Torrey Craig Wife And Dating Rumors- Cheating Allegations With Winter Blanco

The Bulls Forward Torrey Craig Has No Girlfriend Or Wife

Torrey Craig has no wife, but the NBA player has had relationships with several women. The Bulls forward was previously in a relationship with the reality star Nicole Zavala.

Craig even appeared in one of the episodes of the reality show Cartel Crew for his then-girlfriend Nicole Zavala. That happened in 2019. Since then, the two have moved on in their lives.

Craig Pictured At Milan Fashion Week In June 2024
Craig Pictured At Milan Fashion Week In June 2024 (Source: Instagram)

Torrey also has a son named Braylon from his previous college relationship. The basketball player has previously said he has a strong bond with his son.

Many believe that Craig played his last season for the Bulls in 2024. Aaron Kellerstrass of Pippen Ain’t Easy wrote he believes there is only a 10% chance that Craig will return to the Bulls.

Does Torrey Craig Have A Wife? Is The Former Suns Player Married?

The former Suns player Torrey Craig has no wife. But there have been a slew of women linked with the NBA star in the past.

But one of the names he was constantly linked to in the mainstream media was the reality star, Nicole Zavala. Zavala and Craig even featured in the reality show Cartel Crew in 2019.

In one episode of the VH1 reality show, Craig took Zavala out for a date night. The two even talked about their future, with Zavala mentioning she would have to learn how to cook once they had kids.

But Nicole made it clear to Torrey that before they entered into a committed relationship, she wanted to know him more. She said she wanted him to hang out more with her during his off-season.

Torrey explains to Nicole that committing to a relationship is tough as he is responsible for his mom and son. And maybe that is why the two moved on in their lives, and we didn’t hear the wedding bells for the two.

Who Is Nicole Zavala? Get To Know The Reality Star

The Colombian reality TV star and model Nicole Zavala started gaining notoriety after starring in the VH1 show Cartel Cew. During the show’s recording, Zavala explained that her family was involved in cartel situations.

Zavala said she never asked her dad about his business but knew her family was deep in that area. The reality star has a strong social media presence and has previously starred in various other reality shows, including Botched, Red Table Talk: The Estefans, and Hooked On The Look.

In recent years, Nicole has also gained popularity due to the numerous rumors surrounding her plastic surgeries. After breaking up with Torrey, it looks like Nicole dated a man named Demetrious.

Nicole Zavala Pictured During The Mental Awareness Event In Miami
Nicole Zavala Pictured During The Mental Awareness Event In Miami (Source: Instagram)

In 2023, Nicole revealed that she had spent more than $175,000 on cosmetic procedures, including four boob jobs, claiming it helped her cope with her Demetrious murder.

She spoke out about her surgery addiction on the YouTube channel ‘Truly.’ In the mini-documentary, Zavala said she loved to change her appearance all the time, and most recently, she spent $20,000 on her fourth boob job and fillers to mark her 30th birthday.

The star added she doesn’t care what her critics think. She said, “If you don’t like it, don’t go on my page.” Nicole even got a tattoo in the memory of her late former boyfriend, which she later uploaded on TikTok.

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Did Torrey Craig Cheat On Nicole When They Were In A Relationship?

Rumors about Craig cheating on Zavala started catching heat when IG model Winter Blanco shared a photo of her in Torrey’s room.

This incident happened soon after the Carlel Crew episode between Nicole and Craig aired. On Instagram, Winter Blanco shared a photo of her in Torrey’s bedroom with only her lingerie on.

Winter Blanco Pictured In Tokyo Is The Woman Craig Allegedly Cheated On With Nicole
Winter Blanco Pictured In Tokyo Is The Woman Craig Allegedly Cheated On With Nicole (Source: Instagram)

But Nicole wasn’t bothered by Winter’s antics at that time. The reality star uploaded a video and started with, “I don’t give a f–k what he does, you feel me?”

Nicole hinted that she and Torrey are in an open relationship and have an understanding. She said, “Like, we have an understanding, so at the end of the day, like, we both don’t give a f–k, you know?”

Winter Blanco started an Instagram live saying she had no problem with Nicole and asked her to stop talking about her as she found it rude. On her Instagram Live, Winter also tried to call out Nicole and Torrey for faking their relationship for reality TV.

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Does Torrey Craig Have A Child?

The Bulls player Torrey Craig has one child, a son named Braylon. Braylon was born in 2014 when Torrey was a college student.

Torrey had Braylon with his college girlfriend, Jakira. Jakira and Torrey never married but remained best friends. After going undrafted in the NBA, Torrey received an opportunity to play in Australia.

Torrey Craig Pictured With His Son Braylon In 2023
Torrey Craig Pictured With His Son Braylon In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Craig decided to take the opportunity, and Jakira and he somehow made it work. In his interview with Go Upstate in 2019, Craig said, “Braylon has such a big personality.

He’s funny, and he’s a really cool kid. It’s easy because his mother deserves most of the credit. We’re still really good friends. She’s been amazing.”

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