Does ‘On My Block’ Actor Jason Genao Have A Girlfriend? Is He Gay? Age, Height & Parents

Jason Genao, an American actor with Dominican hertiage

Jason Genao, the ‘On My Block’ actor’s proficient on-screen approach brought him stardom; with so, prying eyes into his relationship came as well. Fans wonder if this actor with Dominican heritage has a girlfriend.

Even if he has successfully shaded his love life so far, it brought some unwanted rumors about his sexuality into the scene- if he is gay.

While Genao remains tight-lipped on his dating story, he occasionally mentions his family’s immense support throughout his acting journey. Now, considered one of the most promising actors, Jason surely has made his parents proud, but sadly, his mother is no more in this world to cherish his success.

Scroll through this article to learn about Genao’s family, relationships, and further insight into his personal life.

Who Is Jason Genao’s Girlfriend? A Peek Into His Dating Life

So far, as of 2024, Genao does not have a publicly disclosed girlfriend. Fans are not buying that this 27-year-old actor is away from the dating scene. However, whether it is on interviews or his social media platforms, there are no signs of his romantic connection.

On top of that, despite being in the industry for nearly a decade, Jason had no record of past relationships.

Actor Jason Genao is allegedly single
Actor Jason Genao is allegedly single | Source: Instagram

Some allege that the Ambush actor could be in a secret relationship and keeping his girlfriend away from the media radar. Moreover, some are already assuming that he married secretly, and searches for queries like “Jason Genao wife” have been on errands.

Having said that, only evidence speaks, so without any proof of his relationship, online sources tag him as single at the moment.

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Debunking Genao’s Dating Rumors With Jessica Garcia

Being co-stars with adorable chemistry often leads to fans shipping them as a couple, which is more intense if they play on-screen love interests. Such a scenario was not far from Jason Genao and his On My Block co-star Jessica Marie Garcia.

In the teen comedy-drama series, Genao portrays “Ruby” Martinez Jr., while Jessica appears as Jasmine Flores, who has a romantic obsession with Ruby. Even more, the two characters got into a relationship during the third season.

Genao with his co-star Jessica Garcia, who played his on-screen love interest
Genao with his co-star Jessica Garcia, who played his on-screen love interest | IMDB

So, it was obvious that fans would not back from tagging them as a potential couple off-screen despite their age gap of 10 years.

However, in real life, Garcia has been married to actor Adam Celorier since October 2018 and shares a daughter, Selena Grey (b. February 2022) with him.

What Is Jason Genao’s Sexuality? Is He Gay?

The Law & Order actor Jason’s low-key posture in his personal life, especially his relationship, won’t make him immune to rumors. Even after all these years, Genao never once has a record of dating a woman or ever mentioning his love life. As a result, the whirlwind of rumors came poking his sexual orientation.

Some even began to question if he was gay. However, no such confirmation about his sexuality ever came up.

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What Is Jason Genao’s Age And Height?

Born on July 3, 1996, in Jersey City, New Jersey, Genao is 27 years old as of 2024. His zodiac sign is Cancer.

The black-haired and brown-eyed actor comparatively has a shorter height; he stands 5 feet 1.5 inches (1.56 m).

Regarding his small height, many commented if he had any physical condition/disability, but it’s not because of that- it is natural.

Instead, since he was a toddler, he has a condition called Eye Bag condition, which causes puffiness under the eyes.

Is Jason Mexican? Parents, Family Background And Ethnicity

The Logan actor was born to Dominican-American parents in New Jersey, the USA. As a result, he is an American by nationality and has a Dominican heritage. Fans confuse him for being Mexican as his on-screen character, Ruby, in On My Block was of Mexican heritage.

In an interview with Modern Wellness GuideGenao, who is proud of his Hispanic background, elaborated on his family background. As reported, his father is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, while his now-late mother, born in Long Island, was a first-generation American.

Childhood picture of Jason Genao
Childhood picture of Jason Genao | Source: Twitter

Shortly after his birth, his parents moved to the Dominican Republic where he lived until three before returning to the United States. He describes his upbringing as on bordering poverty.

He added that since his brothers grew up in the Dominican Republic, they struggled to communicate in English. So, his mother didn’t want Jason to have so, which was the core reason, his mother brought him to the USA.

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Genao’s Mother’s Death

Jason Genao’s mother, Maria Chiki Genao, passed away in early 2021 due to COVID-19.

Jason's mother, Maria, died of COVID-19
Jason’s mother, Maria, died of COVID-19 | Source: Instagram

On October 4, 2021, in his now-deleted Instagram post, he wrote a heartfelt message to his mom and referred to her as his source of joy. The actor dedicated his success in On My Block to his mother.

Does He Have Any Siblings?

Jason Genao grew up with two older brothers, Danny and David Genao. In his interviews, he mentions his brother and father who supported him and funded his acting school fees.

According to Danny’s Facebook, he works in the technical department at Getinge USA. He is the father of a son named Aiden, with his baby mama.

On the other, David is married to Madelin Pena de Genao and shares a son, Devin.

How Much Is Jason Genao’s Net Worth In 2024?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Genao has an estimated net worth of $400K. Mostly, he earns from his acting career which allegedly brings hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not, then tens of thousands, per project.

Jason’s first acting experience came in his school’s drama club, and by the time, he was nine, he knew that he wanted to become an actor. After he got a cable, he discovered HBO and would recall repeating lines in a movie. Growing up, Genao was influenced by watching  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film franchise.

The American actor made his on-screen debut in the 2015 film Ladrones, and subsequently, landed a guest TV role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2016).

Moreover, Jason Genao’s big break came after he scored the role of Napoleon in the Netflix original series The Get Down (2016-17, 7 episodes). It followed his role as Rictor in the box-office hit MCU film Logan starring Hugh Jackman.

From 2018 to 2021, he portrayed Ruby Martinez in another Netflix original series On My Block, alongside Sierra Capri, Brett Gray, and Diego Tinoco.

He then had a back-to-back Netflix role in Boo, Bitch, co-starring Lana Condor and Zoe Colletti, where he played a recurring cast Devon joining other casts like Austin Fryberger, Nick Benso, and Conor Husting.

In 2023, Genao worked in the war-action thriller film Ambush, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Connor Paolo, and Aaron Eckhart.

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