What happened to Sue Aikens’ granddaughter? Drew McClurg Obituary!

What happened to Sue Aikens' granddaughter? Drew McClurg Obituary!

No event is as unfortunate, devastating as the passing of a loved one.

Sue Aikens, famed for her long-running TV show ‘Life Below Zero‘, is celebrated for her resilience and grit. But, in the unfortunate event of her granddaughter’s passing, the world bore witness to her vulnerable side.

Sue Aikens broke into tears in her granddaughter Drew McClurg’s obituary as she shared the sad news with her viewers on national television.

Drew McClurg’s Obituary; How Sue Aikens Grived her Granddaughter

The Life Below Zero star Aikens expressed the loss of her granddaughter, Drew, in a very emotional message during an episode of her TV show.

Aikens reflected on the devastating loss of Drew McClurg on The Life Below Zero, Season 21, episode 3.

The episode in which Aikens expressed a heart-breaking obituary for her granddaughter Drew McClurg premiered on September 12, 2023. The episode is titled ‘On the Auroras’.

You can watch the episode on Prime Video to find out what she said in Drew McClurg’s obituary.

The episode ‘On the Auroras’ left a poignant impact on the viewers. Furthermore, seeing Aikens in a vulnerable state while speaking about the demise of her granddaughter compelled viewers to shower their support on Aikens.

Fans showing their support for Sue Aikens, who is dealing with granddaughter Drew McClurg's death
Fans show their support to Sue Aikens/ Source: Instagram

Hundreds of admirers asked Aikens to stay strong and remain hopeful by commenting on her Instagram posts, which Aikens shared post ‘On the Auroras’ episode.

Cause of Death: What Happened to Sue Aikens’ Grandaughter?

Drew McClurg’s cause of death is not disclosed in the public domain. Drew’s tragic passing came to light following Aikens’ heartful tribute to her granddaughter during Life Below Zero’s airing.

While Sue cared to share the sad news of her granddaughter’s passing on national TV, she thought it would be best not to disclose the details of her death in the public domain. So, there are no records that can highlight the cause of Drew McClurg’s death.

The cause of death of Sue Aikens' granddaughter Drew McClurg is not known
Sue Aikens’ granddaughter Drew McClurg/ Source: Facebook

Also, very little information is available on the late Drew McClurg on public domains. According to her Facebook account, she was a fun-loving girl.

Drew was fond of music, and some of her Facebook posts were related to events like concerts. She used to love reading books, watching movies, and trying different sports. She was very close to her grandmother, Sue Aikens.

Drew McClurg was born in Portland, Oregon, and lived in Alaska. Her grandmother, Sue Aikens, is currently based in Alaska.

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How Old was Sue Aikens’ Granddaughter Drew McClurg?

Drew McClurg died in September 2023. She was 19 years of age when she sadly passed away.

Birthday wishes for Drew McClurg from her grandmother Sue Aikens
Sue Aikens wishes grandchild Drew McClurg a ‘Happy Birthday’/ Source: Instagram

On Drew’s 18th birthday, grandmother Sue Aikens penned a beautiful ‘Happy Birthday’ message on Instagram. In her happy birthday post, Sue shared a picture collage with pictures of Drew McClurg from infancy, toddler, and childhood to teenage years.

Drew McClurg was a very cherished grandchild to Sue Aikens. Aikens trying to keep the details of Drew’s demise private could mean she wants to cherish her granddaughter’s memory in her way.

Aikens is actively involved in her TV show, Life Below Zero. Even at the age of 60, she continuously keeps testing her human limits in the hostile environment of remote Alaska.


What Happened to Sue Aikens’ Granddaughter, Drew McClurg?

Sue Aikens’ granddaughter sadly passed away in September 2023 at the age of 19. The circumstances under which Sue Aikens lost her beloved grandchild are not known.

Drew McClurg’s Obituary from Grandmother Sue Aikens.

Sue Aikens expressed her deep pain and grief while speaking about her granddaughter Drew’s demise on her show, Life Below Zero. Her heartfelt tribute on the episode ‘On the Auroras’ of Life Below Zero touched the hearts of thousands of TV viewers, who watched her in tears during Drew McClurg’s obituary.

How Old was Drew McClurg during Her Passing?

Drew McClurg died at the young age of 19. She is survived by her grandmother, Sue Aikens, and her parents.

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