Quentin Grimes Girlfriend Is Out of Spotlight: Dating & Family Life of The NBA Player

Quentin Grimes Has Kept His Dating Life Out Of The Public Limelight

Quentin Grimes and his girlfriend remain a mystery to his fans. Is the basketball heartthrob even in a relationship, or is he trying to make people stop gossiping about his private life?

On Instagram, Grimes has shared photos of him living his best life. But is he living it alone? The former Knicks player has photographs of him traveling with his mom, Tonja Stelly, and preparing pizzas. And he looks like a mama’s boy.

The Former Knicks Player, Quentin Grimes, Was Traded By The Pistons To Mavericks For Tim Hardaway Jr
The Former Knicks Player, Quentin Grimes, Was Traded By The Pistons To The Mavericks For Tim Hardaway Jr (Source: Instagram)

Grimes, 24, was drafted in 2021 by the Clippers in the first round. But was later traded to the Knicks for Keon Johnson and a 2024 second-round draft pick.

Earlier this year, in February, Grimes was traded to the Pistons, but after a short stay at Detroit, Grimes is returning home with the Dallas Mavericks. The 2024 NBA finalist traded Tim Harsaway Jr for Grimes, a move reshaping the two team’s rosters.

Who Is Quentin Grimes Girlfriend? Is The Former Knicks Player Single?

Quentin Grimes has kept the details about his girlfriend away from the public limelight. There are NBA players who are comfortable sharing posts with their partners—the majority of those NBA players are married men.

In hindsight, only a few unmarried NBA players show off their partners on social media handles. One of them is the Timberwolves’ star player, Karl Anthony Towns. The power forward doesn’t mind posting photos with his famous influencer girlfriend Jordyn Woods—a once-upon-a-time best friend of Kylie Jenner.

Even Phoenix Suns’ star man Devin Booker didn’t post much when he was in a two-year relationship with Kylie’s famous sister, Kendall Jenner. So, it is common for many NBA players not to share too much about their private lives.

The same could be the case for Quentin Grimes. The former Knicks shooting guard is probably not too eager to display affection towards his partner in front of millions. And even if Grimes is single, it probably won’t be difficult for the NBA player to find his dream girl.

On his Instagram handle, Grimes has shared several photographs of him on vacation and dining at expensive restaurants. It is hard to imagine if he is going to all these places with only good friends.

In 2022, one of the users in the gossip site Lipstick Alley replied to another user’s comment saying Grimes was in a relationship with a woman named Kennedy. But there isn’t any evidence backing this claim.

Quentin Grimes Pictured With His Prom Date In 2018
Quentin Grimes Pictured With His Prom Date In 2018 (Source: Instagram)

In 2018, Grimes went to prom night with Natalie Romero—a high school friend. The NBA player shared a couple of pictures from his prom night, but since then, he hasn’t shared any images with Natalie.

After graduating high school, Grimes continued his basketball career at the University of Kansas and later at the University of Houston. Romero enrolled at Texas A&M University and graduated in 2021.

With Grimes signing with the Mavericks, he is returning home. If the NBA star is single, he might find love in his native state.

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Quentin Grimes Family: His Brother Plays In The NHL

Quentin Grimes’ family made headlines earlier this year when Tonja Stelly, Grimes’ mother, had to be at two places at once. It has always been that way for Tonja Stelly whenever the schedule of the NBA and NHL collides.

Stelly is a mother to two boys, both professional athletes, born a decade apart. During her heyday, Tonja was an athlete herself.

Quentin Grimes Pictured With His Mother, Tonja Stelly
Quentin Grimes Pictured With His Mother, Tonja Stelly (Source: Instagram)

She played basketball at Fort Hays State University in her home state, Kansas. A 5’10 guard, Stelly was on the 1985-86 Fort Hays team that went 18-12. But Tonja later transferred to the University of Kansas, leaving her athletic career behind.

Last year, in October, Tonja left her role as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. Today, she runs Astute Partners Management Group, a basketball NIL negotiations, talent development, and financial advising company.

Quentin Grimes And His NHL Connection

Tonja’s first marriage was with Paul Myers III. The couple had their first and only child, Tyler Myers, in 1990. A former hockey player, Paul passed his love for the sport to his son.

A Pennsylvania native, Paul Myers III, played amateur hockey from 11 to 15 in various hockey teams in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He later played for Lehigh University but didn’t turn pro.

A veteran in the oil and natural gas industry, Paul was voted the Chair of the Board of Directors of The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers in November 2023. Paul moved to Canada after his divorce from Tonja when their son was only ten.

Tyler grew up with his dad in Canada and has dual citizenship. The NHL side Buffalo Sabres selected Myers as the 12th overall pick in the 2008 NHL Draft. Since then, the defenceman has played for the Winnipeg Jets, the Austrian team EC KAC, and Vancouver Canucks.

Quentin Grimes Pictured With His Half-Brother, Tyler Myers At The Canucks Game In January 2024
Quentin Grimes Pictured With His Half-Brother, Tyler Myers At The Canucks Game In January 2024 (Source: Instagram)

The two boys, Tyler and Quentin, grew up in different households and two different upbringings. They only saw each other a few times a year, and Quentin previously said he always felt like a single child.

Previously, in an interview with The Athletic, Tonja said Tyler would visit them in Texas during spring break. Tonja would also take Quentin to Canada whenever she could so that he could watch his older brother play for the Sabres.

In recent years, Quentin has attended a few of his older brother’s games. Earlier this year, the Canucks shared a photo of Grimes and Myers at Madison Square Garden and captioned it, “Brother Love.”

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Quentin Grimes Has A Strong Bond With His Dad

Quentin Grimes’ dad, Marshall Grimes, previously played basketball at Santa Clara and Louisiana-Lafayette. A 6-foot guard, Marshall didn’t have a career like his son and never entered the NBA.

In a 2019 interview with The Charlotte Observer, Quentin talked about his dad’s influence on his game. Marshall Grimes worked with his son right after the games.

The father-son duo would work on Quentine’s craft at a side gym they found near the NBA player’s high school. Marshall would talk to his son about what had gone wrong with his shots and advise him to use his legs when fatigued.

Marshall Grimes works in the financial industry but believes there are parallels between his and his son’s industry. In Grimes Sr’s profession, he has to break down whether the business they are about to invest in has any potential.

Marshall says it’s the same in the NBA. “That’s what you have to do when you’re doing shooting. You have to break it down from top to bottom, said Marshall to The Charlotte Observer.

Quentin’s parents aren’t together any longer. After their divorce, Tonja married a man named Ken. But the family continues to have a strong bond.

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