‘My Lady Jane’ Actress Robyn Betteridge’s Parents Propelled Her To Acting: Sister Is Following Her Footsteps

The My Lady Jane Actress Robyn Betteridge Photographed By Emma Wright For Her New Headshots For Kids London Agency In March 2023

The child actress Robyn Betteridge, age 12, has already starred for Amazon and Disney+ shows at a young age. She will also be battling for two Young Artist Academy awards later this month.

A Lower Stondon girlie, Robyn Betteridge is a versatile child, having first gained attention for her contortion talent. Despite not coming from a family with roots in the entertainment business, Betteridge has received tremendous support from her parents, Colin and Kristy.

Robyn With Her Co-Star And The Show, My Lady Jane's Main Lead, Emily Bader
Robyn With Her Co-Star And The Show, My Lady Jane’s Main Lead, Emily Bader (Source: Instagram)

Seeing their older daughter’s success, Colin and Kristy have also let their younger daughter, Skylar Betteridge, explore her talents in the same industry. The two sisters shared the screen in the TV series The Gold (2023).

Robyn grabbed massive attention from her role as Margaret Jane in the Amazon Prime Video show My Lady Jane co-starring Emily Bader, Edward Bluemel, Kate O’Flynn, Anna Chancellor, Henry Ashton, Abbie Hern, and Dominic Cooper.

. The show draws inspiration from the novel by Jodi Meadows, Brodi Ashton, and Cynthia Hand, published in 2016.

Quick Facts

Full NameRobyn Betteridge
Date Of BirthAugust 17, 2011
Age12 Years Old
Height1.43 m (4 feet 8 inches)
Parent’s NameColin And Kristy Betteridge
Siblings1 (Sister-Skylar Betteridge)
Years Active2021-Present

Robyn Betteridge Has Supportive Parents, Colin And Kristy Betteridge

Robyn Betteridge’s parents, Colin and Kristy Betteridge, aren’t part of the entertainment industry. But they were supportive of Robyn’s career from the get-go.

As soon as they discovered their daughter’s contortion talent, Colin and Kristy tried their best to make their daughter better at it instead of making her stop doing it. Many parents fear their children might end up injuring themselves and do not let them pursue contortion, but that wasn’t the case in the Betteridge household.

They took the correct step and got the best trainer possible for their daughter to enhance her contortion skills. Colin worked with Game Retail as a Regional Manager and later as a Project Manager in 2008.

After quitting his job at Game Retail in 2010, Colin started his own business, CKB Ltd. CKB is an entrepreneurial family-run multi-channel e-commerce business trading globally on Amazon, Tesco, & eBay.

Robyn Betteridge Pictured With Her Family, Including Her Parents, Colin, Kristy, And Her Younger Sister, Skylar
Robyn Betteridge Pictured With Her Family, Including Her Parents, Colin, Kristy, And Her Younger Sister, Skylar (Source: Instagram)

The company started as their home and is now operating in Herts and has a 5500sq ft warehouse. In 2018, Colin established another business venture, Gifts Tomorrow, a wholesale company part of CKB Ltd. Lanyards, Snug Rug, and Bar Amigos are the other companies part of CKB Ltd.

Colin is available on Instagram and has shared a few family posts. In 2020, Colin and Kristy celebrated their 20th anniversary, with Colin sharing a gallery of images, including the day they became Mr. and Mrs. Betteridge.

Kristy graduated with a business degree from the University of Hertfordshire and worked as a General Manager at Nestor Healthcare Group until 2005.

From 2011 until 2016, Kristy worked at SJB Medical, attaining various positions, including Executive Consultant and Programme Director. After leaving her job at SJB Medical, Kristy works as a Company secretary and Director of Business Assurance at CKB Ltd.

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Robyn Has A Younger Sister Pursuing The Same Path As Her

Robyn’s little sister, Skylar Betteridge, age 9, was born on January 25, 2015. Skylar was also picked up by the talent agency Kids London, just like her sister.

