Alleged wife, Rona Vent

Ricko DeWilde and his partner, Rona Vent, have been together for over a decade. This couple lives together in Alaska, where Ricko is professionally entitled to Life Below Zero.

This allegedly married couple has been in a relationship since 2013. Both Ricko and Rona are Alaskan Athabascan, original inhabitants of Alaska.

Born and raised in the outskirts of Alaska, this couple may have known each other from their early days, it’s only alleged.

Since 2013, several pictures of Rona Vent and her partner Ricko have been on social media. This is why many media outlets claim this couple started dating in 2013.

Ricko DeWilde’s Kids

Ricko DeWilde and his partner, Rona Vent, have five children together. Their kids are Keenan Nulitna, Simone Ashylnn DeWilde, Maya Denae, Skarlett Haze, Skyler Blue, and Sarah Salazar.

Ricko DeWilde with his partner Rona Vent and daughter Maya DeWilde
Ricko DeWilde with his partner Rona Vent and daughter Maya DeWilde/ Source: Facebook

The eldest of Ricko’s kids is Simone. Simone DeWilde is 19 years old. The youngest kid of the DeWilde family is Maya DeWilde. May is 7 years old.

Ricko and his long-time partner Rona Vent currently live in Fairbanks with their five children. Fairbanks is the largest city in the interior region of Alaska.

Ricko DeWilde’s Net Worth in 2024?

Life Below Zero’s Rick DeWilde is one of the wealthiest cast members of the show. His million-dollar net worth is a testament to this TV career and the clothing brand’s success.

There are varying reports about Rick DeWilde’s net worth on media outlets. Some sources put his net worth at $1 million, while some report it at $3 million.

In 2024, Ricko DeWilde’s net worth is estimated between $1 million to $5 million.

Life Below Zero's Ricko DeWilde has a net worth of $3 million (estimated)
Life Below Zero’s Ricko DeWilde has a net worth of $3 million (estimated)/ Source: Facebook

In 2021, Ricko’s net worth was estimated at $150 thousand. The boost in his net worth is due to his TV show, Life Below Zero, and his business endeavor.

DeWilde earns around $200,000 per episode of Life Below Zero. Given that he has appeared in over 10 TV show episodes, he has earned over $2 million from the show.

In addition to his earnings from his TV show, Ricko DeWilde also adds to his net worth through his business endeavors.

Ricko owns a clothing line, HYDZ Ricko DeWilde. He sells accessories like shirts, hoodies, coats, and hats for males and females through his e-commerce website, HYDZ Ricko DeWilde.

Ricko’s clothing comes from the lowest price of $25 to the highest of $65. You can get Ricko’s exclusive clothing collection through his website.

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