Remember Nabiyah Be from Black Panther? Her Birthday, Age, Parents, Boyfriend, & More

Brazilian actress cum singer Nabiyah Be
 Name Nabiyah Be
 Profession Acting
 Famous As Jimmy Cliff Daughter
 Upcoming TV Show Daisy Jones and the Six
 Still Acting Yes
 Birthday 15 August 1992
 Age30 Years Old
 Nationality Brazilian
 Ethnicity  Mixed
 Sexual Orientation Straight
 Married No
 Children No
 Height 5 feet 6 inches

Even for MCU nerds, it is hard to grasp every Black Panther (2018) character. One such actor who may have slipped under your radar while watching Black Panther featuring the late Chadwick Boseman is Nabiyah Be. Luckily for her fans, she is gearing up to make her mark with Daisy Jones and the Six (an Amazon miniseries set to premiere on March 3, 2023).

Singer cum actress, Nabiyah has a few acting credits to her. Besides her profession, this Black Panther actress is widely famous as the daughter of Jimmy Cliff, the Jamaican reggae legend. Her father, Jimmy Cliff is a music icon as well as an actor. It’s clear where she gets her singing and acting genes from. Here’s every detail you have been missing about this gorgeous Brazilian artist.

How old is Nabiyah Be? Her Birthday Details

Nabiyah Be’s birthday falls on the 15th of August. She was born in the year 1992. So, as of January 2023, Be is 30 years old.

Nabiyah Be is Brazilian? Her father is Jamaican!

Nbiyah Be’s father Jimmy Cliff is a Jamaican national. He was born in St. James, Jamaica. While, the ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ actress was born in Salvador, Bahia in Brazil, and holds Brazilian nationality. Born in the land of her mother’s ancestors, the actress chose to be a Brazilian national over her father’s.

During her childhood, Nabiyah has toured across continents with her father Jimmy Cliff. This introduced her to the world of music early in her life, somewhat leading her to embrace pop culture as her career. While her father sowed seeds of music and acting in this Brazilian actress cum singer/songwriter, Nabiyah learned the way of living from her mother Sonia Gomes.

Who is Nabiyah Be’s mother? Parents and Siblings

Nabiyah Be has a close-knit relationship with her father and mother. Born to a Jamaican father and a Brazilian mother, the actress/ singer has lived in different parts of the world, especially while touring internationally with her father.

The official website of the Black Panther actress reveals that she grew a deep passion for learning and empathy from her mother. So, growing up this 30-year-old Brazilian national had a prominent influence from both her parents. Unlike her father, there is very little information about her mother Sonia Gomes.

Nabiyah’s mother Sonia Gomes is a psychiatrist born and raised in Brazil. She has an older sister named Odessa Chambers. Her sister Odessa Chambers is based in Kingston, Jamaica, and works as a TV producer and a publicist.

Is Nabiyah Be Married? Her Love Life and Relationships

Is Nabiyah Be married or not? The queries surrounding Be’s relationship status and marriage have been omnipresent since the time she played Linda in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Black Planter (2018). You have come across many celebrities who have been blessed with a loving husband, lovely relationship, and blissful marriage by the age of 30 in tinsel town. It is only natural to assume Be has a similar life.

Nabiyah Be doing what she loves
Nabiyah Be Just Loves Music/ Source: Instagram

However, Be’s is yet to settle in life as far as her marriage goes. Yes, the Daisy Jones actress is not married yet. Also, it is not revealed whether she is dating or not. Most of her personal life details are still in the shade. Be’s quite good at keeping her life beyond cameras away from scrutiny.

How Much is Nabiyah Be Worth in 2023?

Aged 30, and working as an actress and singer/ songwriter, one has reasons to believe Be has a decent net worth. Unfortunately, just like her personal life, the actress does not seem to enjoy revealing her finances to media outlets. So, Nabiya Be’s net worth is still unknown.

Most of the cast of Black Panther and its sequel are in the million-dollar club and have earned thousands of dollars for their respective roles in those movies. As a supporting cast, Be may have made thousands of dollars from the first Black Panther movie.

Lupita Nyong’o with a net worth of $5 million and Michael B. Jordan with a net worth of $8 million are among the richest Blank Panther cast.

Body Measurements – How tall is Nabiyah Be?

If not always, body height and measurements can sometimes become a barometer of how successful an actress can be in the showbiz industry. Nabiyah Be can score a perfect 10/10 when we take her tall height into consideration. Did you know, the Daisy Jones actress stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall?

Actress Nabiyah Be's height
Actress Nabiyah Be is 5 feet and 6 inches tall/ Source: Instagram

She has a slim body structure. Her hair color is black. Details of her other body measurements and shoe size are not made public as of yet.

College Life and Early Career

Nabiyah Be mostly lived in Brazil in her early days, the birthplace of her mother Sonia Gomes. There she received an informal education in acting and singing, courtesy of her singer/ actor father. Nabiyah attended Pace University, New York for theatre studies.

Post her Pace University life, Be started appearing on Broadway. Her first Broadway role came in Hadestown in which she essayed the role of Eurydice. Broadway Hadestown is the recipient of Tony and Grammy Awards.

In 2018, she landed the role of Linda in the critically and commercially acclaimed MCU project Black Panther. Before sharing the screen with artists like Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, and Lupita Nyongo’o, Be had some uncredited broadway roles in her portfolio.

Be has worked on her acting career as well as her singing career simultaneously. The 30-year-old singer had lent her voice for Hadestown’s original music. She has collaborated with Brazilian singer Margareth Menezes for a single from the latter’s 2019 album Autentica.

Role in the Dasiy Jones and the Six

If you are excited to catch Linda from Black Panther in Daisy Jones and the Six, the show airs on Amazon on March 3, 2023. She plays Simone Jackson in the Amazon miniseries featuring Suki Waterhouse (Karen Sirko), Timothy Olyphant (Rod), and Stephen Chacon (Warren Rhodes).

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