Who Are Florence Hunt Parents? Does She Have Any Siblings? Family And Relationship

Florence Hunt Pictured At The Premiere Of Her Show Bridgerton

Florence Hunt hasn’t revealed any details about her real-life parents. The only parents we know are Violet and Edmund Bridgerton.

Hunt, 17, first appeared in Bridgerton in 2020 during the show’s debut season. She plays Hyacinth Bridgerton, the youngest of eight Bridgerton siblings.

Florence Hunt Pictured Last Year In September Attending The Dior Show
Florence Hunt Pictured Last Year In September Attending The Dior Show (Source: Instagram)

Before Bridgerton, the young actress appeared in the TV series Cursed. She will be seen next in the movie Queen At Sea alongside Juliette Binoche and Tome Courtenay.

As she is the youngest in the show, Hyacinth’s character is currently not seen much. But the character is expected to get her own season in the coming years.

Full NameFlorence Hunt
Date of BirthFebruary 2, 2007
Height5 feet (1.52 meters)
Siblings1 (Sister)
Years Active2020-Current

Who Are Florence Hunt Parents? Does She Have A Sibling?

The Bridgerton famed actress Florence Hunt has never revealed any details about her parents. She hasn’t mentioned her family at all in any of her interviews.

Florence has previously shared a photo of her mother on Instagram. The actress shared the picture on 2023 Mother’s Day and captioned the post, “Happy Mother’s Day to the one and only. Thank you for supporting me always, love ya.”

Accompanying that caption were two photos, one of her mother enjoying her drink and the other one, a throwback photo, which confirmed that the actress has a sister.

Florence has shared more photos of her reel family than her real ones. Recently, she shared a photo dump, which included behind-the-scenes snaps of the show.

One of the slides also included a picture of Ruth Gemmell, Florence’s real-life mother, who plays Violet Bridgerton. Even in 2020, Florence shared a sweet snap of her and Ruth, which gave the vibes of mother-daughter.

Florence Hunt Shared A Snap Of Her Mom Last Year On Mother's Day
Florence Hunt Shared A Snap Of Her Mom Last Year On Mother’s Day (Source: Instagram)

When she is not on the sets of Bridgerton, the actress is seen traveling to various fashion shows and giving interviews. Recently, Numero Netherland interviewed Florence, and the teenager didn’t miss the opportunity to talk about her love for fashion.

Hunt said, “I spend far too much time on Pinterest, looking at the 90s catwalk photos and outfit inspo. I’ve always loved fashion, but especially since lockdown, where I used to make my own clothes because we couldn’t go out and buy them.”

Last year, Hunt was invited to the Dior fashion show, which seems to be her first show. The actress marked her fashion show debut with a white suit and shared several pictures from the night on her social media handle.

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Does Florence Hunt Have A Sibling?

It is clear from Florence’s Mother’s Day post that the actress has a sibling, that too a sister. But she didn’t tag her sister in that picture.

It is rumored that her sister’s name is Sara Cathcart, but the actress hasn’t followed anyone by that name on her Instagram handle. She has also never mentioned having a sibling in her interviews.

But this could also mean that Florence is trying to keep her family matters out of the public spotlight. Maybe she will share more about her childhood after she feels comfortable with fame.

Florence Hunt Pictured With Her Mom And Siblings From The Show Bridgerton
Florence Hunt Pictured With Her Mom And Siblings From The Show Bridgerton (Source: Instagram)

And if she hasn’t shared any pictures with her actual sibling, we have seen Hunt share several photos with her Bridgerton siblings.

In Bridgerton, Florence plays Hyacinth Bridgerton, the youngest of eight siblings. Hyacinth never meets her dad, Edmund Bridgeton, who passes away when she is in her mother’s womb.

Out of her seven older siblings, Hyacinth is closest to Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), who becomes a father figure to her. Besides Anthony, Hyacinth is closest to Gregory (Will Tilston), the second youngest sibling.

The other Bridgerton siblings include Benedict, Daphne, Colin, Eloise, and Francesca. The show tackles the love story of all the eight siblings, and we will probably get to see more of Florence in later seasons.

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Florence Hunt’s Boyfriend: Is The Actress Seeing Someone?

From her Instagram handle, it doesn’t look like Florence is seeing someone. She mostly shares pictures from the sets of Bridgerton.

And if not, she shares a few snaps here and there with her friends. Florence has previously shared pictures with actors Joe Horsford and Billy Barratt, who are the same age as her and have gained recognition for their works.

Florence Hunt Pictured Last Year During A Photoshoot
Florence Hunt Pictured Last Year During A Photoshoot (Source: Instagram)

Florence also shares a strong bond with actress Maddie Evans, who has appeared in HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel “House of the Dragon.”

In the later seasons of Bridgerton, we will see Florence’s character, Hyacinth, partnered with Gareth, whom she helps translate an old family diary.

While working their way towards learning the diary’s secrets, the two fall in love. The two tied the knot, but this won’t happen soon, especially in the greenlit seasons three and four.


How Old Is Florence Hunt?

The Bridgerton actress, Florence Hunt, is 17 and was born on February 2, 2007.

How Tall Is Florence Hunt?

Florance Hunt stands at 5 feet as per her IMDb profile

Does Florence Hunt Have A Sibling?

The British actress Florence Hunt has one sibling, a sister.

Who Are Florence Hunt’s Parents?

In the show Bridgerton, Florence Hunt’s parents’ role is played by Violet and Edmund Bridgerton.

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