Who Is Molly Gordon Husband? Know The Bear Actress’ Dating Life And Family

The Bear Actress Molly Gordon Pictured Showing Off The Bags From The Valentino Collection In March 2024

The Shiva Baby actress Molly Gordon has no husband. She hasn’t walked down the aisle and has never given any details about what’s going on in her romantic life.

Gordon, 29, comes from a family well-recognized in the entertainment industry. Her parents, Bryan Gordon and Jessie Nelson, are directors and writers.

Molly Gordon Looks Stunning In A Red Dress As She Attends The SAG Awards
Molly Gordon Looks Stunning In A Red Dress As She Attends The SAG Awards (Source: Instagram)

But despite audiences dislike towards several nepo babies, Molly Gordon seems to be an exception. Molly made her acting debut when she was only six in her mom’s movie, I Am Sam.

Last year, Gordon entered the hit TV series The Bear as a love interest for Carmy (Jeremy Allen White). The Ramy actress is expected to return for Season 3, which begins airing on June 27.

Who Is Molly Gordon’s Husband? Is The Theatre Camp Actress Married?

The American actress Molly Gordon has no husband, as the actress has yet to tie the knot. The Los Angeles-born actress has never given interviews related to marriage or shared any picture that might hint she is a married woman.

A theatre kid in heart, Molly has talked more about her endeavors in her career rather than her love life in various interviews. There’s a chance that the actress is seeing someone privately, and the two aren’t ready to make their relationship public.

Molly Gordon Pictured With Her The Bear Co-Star Ayo Edebiri
Molly Gordon Pictured With Her The Bear Co-Star Ayo Edebiri (Source: Instagram)

Known for her chattiness in interviews, Gordon doesn’t shy away from answering questions put in front of her. Director Emma Seligman, who worked with Gordon in the movie Shiva Baby, once reached out to the actress without an audition simply by seeing how sassy, funny, and charming she was in her film Booksmart.

So, we can assume it’s not hard for Molly to pick up dates. Her wittiness will surely come in handy. Maybe a relationship is something she is putting off for now as she tries to establish herself as a household name in Tinseltown.

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Molly Was Once In Love With Ben Platt

In her past interviews and their joint interviews, Molly has shared how she was once deeply in love with Ben. For those who don’t know, Ben, the man, is an actor and singer, and like Molly, a theatre kid.

Molly and Ben have known each other since they were three. The two longtime friends collaborated on the project Theatre Camp, a story inspired by their real lives.

Molly co-directed the short film, and Ben co-wrote it. In the movie, the pair play lifelong best friends, and at some point, it is revealed that Gordon’s character is in love with Platt before she realizes he is gay.

In an interview, Platt said that the exact same thing happened when they were kids. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Platt revealed he came out to Molly when they were around 12 or 13.

He said, “We were doing How to Succeed and were 12 or 13. Molly was like, “Who do you like? You have to like someone in the show.”

Platt told her, “I’m gay.” The actor continued, “And she was like, “Oh,” and then just ran to everybody in our show, most of them probably already assumed or knew.”

Molly Gordon Pictured With The Cast Of Theatre Camp
Molly Gordon Pictured With The Cast Of Theatre Camp (Source: Instagram)

Platt added that from that point forward, they moved on as friends. But Ben admitted that they both had a crush on each other as kids.

The Premise actor said, “When you’re a young gay kid, and you’re obsessed with you’re girl best friend, you’re like, “This must be what it means when you like someone.”

But ultimately, I was very gay, unfortunately. And also, fortunately. And Molly had to have an adjustment period getting over that, which began with her telling everybody that I was gay.”

In her March 2024 interview with Elle, Molly admitted having a crush on Ben. The actress said, “Friendship love is just as important as romantic love.

My relationship with Ben is one of the great loves of my life. Though he doesn’t want to sleep with me romantically, we still have a very powerful intimacy.”

Molly might not have found her true love yet, but Ben certainly has. He is currently engaged to their co-star, Noah Galvin. Platt went public with their relationship in 2020, and in November 2022, Patt went down on one knee.

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Who Are Molly Gordon’s Famous Parents? Does She Have Any Siblings?

The Bear actress Molly Gordon comes from a famous family. Her parents, Bryan Gordon and Jessie Nelson, are directors with several acclaimed works in their bags.

In an interview with Vogue, Gordon revealed she was their only child. With Bryan and Jessie both from an artistic background, they pushed the same instinct towards their daughter.

Molly’s mom, Jessie Nelson, said in her interview with the LA Times that she took a step back from her career when Molly was six. She said. “I realized I didn’t want to miss her childhood, and directing is an all-encompassing thing. I began to pass on things.”

Jessie began her career as a director in 1990 with the movie To The Moon, Alice. Four years later, she produced and directed the film Corrina, Corrina.

Molly Gordon Pictured With Her Mom, Jessie Nelson At The Valentino Show
Molly Gordon Pictured With Her Mom, Jessie Nelson At The Valentino Show (Source: Instagram)

Jessie took a break from directing to focus on her family after making the picture I Am Sam in 2001. But she didn’t totally stop working. She produced the movies Because I Said So, Fred Claus, and Hope Springs.

Jessie returned to directing once Molly graduated high school. Her comeback movie was the 2015 comedy romance Love The Coopers. Jessie recently produced the musical Waitress.

Molly Gordon’s dad, Bryan Gordon’s directing career began in the late 80s. He has previously directed shows like The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Party Down.

Though the Gordon family comes from the Jewish faith, Molly says comedy has always been her religion. Previously, Gordon said her parents would take her to shoot when they were working in New York or London and would give her little jobs on set.

Despite being a nepo baby, the actress is much loved by her fans, as she is a talented one out of a huge bunch.

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