Supernatural Cast Jared Keeso is a Married Man; Details on Wife, Children, & Missing Tooth

Supernatural Cast Jared Keeso is a Married Man; Details on Wife, Children, & Missing Tooth

Actor Jared Keeso was in TV shows like Supernatural (2006) and Letterkenny (2016-23).

Jared is a well-known Canadian actor, famous for starring in TV shows like Letterkenny and 19-2. Jared is also the creator of the comedy series Letterkenny. He won a Canadian Screen Award for this role as Ben Chartier in the comedy series 19-2 (2014-17).

The Supernatural actor, who is 5 feet 9 inches tall, is famous on social forums like Reddit, with fans demanding he play the next Wolverine. Jared Keeso, as the next Wolverine, would look great. He has got that zeal and physique required for the character Wolverine.

Whether or not we will see Jared Keeso as Wolverine, only time will tell. Besides, you can find some interesting facts about this Supernatural actor, like his wife, marriage, net worth, and sister, in this section.

Jared Keeso’s Marriage; Who is the actor’s wife?

This Supernatural cast member is a married man and has long been married to his wife, Magali Brunelle Keeso. IMDb has identified Magali Brunelle as Jared’s wife.

This 5 feet 9 inches tall, good-looking actor dated Bagali for a few years before getting hitched on July 3, 2018. Pictures from Jared and Magali’s wedding were shared on the actor’s Instagram fan account on Instagram. Unfortunately, their wedding pictures are now deleted.

Jared Keeso married his long-time girlfriend Magali Brunelle in July 2018
Jared Keeso married his long-time girlfriend Magali Brunelle in July 2018/ Picture: Facebook

Magali and Jared’s marriage ceremony was a tight-knit family function, with only close friends and families of the bride and bridegroom in attendance. The media was not invited to their nuptials, so there are no other pictures of the couple from their ‘big day’ in the media.

Jared’s Privacy about His Marriage with Magali Brunelle

The couple walked down the aisle in 2018, and it has been over five years since their marriage. While there is no news rubbing on divorce issues between Jared Keeso and his wife Magali, they are hardly spotted in public together.

Five years into their marriage, yet, they do not attend public events like movie premiers or award shows together. The couple loves to keep their relationship out of the media and public eye.

The Actor Dated Magali for Years Before Marrying Her

Jared Kesso dated his now-wife Magali for eight years before proposing to her for marriage in 2018. Sources have they were in a long-distance relationship and still managed to work things out.

Though there are not enough pictures of this couple on the internet, Magali’s Facebook account has some lovely pictures of the two. On March 15, 2016, the wifey shared a comfy picture of them on her Facebook page. In the comment section, people were calling them out, saying ‘ beautiful couple’.

Magali Burnelle with her then-boyfriend Jared Keeso
Magali Burnelle shared a lovely picture with then-boyfriend Jared Keeso on her Facebook/ Picture: Facebook

In July 2016, Magali also attended a family function with Jared Kesso. Going by her caption, she attended the marriage of one of Kesso’s relatives.

Though the couple does not entertain public outings, they sure were together for years before marrying in 2018. The pictures are the proof!

Do Jared and his Wife Magali Burnelle have Kids?

Concerns about Jared and Magali’s kids have been around for quite some time now. They have been in a lovely marriage for half a decade, and queries regarding their children abound.

You all know Jared enjoys privacy when it comes to his personal affairs. Can you imagine the actor is not on Instagram as well? His extensive private nature leaves fans to speculate on personal matters of the actor, like kids and pregnancy.

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So, here’s the big break – Jared Keeso and Magali Burnelle are not parents yet. The couple does not share any children as of 2024. On top of that, there is no news of pregnancy surrounding the Keeso couple.

Who is Jared’s Wife Magali; Wiki, Age, & Profession

The Letterkenny star’s wife, Magali Burnelle, is originally from Montreal, Quebec. Her nationality is American, and she belongs to the white ethnicity.
Magali Brunelle is a graduate of York University, where she completed her Master of Laws in April 2023. Before completing her master’s degree in law from York University, Magali was associated with Coveo as a lawyer.

She joined Coveo as a senior legal counsel in February 2018. Now, she is a full-time lawyer there.

Magali currently lives in Montreal, which is also her birthplace. This lawyer cum attorney celebrates her birthday on the 10th of April. But her exact date of birth is not public.

