Why Venus Williams Became Vegan? Net Worth In 2022

American tennis player Venus Williams

For the tennis champ Venus Williams, the best gameplay is not only limited to practice but an incredible diet plan too.

Concerns about physical fitness & health have been a priority for Venus, the 7-time Grand Slam & 2-time US Open winner. These concerns buffed up even more after 2011, as she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease Sjögren’s syndrome. It saw her withdrawal from the 2011 US Open & a possible collapse of her career.

Since then, Williams is going vegan and it has drastically changed her life for good in a course of a decade. Today we are with diet plans & challenges of Venus transitioning to plant-based diets. Also, let’s get a glimpse of the biography and net worth of the 4-time Olympics winner.

What Does Venus Williams Eat? Diet Plans & Journey To Vegan

Formerly a steak enthusiast, Williams now seems cautious about what she will have.

For more than a decade, the American pro tennis star is going on a vegan diet, after being diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome (which causes fatigue and joint pain). But the transition from protein-rich meats to plant-based diets was quite a challenge for Venus.

In an interview with WomenHealth Magazine in October 2021, she suggested taking things slow, especially for streak lovers who are going vegan.

Tennis star Venus Williams is vegan for a decade since her Sjögren's syndrome diagnosis
Tennis star Venus Williams is vegan for a decade since her Sjögren’s syndrome diagnosis; Photo Source: Instagram@venuswilliams

Currently, a vocal advocate for plant-based diets, Venus Williams went a raw vegan when starting (about 80% of her foods were raw). Wonder why? Well, it’s because red meat, sugars, refined carbohydrates, gluten, and dairy were the triggers of the syndrome.

Later, she switched to a relaxed plant-based approach & now goes mostly with plant-based foods. The most special among her intakes are the shakes or fruits that includes in her light breakfast and snacks. She prefers the home-cook lentils with salad for dinner, while the lunch enriches rice & sweet potatoes.

As for the desserts, Venus Williams states she pays a rare visit to sweetness.

Is Williams Vegetarian?

No, Venus Williams is not a vegetarian, to be specific, she is vegan. But rather than being called a vegan, the Glam Slam champion proclaims herself a “chegan,” a vegan who cheats.

No doubt, Williams is strict about her diet plan follow-up, but she can’t help herself with treats as long as it is vegan. In an interview with Insider, she told: “I’ve never met a French fry that wasn’t vegan”.

And yes! the vegan plans do cut off diary products but for Venus, the willingness for diary-like treats has a new plan in the aid. She herself prepares vegan ranch buttermilk.

Even more, in late 2020, Venus Williams launched her own vegan protein brand Happy Viking. The superfood protein is a favorite of many vegan athletes who are going for long tours & travels but also for the tennis star herself.

Not to mention, a praiseworthy comeback into tennis & fully changed yet effective diet plans made her a figure to look for.

How Much Is Venus Williams’ Net Worth and Salary?

Considered one of the greatest tennis players, Venus Williams enjoys the riches of her fruitful career; in fact, she is a millionaire. As of 2022, Williams has a $95 million net worth many online sources say.
Her tennis career along with her business endeavors & endorsements are her major income sources.

As you know, tennis players are not paid quite like a salary, they earn the prize money. So far, Miss Williams has made $42,173,992 in prize money, while $5 million-$10 million come from endorsements annually.

Venus wears Nike shoes and has paid partnerships with Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tide, Kraft, and Electronic Arts. In 2021 alone, she made $11 million from those deals.

Did you know that Venus’ sister Serena Williams is a millionaire too with a $260 million fortune & one of the highest-paid female athletes?

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