Who Is ‘Moon Knight’ Actor Oscar Issac Married To? Wife, Children & More On Personal Life!

Oscar Issac and his wife Elvira Lind posing on red-carpet

A naturalized American actor Oscar Issac (born in Guatemala) enjoys a 5-year long marital relationship with his Danish screenwriter wife Elvira Lind. They were dating since 2012 but made it official after 4 years, and now enjoys the bliss of a happy family of four, with their 2 sons.

Not to mention, the Moon Knight actor keeps his personal life under wraps, but not completely to be exact! Further are the details on his married life and family.

Oscar Issac and His Wife Elvira Lind Met At A Party- Insight on Dating Story!

The Star Wars film trilogy (2015-19) actor who portrayed Poe Dameron seems a lover of privacy. Although he has a Facebook account, no traces of his relationship is on the exposure- to add, he doesn’t have Instagram or Twitter account.

But on the contrary, his wife Elvira Lind posts pictures with her husband Issac on her Instagram (@elvira_lind_), allowing fans to take a peek into their personal life.

Oscar Issac and Elvira Lind met at a party in 2012 & would later marry in 2017
Oscar Issac and Elvira Lind met at a party in 2012 & would later marry in 2017; Photo Source: Instagram@elvira_lind_

Reportedly, Oscar and Elvira met back in early 2012, while promoting his film Inside Llewyn Davis (released in 2013).

During an interview with NPR, the Golden Globe-winning actor revealed that he met an unnamed “documentary filmmaker” when attending a party; had dressed as his aforementioned film’s character Llewyn Davis, a folk singer. This action of Oscar attracted the filmmaker & she would meet him & talk with him “for a long time.”

And as for a fact, Oscar Issac’s wife Mrs. Lind is a screenwriter and filmmaker. Moreover, her Instagram post of 2020 ensured that she met her husband 8 years prior (i.e in 2012) & also related the incident to a dress.

The timeline coincides, sort of confirmation of their first encounter!

Confirmed Dating In 2016- Had Collaborated In Prior Years

It was the beginning of 2013 when the Balibo actor (for which he won AACTA Award) began collaborating on Elvira’s projects, specifically in Staircase Sessions. Though until that point, the two were low-key about their relationship.

The confirmation of their dating came as a sweet shock to fans after Issac and Lind made her red-carpet appearance at the 2016 Golden Globes.

As the Show Me a Hero actor went upstage to gather his Golden Globe for that miniseries, he kissed Lind which caught the gazing eyes of all plus confirmed the latter as his girlfriend.

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Star Oscar Issac Married Elvira Lind Secretly!

While talking with GQ in 2018, Issac confirmed that he and Lind married in March 2017, just a year after their relationship went official.

Furthermore, in the same interview, the actor expressed that there were “tons of reasons” to marry her. First, Elvira was pregnant, and even being so, she efforted to care for the actor’s ill mother Eugenia (unfortunately, she died later).

An Instagram post of Elvira Lind with her husband Oscar Issac on the occasion of their 5th wedding anniversary
An Instagram post of Elvira Lind with her husband Oscar Issac on the occasion of their 5th wedding anniversary

While the exact wedding date is yet to be on the scene, his Danish filmmaker wife shared a 5-year wedding anniversary post on Instagram on February 23, 2022.

Though Elvira’s post was contrary to Oscar’s claim that they married in March of that year- maybe the actor was trying to cover up exact details!

Does Oscar Issac Have Children?

Together, the Dune actor & his screenwriter wife Elvira Lind are parents to 2 sons. They welcomed their first child, son Eugene Isaac in April 2017, named after Issac’s late mother Eugenia who had died 2 months prior, in February 2017.

The pair again welcomed another son Mads in September 2019.

Issac's wife Elvira Lind with their two kids
Issac’s wife Elvira Lind with their two kids; Photo Source: Instagram@elvira_lind_

Often, Lind shares pictures of cute baby boys on her Instagram but takes caution to hide their identities.

Is Dating Rumor Of Oscar Issac With Jessica Chastin True?

No, in fact, Issac and Chastin are really good friends; their friendship is already on a 20-year panel. Moreover, the two even were fellow students at Juilliard School, from where the actor graduated in 2006.

Back in September 2021, they made a red carpet appearance together at Venice Film Festival. It was before their mini-series Scenes from a Marriage airing where they were an on-screen couple.

During the photo session, the Academy Award nominee put her hands on the American actor’s shoulder; in response, he kissed her biceps which escalated the whole dating rumor.

Earlier, they had on-screen chemistry in the 2014 film A Most Violent Year.

Also, the actor is good friends with actor Pedro Pascal, famous as Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones.

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Any Past Relationship?

Allegedly the Big Gold Brick actor was formerly in a relationship with a girl named Maria Miranda. Reportedly, the duo even got engaged in December 2007.

Moreover, in 2010, during a Q&A with Vanity Fair, Oscar Issac mentioned having a wife- fans supposed it was a secret wedding with Maria. But no further detail about Miranda or the actor’s spouse ever made a substantial landing.

Talking about his relationships, Issac’s on-screen chemistry can’t go unnoticed as well. Some of them were Charlize Theron in The Addams Family (2019), Natalie Portman in Annihilation (2018), Abbie Cornish in W.E. (2012), and Léa Seydoux in Robin Hood (2010).

Most recently, the Moon Knight star portrayed the titular superhero character, the husband of Layla El-Faouly / Scarlet Scarab (actress May Calamawy).

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