Net Worth Of ‘James Bond’ Daniel Craig In 2021- Salary ‘No Time To Die’? Career Plans?

England-born James Bond actor Daniel Craig net worth, salary, property & more

It’s been 15 years since the England-born Daniel Craig made his debut as James Bond through Casino Royale (2006). As for a fact, the 53-year-old actor is the 6th to portray the agent 007, succeeding Irish actor Pierce Brosnan.  While the fantasy spy hero regimes hearts of all, from comics to film adaptions, it’s a fact that James Bond actor earns a hefty sum.

No doubt, the James Bond character not only earned Craig a big name in Hollywood but also loads of fortune too. turning him into a multi-millionaire. But after 5 films as 007, there are claims if the English actor will step down, which makes in 2021 film No Time To Die his last James Bond on-screen feature.

How Much Is Net Worth Of Daniel Craig In 2021?

All thanks to the James Bond films, Craig got a ticket for a ride to the millionaire’s destination. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Daniel Craig has $160 million net worth in 2021.

With an acting enhancement through stage productions, the 5 feet 10 inches tall actor made his on-screen debut in 1992. But it was a decade-long struggle when his days finally began to bloom, having faced divorce with his first wife Fiona Loudon in between.

In 2005, he got notable acting credit as a supporting cast in The Jacket, Fateless, and Munich.

The fame, as well as payroll, surged instantly in 2006 when he became the 6th actor to portray James Bond. From his debut film as agent 007, Casino Royale (2006), the Chester native earned a salary of $3.2 million. Comparatively a small amount for the movie which made $616.5 million in the box-office.

Daniel Craig, the 6th actor to portray James Bond is a multi-millionaire
Daniel Craig, the 6th actor to portray James Bond is a multi-millionaire; Image Source: Instagram@craigdanielbond

Then in 2008, Craig worked in another James Bond film, Quantum of Solace (2008), which saw him a paycheck of $7.2 million.

Subsequently, it saw him an attractive salary from other films projects; $6 million from Cowboys & Aliens (2011), $5 million from Dream House (2011), and $6 million from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011).

Further James Bond films; Skyfall (2012) pocketed him $17 million-plus some % bonus from the $1.109 billion box-office collection. Reportedly, his salary of around $39 million (£25.4 million) from Spectre (2015), made him the highest-paid actor of the Bond series.

Salary From ‘No Time To Die’- Will He Return As James Bond?

The 5th Bond series film for Daniel Craig is set to release on October 8, 2021, in the United States. It reportedly saw him a salary of $25 million.

English actor Daniel Craig as James Bond
Craig as James Bond; Image Source: Instagram@craigdanielbond

The film No Time To Die was stated to be the last film of Craig as James Bond, but fans are curious if he will return tip-top on his black suit again. After Spectre (2015), which was then alleged to be his last Bond film, he reportedly got a contract for further 2 films.

Well, there is no official confirmation at the moment, if Craig will have the 6th movie as 007.

Check out a box-office collection of Daniel’s James Bond films:

Casino Royale (2006)$150 million$616.5 million
Quantum of Solace (2008)$200-$230 million$589.6 million
Skyfall (2012)$150-$200 million$1.109 billion
Spectre (2015)$245-300 million$880.7 million
No Time to Die (2021)$250-$301 million

Update On Career of Craig

As per IMDB, the father of two from two marriages will star in the 2022 film Knives Out 2. He will portray Rawbone in The Creed of Violence (pre-production). Moreover, other announced acting credits on the actor include Purity (TV Series) and Knives Out 3.

Daniel Craig’s Houses and Car Collection Worth Millions

Currently, the No Time To Die actor lives in his four-story Brooklyn townhouse in Cobble Hill, with his second wife Rachel Weisz. The duo, parents of a daughter Ella, bought the six bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms property in 2018 for $6.75 million.

The residence spans 6,600 square feet.

English actor Daniel Craig and his second wife Rachel Weisz
English actor Daniel Craig and his second wife Rachel Weisz; Image Source: Hello Magazine

Moreover, the Bond film actor also owns a penthouse in Soho, purchased in 2012 for $11.5 million. The triplex on 4,350 square feet features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a roof garden.

In the 2018 fall, Craig sold his Manhattan apartment for $6 million. It is the same price he paid for three bedrooms and two full and one-half bathrooms property back in 2012.

Daniel Craig's Brooklyn townhouse bought for $6.75 million
Daniel Craig’s Brooklyn townhouse, bought for $6.75 million; Image Source: Street Easy

Moreover, the English actor has a jaw-dropping collection of cars, estimated to be worth millions of dollars. Just like his on-screen James Bond character, Craig is fond of Aston Martin.

He owns an Aston Martin DB5 and Aston Martin DBS (it was a gift to him). Generally, a DBS costs around $1-1.2 million, but if it does have a custom feature like in his movies, it could be worth around $6.3 million.

The further collection of his rides include Jaguar XJ, Range Rover Sport (starts from $80k), and Ford Mondeo.

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