Who Is Miguel Cazarez Mora’s Girlfriend? Is He Dating Someone?

The Black Phone Actor Miguel Mora Pictured On His Prom Night

The Black Phone actor Miguel Cazarez Mora has no girlfriend and currently seems single. The actor is very early into his Hollywood career to have any rumors about his dating life flying around in the tabloids.

Mora, 17, gained popularity after starring in the hit horror thriller The Black Phone in 2022. The actor played the role of Robin in the movie starring Mason Thames, Madeline McGraw, and Ethan Hawke.

The Young Actor Miguel Mora Dressed As Jack Sparrow Giving Homage To The Johnny Depp's Famous Character For Halloween 2023
The Young Actor Miguel Mora Dressed As Jack Sparrow Giving Homage To Johnny Depp’s Famous Character For Halloween 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Directed by Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, The Black Phone is an adaptation of Joe Hill’s short story of the same name published in 2005.

In the movie, Miguel’s character, Robin, is presented as a rough and tough kid, and despite that, he strikes a friendship with Mason’s character, Finney, who is picked on by others.

In November 2023, Miguel shared with his fans that the original coast of The Black Phone will return for a sequel and is set to release in 2025.

Who Is Miguel Cazarez Mora’s Girlfriend?

The Black Phone star Miguel Cazarez Mora has no girlfriend, and even if he has, the young Hollywood star hasn’t revealed it to his fans. The teenager has shared no romantic photos on his Instagram handle and paparazzi have never spotted him on dates.

There’s no doubt that the day Miguel has a girlfriend or reveals he has been seeing someone, his huge fanbase might crumble to tears. One quick search on Google will show how strong of a fanbase the actor has garnered in a short time.

They have written several fanfics about him and have shared several edits of him on TikTok. On TikTok, the actor doesn’t have a video with less than one million views.

The Young Actor Has No Girlfriend And Is Currently Single
The Young Actor Has No Girlfriend And Is Currently Single (Source; Instagram)

Miguel is an all-round talent. He can act, play guitar, draw, and is a complete entertainer. In 2022, the actor shared a video of him playing Donald Glover’s song Me and Your Mama on guitar, shocking his fans. Last year, he shared a guitar cover of another Donald Glover song, Redbone.

Though he has mostly shared videos of him playing the guitar, the youngster is also a skilled pianist. He previously shared a video of him training in the gym, which made one fan comment, “He knows he has the power to make the fandom freak out.”

Last year on Instagram, he shared a video of him greeting his fans. In the video, you can see a few of his fans were in tears as they approached him. For Halloween 2023, the actor dressed up as Jack Sparrow, the famous Johnny Depp character, sending the fans into a frenzy.

So, even if Miguel has a girlfriend, he should keep her away from the spotlight, or else there is a good chance his fans won’t spare her.

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Miguel Cazarez Mora’s Family: Does The Actor Have A Sibling?

Miguel Cazarez Mora hasn’t revealed much about his family details. But his mother, Wendy Mora, is a star on social media. Wendy has garnered more than 300k followers on various social media platforms.

She has more than 240k followers on TikTok despite sharing very few videos. Most of Wendy’s videos show her enjoying her day out with her famous son.

One of her last videos on TikTok showed her and Miguel performing their night-time skincare routine.

The proud mother recently shared a gallery of images from the day her son graduated from ASU Prep Digital. Miguel is not only a creative genius but is also academically sound.

Miguel Mora Pictured With His Mother, Wendy Mora, Right After His High School Graduation
Miguel Mora Pictured With His Mother, Wendy Mora, Right After His High School Graduation (Source: Instagram)

The Black Phone actor graduated high school a year early, receiving an offer from Arizona State University. He is currently pursuing a degree in Film and Media Production. In a TikTok video, the actor said he was off to college to become a film director.

Alongside being a social media star with her son, Wendy is an aesthetician with 17 years of experience. Wendy has obtained licensing in Cosmetology, Medical Aesthetics as an Aesthetician and Aesthetic Instructor, and Medical school in Arizona.

She owns the Med Beauty Clinic, which she founded in 2016. At Med Beauty, Wendy and her staff provide various services. Micro-needling and Fractional Radiofrequency therapy, Facial treatments and chemical peels, and PRP facial treatment are a few of the treatments listed on the company’s website.

Miguel Cazarez Mora’s Siblings

Many might know, but Miguel isn’t Wendy’s only child. In a TikTok video shared by his fan page in 2022, fans questioned the actor if he had any siblings.

Miguel replied, “I have two sisters and one brother.” One of his fans in the comment section said that Miguel’s sisters are named Estefanni and Arleth. After learning the actor had not one but two sisters, fans started searching for their photos. Many did have an idea that he had a little brother.

The actor and his mom have chosen to maintain the privacy of the other Mora kids. A few fans found one of his sister’s Instagram accounts. But it looks like the family has taken precautions, and that account’s username has now changed.

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