Who is Anthony Edwards’ Accuser Paige Jordae? Her Age, Birthday, Ethnicity

Only Fans model Paige Jordae has accused Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Edwards of forcing an abortion. Jordae made the accusations against the American basketball player on Monday, December 18, 2023. So, who is Paige Jordae?

The Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard has been facing the heat after the Instagram/ Only Fans model accused him of paying for an abortion. What interests us is that Anthony Edwards did not deny Jordae’s accusation. Instead, Edwards defended himself, claiming he suggested the abortion in the heat of the moment.

Find out who Paige Jordae is and what her relationship is with the Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard. From Jordae’s age, family, ethnicity, net worth, and surgery, we try to answer it all for you.

Who is Anthony Edwards’ Accuser, Paige Jordae?

Anthony Edwards’ accuser, Paige Jordae, is a social media personality, basically an Instagram model. She boasts over 400k followers on her Instagram handle.

Jordae is also an Only Fans model. She has two Only Fans accounts, one with a surplus of 800k subscribers and the second with 29,800 subscribers. Her OnlyFans account, with the larger audience, holds a VIP label.

Conversation between Paige Jordae and Minnesota Timberwolves’ Anthony-Edwards/ Source: Daily Mail

The Instagram model in her 30s became the talk of the town after revealing screenshots of her conversation with Anthony Edwards. In those screenshots, it indeed shows Edwards suggested Jordae an abortion. She shared the screenshots on her Instagram page.

Those screenshots have forced the Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard to embroil in controversies regarding his stance on women.

While the 22 years old Minnesota star is facing the heat for forcing Jordae into an abortion, he has made sure he is heard. In response to Jordae’s claims, Edwards expressed his regret for that ‘abortion comment’ and emphasized he is in support of women making decisions about their bodies.

Anthony Edwards comments on Paige Jordae’s claims regarding abortion/ Source: Twitter


As seen on his Tweet, Edwards has denied making further comments on this matter, and he will be handling the issue privately.

How did Paige Jordae meet Anthony Edwards? Her Relation with Edwards

It is not clear how Jordae met Anthony Edwards. The topic of Jordae and Edwards gained traction in public after the IG model made accusations against the latter.

Among the screenshots that the model shared on her Instagram, there was a $100,000 wire transfer. She alleges the NBA star for sending that amount for the abortion.

Amid this social-media tug-of-war between the IG model and the NBA star, the latter’s girlfriend is expecting. Yes, Edwards’ girlfriend, Jeanine Robel, is expecting their first child.

Anthony Edwards’ girlfriend Jeanine Roble is expecting their first child/ Source: Instagram

The accusations against Edwards came a few days after his girlfriend, Jeanine Robel, broke the news of her pregnancy. On December 14, 2023, Robel shared a series of photos from her pregnancy photoshoot on her Instagram.

Edwards and Robel have been dating for a while now. In January 2023, the NBA star made his relationship official with Robel after their match with the Houston Rockets. Before Edwards, Robel was dating rapper Chief Keef, and they shared a son, Krue, together.

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While Edwards is expecting his first child with his girlfriend Jeanine, he is mixed up in Jordae’s allegations. Will these allegations affect his relationship with Jeanine? Guess, we will have to wait and see.


Let’s find out more about Paige Jordae, her age, net worth, and surgery details.

How Old is Paige Jordae?

The exact details of Paige’s birthday are not public. However, in one of her Instagram posts, she stated her birthday falls in February. Born in February 1993, which means she is 31 years old in June 2024.

Where is She From, Her Parents?

Paige was born and raised in America by her American parents. She currently lives in Houston, Texas.

The IG model often interacts with her fans on social media. In August 2022, Jordae asked her followers to guess her ethnicity. It looks like no one could answer, for we do not know her ethnicity yet.

Jordae Had Plastic Surgery?

Undergoing plastic surgery is common these days. Not that we are claiming everyone does, but in Paige Jordae’s case, it looks that way.

If you check her pictures or videos on her social media, it should not come as a surprise to you, as well. It seems Jordae had undergone breast surgery. Some sources also claim that Jordae has had hip implants.

Her Body Measurements

Paige’s body measurements are 37-26-42 inches. These are only approximate figures.

How Much is Paige’s Net Worth

As an Instagram and Only Fans model, we believe Paige is making decent money. Reportedly her net worth is around $250 thousand.

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