Who Is Aaron Erb From Bachelorette Season 21? Age And Family Details

The Bachelorette Season 21 Contestant Aaron Erb Shares A Photo Of Him On His Bike On January 13, 2024

The Bachelorette Season 21’s contestant, Aaron Erb, is 29 and hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Aaron has a family connection with the show, with his twin brother, Noah, previously participating in it in season 16.

In the promotional video, Aaron said The Bachelorette helped his brother find his true love and hoped it would do the same magic for him as well. Noah will marry Abigail Heringer, whom he met on Bachelor In Paradise this fall.

Aaron Holds Hands With Jenn During The Premiere Of The Bachelorette's Season 21
Erb Holds Hands With Jenn During The Premiere Of The Bachelorette’s Season 21 (Source: Instagram)

Aaron, the aerospace engineer, also shared that he is cautious when it comes to love because of his past. Aaron revealed he was 21 when he married for the first time, but the relationship ended in divorce.

The Bachelorette Season 21 began airing on July 8, with Jenn Tran meeting 25 suitors ready to steal her heart. But seven guys left the show in week 1, including Ricky, Moze, Matt, Kevin, Brett, Dakota, and Brendan.

Aaron Erb From Bachelorette Is 29

Aaron Erb, born November 15, 1994, is 29. He has a twin brother, Noah Erb, whom the Bachelor Nation Fans will recognize from The Bachelorette Season 16 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

Technically, Aaron is the older twin by seven minutes. Aaron announced on June 4, 2024, from his Instagram that he would participate in The Bachelorette. The handsome hunk wrote, “Sorry been a lil MIA trying to locate this thing called love.

I’m excited to announce the lovERBoy has entered the chat. Grab a charcuterie board and a bottle of vino and catch my journey on ABC’s The Bachelorette starting Monday, July 8.”

Native to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Aaron graduated from Oklahoma University in 2017 with a bachelor of science in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology. He is a Space Vehicle Systems Engineer and previously worked for a year at United Launch Alliance.

Aaron Shows His Own Version Of Ken During His Trip To Mexico
Aaron Shows His Own Version Of Ken During His Trip To Mexico (Source: Instagram)

Before entering the show, Aaron worked at Northrop Grumman, an American multinational aerospace and defense company, having joined them in 2022. A single scroll on Aaron’s Instagram profile will show you how much of a fitness fanatic the older Erb twin is.

He has shared several shirtless pictures of himself, showing his chiseled abs. A few days after announcing he was heading to The Bachelor Mansion, Aaron shared a photo of him at the gym with the caption that read, “Just be the bigger person,” I’m literally trying, bro. All I’m saying is the pump in the combat boots goes too crazy.”

On July 1, Aaron shared a video of him running in the rain and thoroughly enjoying himself. He wrote, “There’s feeling good, and then there is zone two running in the summer rain feeling good.”

Previously, Aaron had shared a day-in-life video on his Instagram handle. He shared his POV as an aerospace engineer working from home. Aaron’s Instagram profile also hints that the Bachelorette contestant loves outdoor activities more than anything else.

He has previously shared a gallery of images of him snowboarding and surfboarding. Erb also loves golfing during his free time, having previously shared a video of him hitting a clean shot.

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Aaron Erb’s Brother Was A Star Of The Bachelorette Season 16

Aaron Erb’s inspiration behind entering The Bachelorette was his twin brother Noah Erb. Noah entered The Bachelorette in its 16th season. He didn’t win the show but reached as far as week seven.

Although he didn’t find love in Season 16 of the show, he was more successful on Bachelor in Paradise. The traveling nurse met his fiance, Abigail Heringer, a financial analyst, in the show that aired in August 2021. In the premiere episode, Heringer received the first date card and invited Noah to go out with her.

During their date, Abigail told Noah she finds it hard to get guys out of the friend zone and needs to stop doing that. So, thinking he could also be friend-zoned, Noah kissed Abigail towards the end of their date.

Noah Erb Met His Future Wife, Abigail Heringer, In Bachelor In Paradise
Noah Erb Met His Future Wife, Abigail Heringer, In Bachelor In Paradise (Source: Instagram)

Abigail and Noah’s relationship had highs and lows during the show. In week three, Abigail was concerned about where their relationship was heading, with Noah saying he didn’t feel Abigail cared much about their romance.

On the last night of Paradise, Noah told Abigail that he was falling in love with her, but Abigail didn’t reciprocate the feelings. The couple broke up and left Paradise separately.

But after leaving the show, the couple rekindled their romance, and since then, they have been going strong. On August 8, 2023, Noah popped the big question to Abigail, and this time around, Heringer didn’t hesitate.

In January 2024, Noah announced their wedding ceremony would take place in the fall in his hometown, Tulsa, where they live.

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Aaron And Noah Erb Come From A Large Family

The Bachelorette Nation’s twins aren’t the only kids of their parents, Mary and Jeffrey Erb. They have nine siblings.

The two brothers are Christians, and so are their other siblings. Their father, Jeffrey Erb, is a minister at East Tulsa Bible Chapel. Previously, East Tulsa Bible Chapel’s YouTube channel shared a video of him exploring the familiar statement that Christians are “sinners saved by grace.”

He also has his website called hymnsofworship.com, with three volumes of recorded hymns of worship and remembrance. Jeff is available on Facebook and has previously shared a few family photographs.

The twins’ mother, Mary Erb, graduated from Arizona State University in 1979 with a health and public administration degree. She later enrolled at the University of Arizona and received another bachelor’s degree in health science administration.

Aaron Posts His Family Photos On Thanksgiving 2023
Aaron Posts His Family Photo On Thanksgiving 2023 (Source: Instagram)

The mother of 11 kids is an entrepreneur, educator, and life coach. Since 1996, Mary has been the social entrepreneur of ErbGarden LLC and the owner of M-Life since 2018.

Mary is available on Instagram and has shared several images of her family. Ben Erb, one of Aaron’s brothers, is a realtor and former firefighter at the Broken Arrow Fire Department.

The twins’ other brothers, Alex Erb, is an assistant manager at Quick Trip, and Chris Erb works at Sunstate Equipment. One of their younger brother, Joshua Erb, is a cinematographer, and they also have a sister named Marysia, who is married to Tanner Frederick.

In 2023, Aaron shared a family photo on Thanksgiving, which included all his ten siblings and nieces and nephews.

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