The two real-life sisters have already played reel-life sisters in the BBC show The Gold. Skylar is also a contortionist, and the two sisters have shared videos of performing their contortion act together on Instagram.

Robyn Pictured With Her Younger Sister, Skylar Betteridge, Also An Actress
Robyn Pictured With Her Younger Sister, Skylar Betteridge, Also An Actress (Source: Instagram)

Skylar has previously modeled for NEXT, and this year, she appeared in the TV series Big Mood for three episodes, playing a demon child.

Earlier this year, in April, Skylar became a member of The Young Artist Academy, so we can certainly hope that the younger Betteridge will also receive nominations for her acting chops like her older sister

What Is Robyn Betteridge’s Age? How Tall Is The Young Actress?

Robyn Betteridge, age 12, was born on August 17, 2011. The actress/model stands 1.43 m (4 feet 8 inches).

Betteridge has two nominations at the 45th Young Artist Academy Awards, which will take place on July 21, 2024. The actress has nominations for the categories- TV Series-Supporting Youth Artist and Streaming Series-Guest Youth Artist.

Robyn signed with the modeling agency Kids London Ltd at age seven and later joined Spotlight. She first caught the attention of many as a contortionist.

The British actress learned about contortion through YouTube and used to copy the movies of people from the videos. After seeing her talent, her parents decided to enroll Robyn with a trainer in London and let her talent flourish.

Robyn Has Been Performing Contortion Act Since She Was Seven
Robyn Has Been Performing Contortion Act Since She Was Seven (Source: Instagram)

A Bedfordshire native, Robyn started traveling to London most weeks to train for 1-2 hours with her coach, Pixie Le Knot. When an interviewer asked Robyn if it was dangerous to be a contortionist, she said, “Being naturally flexible and young with proper training, no, it is not.

Medical surveys show that contortionists and yogis not only have great resistance to everyday complaints, pain, and disease, but their general health is excellent, and they tend to live considerably longer than people in any other profession.”

Robyn’s first modeling job came with Luna Magazine, and she has previously worked with Next, Loud Apparel, Fatface, Holigans, and Hazzys & Flakiki. On her Instagram handle, Robyn has shared several photos of her modeling for various companies, including Nike last year.

She has also shared several videos of her doing contortion acts, and last year, she also performed for the Showtime Circus. Whether it is dandling from the air or submerging underwater, Robyn is fearless when it comes to doing her contortion acts.

Robyn Has Starred In Four Shows

Robyn’s acting career took off in 2021 with the Amazon Prime TV series The Wheel of Time, starring the Oscar nominee Rosamund Pike in the lead role. Betteridge played Helga Grinwell and appeared for one episode.

Though the show might have aired only in 2021, Robyn had been cast for the show back in 2019. She had traveled to Prague to film her role. While speaking to the Chronicle, Robyn said, “I was given a script to record myself reading, and then I got a recall, and then another recall with the director, which was exciting.”

In her interview, Robyn recalled how fun it was to spend those two days on the set and also talked about her shopping spree at the Christmas stalls. Robyn also received her own trailer with her name on the front, a dream come true for the little one.

Robyn Points At Her Character Kit From The Disney Show Willow
Robyn Points At Her Character Kit From The Disney Show Willow (Source: Instagram)

Last year, Robyn starred in the Dinsey+ show Willow as Young Kit. The show had Ruby Cruz, Ellie Bamber, and Tony Revolori as the main characters.

Despite a minor role, Robyn received the Streaming Series-Guest Youth Artist nomination at the 45th Young Artist Academy Awards for portraying Young Kit. She also featured in the BBC Show The Gold in 2023 for three episodes.

This year, the youngster is catching the eye of many with her performance in the show My Lady Jane, in which she stars as Margaret Grey. The show stars Emily Bader and Edward Bluemel as the main characters. Betteridge plays the youngest sister of Emil Bader in the show, which has received several positive reviews.

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