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American actress Sophina Brown

Sophina Brown

American actress Sophina Brown made her way to the TV career after sharpening her acting skills from theaters in the early days. The Michigan-native first gained recognition as Raina Troy in Shark (2006-2008) and later portrayed a regular cast, Nikki Betancourt, in Numb3rs (2008-12). Brown turned professional in 2000 and has mostly worked in TV series […]

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American actress Navi Rawat

Actress Navi Rawat Of ‘Numb3rs’ Is Married And Mother Of One- Who Is Her Husband? Age, Height & Net Worth!

An American actress with Indian heritage Navi Rawat made an impactful TV impression as Amita Ramanujan in Numb3rs (2005-2010). A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Rawat started with brief TV roles before building up a portfolio with prominent TV works in 24 and The O.C. In addition to her acting career, she maintains a […]

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‘Numb3rs’ Actor David Krumholtz Is Married And Fathers Two Kids- Name of Wife? Net Worth In 2021? Age, Height, Family & More!

American actor and comedian David Krumholtz went from a very ‘working-class’ family to a millionaire- a courtesy of progression from Broadway to Hollywood. Turned professional since 1992, Krumhotlz already has more than 100 acting credits but is widely famous as Charlie Eppes in Numb3rs (2005-10). Over the course of 2 decades, he worked in TV series such […]

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