Who is DC Young Fly? His Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife Details Here

American rapper DC Young Fly aka John Whitfield

Music is a globally celebrated popular culture and rappers are a prominent part of it. When we are talking about rappers, there’s one name, in particular, we do not feel like omitting – DC Young Fly. This young rapper is widely known for his songs that appeal to the generation Z potently.  While climbing to the ranks as a musician, this guy found a strong foothold in the entertainment industry for his movies and his social media presence.

DC Young Fly is vigorously active in the entertainment industry. Besides a good hand at rapping and acting, he has got an appealing witty mind, and his stint on VH1’s improv comedy entitled Wild “N Out is for us all to see. If you happen to come across his social media handle like Instagram, you can tell there’s a lot going on in his life. As far as we can tell, he is juggling between the show Wild “N Out, upcoming movies, tours, and a lot more.

If you feel prompt to know more about this amazingly talented rapper, musician, actor, comedian, cum internet personality, stick with us for a while. Without further ado, let’s talk business then!

Who is DC Young Fly? His Wiki, Age, & Nationality

As some of you might already know, DC Young Fly is only his pseudo-name. He was born John Whitfield in the beautiful Atlanta city in Georgia. John was born in a big household to his parents of American nationality. He grew up with six elder siblings. Speaking of his parents, his father Solomon is no more. He died of Alzheimer’s. His mother is alive and all well, and her name is Betty Whitfield.

Mr. Whitfiled recently had his 30th birthday. He was born on May 2, 1992. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, DC Young Fly’s nationality is American and he belongs to the black ethnicity.

One of his siblings, a brother named Richie Whitfield a.k.a. Da Crew was murdered some time ago. Da Crew was an aspiring music artist just like his brother DC Young. Prior to his untimely demise, Richie had made a name for himself as a profound hip-hop performer in the United States.

Despite losing his father and brother, DC Young never lost his way. He stayed true to his grounds and kept pursuing his dreams. Today, the world looks up to him as an acclaimed rapper, songwriter, musician, comedian, TV personality, and actor. #DigitalLivesMatter (2016), Armed ( 2018), and For the Love of Money (2021) are some of his popular stints on the silver screen.

What is he Doing Now? DC Young’s Upcoming Movies, TV shows, & Tours

DC Young Fly, as far as the world knows, does not put all his eggs in one basket. As a matter of fact, he is all tied up with all the movies, TV shows, his Instagram roasting sessions, and music he is involved in. Recently on May 2, 2022, the rapper gave his fans a glimpse of his NoCapTour on his Instagram page. Check out the post here.

While he is blowing off steam with his fans out there, he has some big movie projects up his sleeve. The filming of his upcoming comedy movie which is an official remake of the 90s monstrous hit House Party is completed. His other projects; Caught Up In and Bosco are also around the corner.

DC Young is expecting his third; Is he married?

No, DC Young Fly is not married. But he is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend cum mother of his two, Jacky Oh. This lovely couple is together for some good years, and now they are looking to expand their family. In February 2022, DC Young and his better half splashed the big news of her pregnancy via Instagram.

Check out the video: Young Fly with Jacky on “BABY #3 GENDER” video!

The rapper and his beau have two beautiful girls in the family – the oldest daughter named Nova Whitfield and the younger Nala Whitfield. Nova was born in 2016 and Nala came a few years later, on 7 August 2020.

Rapper DC Young Fly with his two daughters
Rapper DC Young Fly with his two daughters; Instagram@dcyoungfy

This couple is all love and after checking Jacky Oh’s Instagram, you would not agree less with us. Just like DC Young himself, Jacky is also a TV star having appeared on Wild “N Out some years back. The soon-to-be mother of three also owns a lip gloss line, J Nova Collection launched in 2019.

Is DC Young Fly Rich? His Earnings, Net Worth, and Properties

By the time of writing, DC Young Fly has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He earns hefty checks from his radiating professions as a musician, actor, TV personality, and comedian. With his ongoing CapNoTour and upcoming movies, he is surely going to add more numbers to his net worth.

DC Young’s million-dollar fortune and his richness feasibly exude through his Instagram presence. You can find him wearing expensive accessories like watches, branded clothes, and top-class vehicles. Collectively, this rapper cum comedian would need a lot of dollars to keep his lifestyle together. With $3 million net worth and an annual salary of thousands of dollars, we can reason it is a piece of cake for DC Young Fly.

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