Who Is Fabien Frankel Girlfriend In 2024? Dating Rumors And Family

Fabien Frankel Pictured With His Former Co-star Milly Alcock During The Season 1 Premiere Of House Of The Dragon

Fabien Frankel has no girlfriend, and the House of The Dragon actor remains single. But a few fans believe the actor could be dating the Sex Education actress, Bella Maclean.

Previously, there were rumors about the English actor dating his co-star, Milly Alcock. But those rumors have been swept away since House of The Dragon’s first season ended.

Fabien Frankel And Milly Alcock Pictured Behind The Scenes Of House Of Dragon's First Season
Fabien Frankel And Milly Alcock Pictured Behind The Scenes Of House Of Dragon’s First Season (Source: Instagram)

New rumors are brewing about him having a close relationship with another co-star, Olivia Cooke, but Cooke and Welsh actor Jacob Ifan have been a couple since 2022.

Frankel, 13, popularity skyrocketed when he got the role of Ser Criston Cole in the HBO series House of The Dragon. Before HoTD, Frankel was part of a few projects, including Last Christmas, NYPD Blue, and The Serpent.

Who Is Fabien Frankel’s Girlfriend In 2024?

The Venice at Dawn actor Fabien Frankel has no girlfriend—at least, that is what the actor wants to make it seem. Frankel hasn’t shared any posts that could make one think he is dating.

But a few fans have talked about Frankel and his close ties with actress Bella Maclean. Maclean has previously starred in shows like Sex Education and Silent Witness.

Fabien Frankel Pictured In The Photographs Shared By Actress Bella Maclean
Fabien Frankel Pictured In The Photographs Shared By Actress Bella Maclean (Source: Instagram)

In a September 2023 Instagram dump post, Bella shared a photo with the actor and a bunch of other friends. A fan also noticed that Bella’s Instagram profile picture is at Fabien’s home and that it’s his jacket behind the chair she is sitting on.

Fans have also noted that many of Frankel’s friends comment on her projects and that Fabien’s brother also follows her Instagram handle. However, the two have never commented on their relationship status, and it remains a mystery whether they are dating or just good friends.

Did Fabien Frankel Date His HOTD Co-Star Milly Alcock?

Rumors about the actor hooking up with his co-stars have circulated in the media since 2022.

In 2022, when House of the Dragon first aired, fans immediately became infatuated with the British actor. But it seems it wasn’t only viewers who were charmed by Frankel. His co-star, Milly Alcock, might have also fallen for him.

On October 13, 2022, a Reddit post made rounds, setting the dating rumors between Alcock and Frankel alight. An eagle-eyed fan of the two actors connected the dots and declared that the two must be dating.

Many HOTD fans noticed the undeniable chemistry between Fabien and Milly in the show’s first season. A few fans believed there was no doubt that something was going on between them behind the cameras to have this intense chemistry.

Fabien And Milly Were Heavily Linked During The First Season's Premiere In 2022
Fabien And Milly Were Heavily Linked During The First Season’s Premiere In 2022 (Source: Reddit)

The Reddit post shared a photo of Milly wearing Fabien’s shirt with the fly of her jeans open. The Reddit user also shared proof that it was indeed Fabien’s shirt, as the actor had worn it before and took a photograph.

On Instagram, Frankel had shared a photo of Milly ironing his shirt before they headed to Comic Con. The actor captioned the Instagram story with a “Thank you.”

The actor also shared a selfie of them in a hotel room, with Milly in the bathtub. Fans also noticed that the two actors usually try to match their outfits and give the same vibe. The actress shared photos from Fabien’s photoshoot with Wonderland magazine on her Instagram story, an act usually done by couples.

But the two never confirmed their relationship. After the press tour and hype surrounding the first season of HoTD ended, the relationship rumors between the two stars also fizzled out.

Rumors Surrounding Fabien Frankel And Olivia Cooke’s Relationship Status

Earlier in June 2024, when the promotion tour for the second season started, rumors about Cooke and Frankel began heating up. A single video of the two co-stars standing together made some fans go feral on the show’s Reddit sub.

In the video, Cooke and Frankel have done nothing but stand close together—enough for fans to speculate about their dating life. Before the promotion for the second season began, there were rumors about two co-stars hooking up, and pop culture enthusiasts had pointed their fingers toward the two HOTD actors.

Fabien Frankel And Olivia Cooke Pictured During An Event In December 2023
Fabien Frankel And Olivia Cooke Pictured During An Event In December 2023 (Source: Instagram)

The rumor started when the popular gossip Instagram page, Deuxmoi, shared a blind item about HBO co-stars secretly hooking up. Deuxmoi shared the gossip in November 2023.

With the gossip provided by Deuxmoi, many HOTD fans pointed out that Olivia and Fabien had recently traveled to Ecuador together for a vacation with a bunch of other people.

We need to keep in mind that the two are actors, and dating rumors can help the show gain more attention. Also, there are reports about Olivia dating Welsh actor Jacob Ifan. Their relationship began around 2022, during the show’s premiere.

Fabien Frankel’s Family: Does The Actor Have A Sibling?

Fabien Frankel comes from a multiethnic family. His father, Mark Frankel, was an English man whose mother was a Jewish woman with roots in Iraq and India.

Frankel’s mother, Caroline Besson, has French ancestry and raised the actor and his brother, Max, singlehandedly after Mark’s demise.

Mark died at age 34 when Fabien was only two. Before his demise, Mark tried his hands in acting, making his debut with a 1990 TV Mini-Series A Season of Giants. He went on to work on 11 more projects, with his last one coming after his demise—a comedy-drama titled For Roseanna.

Fabien’s mother, Caroline, has also worked on a few projects. In 2016, she appeared in two videos, Where We’re Wild and Une Miss s’immisce. A year later, Caroline worked in the short movie VVCC.

Fabien Frankel Pictured With His Mom, Caroline Besson During The Paris Premiere Of House of The Dragon Season 2 On June 7, 2024
Fabien Frankel Pictured With His Mom, Caroline Besson During The Paris Premiere Of House of The Dragon Season 2 On June 7, 2024 (Source: Twitter)

The mother-of-two has received credit as a composer for Where We’re Wild. When Mark passed away, Caroline was pregnant with Fabien’s brother, Max.

Fabien and Max work in the same industry. Max graduated from the University of Westminister with a business management degree in 2018 but later enrolled at MetFilm school to receive his degree in arts.

He previously worked as a documentary production intern for PASSION Pictures and as a project coordinator for DANDI.

Max has produced two short movies, Lag and Spared, and has acted in three projects, The Bay of Silence, Venice at Dawn, and Lemonade Stand-Off. He is available on Instagram but has kept his handle private.

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