Who Are JR Ramirez’s Parents? Insights On Family And Siblings

JR Ramriez Pictured With His Parents During Christmas 2023

The Sun Dogs actor JR Ramirez’s parents left Cuba and immigrated to Florida when the actor was three. Ramirez is his parents’ only child, and the actor has no siblings.

Many thought William Martinez, who played his brother in Manifest, was his actual brother. But that isn’t true.

JR Ramirez Pictured Outside His Changing Room On The Sets Of Manifest
JR Ramirez Pictured Outside His Changing Room On The Sets Of Manifest (Source: Instagram)

Ramirez began his acting journey in 2008 with the TV series House of Paynes. His parents weren’t a big fan of him turning towards acting as his profession as they hoped to see him become a surgeon.

The actor was previously in a relationship with his Manifest co-star Melissa Roxburgh. But the couple parted ways last year, and it wasn’t the first time they broke up. So, if you see them together again, don’t be shocked.

Who Are JR Ramirez’s Parents? The Actor Hails From Cuba

The Manifest actor, JR Ramirez, has never given out any details of his parents. But in a 2018 interview with NBC, JR Ramirez slightly talked about his family.

The actor’s is originally from Cuba and was born in the Caribbean nation. He was three years old when his parents decided to move from Cuba to Tampa, Florida.

Ramirez said his parents left their families to give him a better future. The actor said, “My parents were able to sacrifice leaving their families and bringing me here.

They were able to give me the freedom to do whatever I want or need with my life.” JR also stated that his parents never thought he would pursue an acting career.

They wanted him to study medicine, like many of their relatives in Cuba. The actor went to business school but struggled to find any direction in that field.

JR Ramirez Pictured With His Mom And Dad On Christmas 2022
JR Ramirez Pictured With His Mom And Dad On Christmas 2022 (Source: Instagram)

He landed a few modeling and commercial jobs and later moved to Los Angeles, where he landed his first acting job.

In his interview, JR said he was grateful to his parents for helping him during his early days as an actor. The actor said, “They helped me sustain myself at the beginning of my career out in Los Angeles when things were rough, and I couldn’t pay my rent and was taking a million classes and doing theater.”

The actor has previously shared a couple of photos of his parents on Instagram. On December 6, 2021, JR shared a throwback photo of him as a child, with his mom holding him from behind and his dad dancing.

Last year, he shared a photo on Christmas with him hugging his parents. Ramirez has also previously shared a snap of his mom petting his Havanese-Schnauzer rescue dog, Freddy.

Most of the time, the actor uses Instagram to keep his fans updated about his projects. And if he isn’t posting about his projects, the actor gives his fans adorable pictures with his dog, Freddy.

JR Ramirez Siblings: Does The Actor Have A Brother?

JR Ramirez appears to be the only child of his parents. The actor has never mentioned about having a brother or a sister.

If he did have siblings, we probably would’ve seen at least one Instagram post from the actor mentioning his siblings. On his show Manifest, the actor had a sibling, a brother named Luis Vasquez.

But Luis only appeared for one episode, and that too in the final season. William Martinez played the role, who just like JR, has Caribbean roots, with his family being from the Dominican Republic.

A few fans even hopped online to question whether William and JR were real-life brothers, seeing their uncanny resemblance. The actor, William Martinez, has previously worked on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order: Organized Crime, and A Good Cop.

JR Ramirez’s Relationship With Melissa Roxburgh: Are The Two Dating?

The Manifest co-stars, JR Ramirez and Melissa Roxburgh, were previously in a relationship. The two actors broke up last year after breaking up earlier in 2022.

The dating rumor between the two began in late 2019, and in 2020, the gossip site Page Six confirmed those rumors. A source close to the couple said they met on the set in 2018 and began dating in mid-2019.

After that news broke, fans started connecting the dots. The two would arrive at various events together before the confirmation that they were seeing each other.

JR Ramirez And Melissa Roxburgh Pictured During Their Vacation To Fiji In 2022
JR Ramirez And Melissa Roxburgh Pictured During Their Vacation To Fiji In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

But in early 2022, the fans started speculating they had broken up as they unfollowed each other on Instagram. But a few months later, they were back together.

In December 2022, the two confirmed their relationship by sharing pictures of them vacationing together in Fiji. They shared a few cozy pictures, one of which included a selfie of their reflection, with JR hugging Melissa from behind.

But almost a year later, the couple broke up again and have remained broken up. The breakup speculation began in late 2023, after the two deleted pictures of each other from their vacation post. It remains unclear why the two broke up.


Who Are JR Ramirez’s Parents?

The Manifest actor JR Ramirez’s parents are away from the public spotlight.

Where Does JR Ramirez Come From?

The actor JR Ramirez was born in Cuba and later migrated to Florida with his family when he was three.

Does JR Ramirez Have A Brother?

The Cuban-American actor has no brother or a sister and is the only child of his parents.

Is JR Ramirez Dating Melissa Roxburgh?

JR Ramirez was previously in a relationship with Melissa Roxburgh, but the two broke up in 2023.

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