Her husband, Jared, was born on July 1, 1984, which means he is 39 years old. Magali is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and her net worth is estimated at $100 thousand.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Magali fluently speaks three languages; English, French, and Spanish. She credits her fluency in French and English to her upbringing. Possibly, one of her parents, either father or mother is from France.

Jared’s Sister, Brother, and Parents

Jared has a sister named Abigail Keeso and a brother named Alan Keeso. Jared shares an uncanny resemblance with his brother Alan. Alan Keeso is the CEO of TPH Academy, a hockey development group.

Actor Jared Keeso with his sister Abigail Keeso and brother Alan Keeso
Actor Jared Keeso with his sister Abigail and brother Alan/ Picture: Instagram

Jared’s father is Richard Keeso, and his mother is Anne Keeso. His father runs the family business in Canada.

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Jared, along with their sister and brother, was brought up in a small town in Canada, Listowel. The Keeso siblings completed their schooling in Canada.

Jared’s Sister Abigail Keeso, What does she do?

Jared Kesso’s sister, Abigail Keeso, is a registered nurse, nutritionist, and entrepreneur. Abigail is the co-founder of the company That Clean Life Inc. based in Toronto, Ontario.

She founded the company along with her husband, Christopher Hopkins, in 2014. Abigail and her husband, Christopher, got married in August 2015. Their wedding took place in Sussex County, the US.

Wedding Picture; Abigail Keeso with her husband Christopher Hopkins
Abigail Keeso with her husband Christopher Hopkins from their wedding day/ Picture: Instagram

Their wedding was held just six months after their engagement in February 2015. As per the couple’s social media handles, they dated for some years before settling down as wife and husband.

Abigail and her spouse, Christopher Hopkins, are parents to two children. Abigail gave birth to her first child in July 2022. Their second child was born in August 2023.

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Is the ‘Letterkenny’ Actor Keeso missing a tooth?

Fans on Reddit speculate if Jared Keeso has lost his tooth! If you are not aware, there is a debate about Jared Keeso’s missing tooth on Reddit. This curious topic of the actor’s missing tooth came to life after his character Shoresy from the series Letterkenny was missing a front tooth.

After seeing Letterkenny’s character Shoresy miss a tooth, fans of the TV series started wondering if Keeso is missing a tooth or if it is just makeup. Fans on Reddit have polarising opinions on this aspect.

So, if you are wondering what happened to Keeso’s tooth, Keeso surgically removed his tooth to play the character of Shoresy perfectly.

Shoresy was the most beloved character of Letterkenny. Owing to the popularity of the character, Keeso created a spin-off of Letterkenny titled Shoresy (2022 – present). Shoresy premiered in May 2022.

Facts about the Supernatural actor Jared Keeso

  • Jared celebrates his birthday on July 1. He is 39 years old.
  • The TV actor has a net worth of $4 million in 2024. For his role as Shoresy in the comedy series Letterkenny, Jared earned a salary of $250 thousand per episode.
  • The 39 year-old actor was the highest-paid cast of Letterkenny and one of the richest, as well.
  • Hockey has been a major part of Keeso’s life. He played junior hockey for Strathroy Rockets in the Western Ontario Hockey League (WOHL).
  • Keeso also played hockey for Listowel Cyclones in the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League (GOJHL).
  • Jared has portrayed the character of a hockey player, coach, and commentator, Don Cherry, in two CBC television movies.
  • The Supernatural actor started his career in television, playing the role of a hockey player in Life As We Know It in 2024.
  • Jared has an amazing physique. His height is 5 feet 9 inches, and he weighs 73 kg.
  • Keeso’s tall height and toned physique have led many fans on Reddit to speculate if he will play the character of Wolverine.
  • The Shoresy actor has several tattoos on his body. In Keeso’s shirtless pictures, you can see tattoos on his both biceps and chest area.
  • Keeso’s right bicep tattoo is a homage to his father. His father, Richard Kesso, runs a Sawmill company by the name J.H.KEESO. The actor has tattooed the symbol of J.H.KESSO on his right bicep.
  • On the left bicep, Jared has a dog tattoo. His dog tattoo shows his fondness for the dog. He has a dog in his home as well.
  • Jared Keeso loves to keep experimenting with tattoos. His shirtless pictures reveal several small tattoos on the lower bicep of the right arm.
  • Fans of Keeso have tattooed his face on them.
  • This millionaire actor is not on social media. He has a dedicated fan account on Instagram as @jaredkeeso.

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