The Truth Behind ‘Rick Lagina Wife Cancer’; Is Rick Even Married?

Did Rick Lagina Wife die of Cancer Rick Lagina Wife Cancer!

In this section, we try to uncover the mystery behind the topic ‘Rick Lagina Wife Cancer’. Stay with us.

If you do not miss a beat of what is trending over the internet, you have obviously come across the curious case of Rick Lagina’s wife and his wife’s cancer.

Rick is famous for his stint in the reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island. History Channel‘s The Curse of Oak Island premiered in 2014 and is still on air. The show is currently on its 11th season.

Through his appearance as a lead cast member of The Curse of Oak Island, Rick became a familiar face for many History Channel viewers worldwide. Amid his growing popularity, the internet is abuzz with questions about Rick Lagina’s wife and rumors of Rick Lagina’s wife’s cancer.

Rick Lagina Wife Cancer: Reality or Hoax?

Before we get into the topic of Rick Lagina’s wife’s cancer, it is of utmost importance to note that Rick is a private person. Though he is a famous TV personality, famous for appearing on The Curse of Oak Island alongside his younger brother Marty Lagina and his two nephews, Rick does not entertain questions about his life off-screen.

Rick’s enigmatic stance on his personal matters relating to marriage and wife has led to various speculations online. There are generally two sides to the topic of Rick’s wife and wife’s cancer.

One side is claiming that Rick is a married man and he lost his wife to breast cancer. Well, another fraction writes that Rick Lagina is not married yet. Confusing right?

Did Rick Lagina's wife die of breast cancer?
The curious case of Rick Lagina’s wife/ Source: Twitter

The rumors of Rick’s wife, who has cancer, were spread around late 2023. By late December 2023, online articles discussing this cancer topic were flooded. While netizens empathized with Rick on this matter, it was never clear if this was true.

Rick himself never addressed if he was married or if he lost his wife due to breast cancer. It looks like, in solving the mystery of Oak Island, Rick himself has become a mysterious man.

Rick Lagina’s Wife

Who is Rick Lagina’s wife? Well, this topic is still up for discussion. As mentioned earlier, some say Rick was a married man who tragically lost his wife to breast cancer.

If Rick Lagain was really married, why aren’t there any pictures of Rick and his wife from their wedding? Yes, there are no pictures of Rick’s wedding.
For someone like Rick, getting hitched in a low-key wedding ceremony with only family in attendance is all the way understandable. But, there is not a single picture of Rick with his wife on the internet.

Is Rick Lagina really married, where are Rick and his wife pictures
Did Rick Lagina from ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ have a wife?/ Source: Facebook

Rick became a familiar face for both the public and media since appearing in The Curse of Oak Island with his brother Marty Lagina. The show aired back in 2014 and is still running.

Find out more about Rick Lagina.

Being a showstopper on a show as popular as The Curse of Oak Island, it is almost impossible to avoid media to the extent that there is not a single picture of Rick with his wife.

Furthermore, Rick is on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. None of his social media accounts have any pictures that reflect his personal life. All he cares to post on Twitter or Facebook is about his work life.

Until and unless Rick feels obliged to answer his admirers and fellow media persons, the queries surrounding Rick’s wife and his wife’s cancer will remain mysteries.

Rick was Diagnosed with Lyme Disease, How Bad was Rick’s Health?

Rick Lagina was diagnosed with Lyme disease in May 2019. Back then, he was still shooting for the The Curse of Oak Island, Season 6.

Lyme is a common vector-borne disease in the US, caused by the bite of black-legged ticks. This disease affects joints, the heart, and the nervous system if left unchecked.

A Reddit user by the name @SunnyDay27 wrote ‘Rick is looking worse’ after watching the last episode of the TV show on May 7, 2019. In response to this, another user (now deleted) shared he is suffering from Lyme disease.

Following suit, another user on Reddit shared Lyme disease can be serious in older people. Jokingly, the user also suggested there are perks of being a millionaire like Rick Lagina is.”

When he got Lyme disease, Rick was already 67 years old. Rick is 72 years old now.

Luckily, he was cured in time, and he is totally healthy now. Really, being a wealthy person comes with a specific set of benefits.

Rick Lagina’s Net Worth and Salary

Rick Lagina is a wealthy person. His net worth is estimated at $10 million in 2024. He is the richest and the highest-paid cast member of The Curse of Oak Island.

Rick rakes in a colossal $2 million salary per season of his TV show. This means Rick’s per-episode salary from The Curse of Oak Island is around $100 thousand. His younger brother Marty Lagina also earns around $100 thousand per episode from the TV show.

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