Minka Kelly’s Boyfriend, Dan Reynolds, Is Part Of A Famous Band; Dating History Of The Euphoria Actress

Minka Kelly Pictured With Her Boyfriend And Imagine Dragons' Frontman Dan Reynolds

Minka Kelly’s boyfriend, Dan Reynolds, is part of the American band Imagine Dragons. Dan is a divorcee and shares four kids with his former wife, Aja Volkman.

Reynolds was going through a divorce, and Kelly was writing her tearful memoir when they got to know each other. Though it’ll soon be two years for their relationship, the entertainers have chosen to keep their romantic life as private as possible.

Minka Kelly Pictured Hand-In-Hand With Her Beau, Dan Reynolds, In 2022
Minka Kelly Pictured Hand-In-Hand With Her Beau, Dan Reynolds, In 2022 (Source: Twitter)

Kelly, 44, and Reynolds, 36, haven’t talked about engagement or wedding. But recently, the Imagine Dragons frontman has opened up about his and Minka’s relationship with the People Magazine.

The interview comes after his band Imagine Dragons dropped their latest album, Loom. The Euphoria actress was also recently seen in the thriller picture Blackwater Lane, sharing the screen with Dermot Mulroney and Maggie Grace.

Minka Kelly And Her Boyfriend, Dan Reynolds, Started Dating In 2022

Minka Kelly and her boyfriend, Dan Reynolds, found each other’s companionship while they went through tumultuous situations in their respective lives. Kelly and Reynolds were leaving their respective relationships in 2022—the Imagine Dragons frontman was going through a divorce with his partner of a decade.

In an interview with People magazine, Reynolds opened up about his relationship with Minka. The singer said he met Minka through a mutual friend while the actress was working in the UK. They talked over the phone for a month before they met in person.

At the time, Kelly was working on her memoir Tell Me Everything, where she talked about her early life, her beginning years in Hollywood, her past relationships, and showed her vulnerable side. While Kelly was working on her memoir, Reynolds gave Kelly a sneak peek at his band’s new album, Loom.

Dan Reynolds And Minka Kelly Pictured During A Stroll In Los Angeles In 2022
Dan Reynolds And Minka Kelly Pictured During A Stroll In Los Angeles In 2022 (Source: Twitter)

After seeing Dan trust her with his new music, Minka returned the favor. In his interview, Dan said, “She’s like, ‘Well, if you’re going to share your art, I can share something with you, but it’s very vulnerable for me. Do you want to do this or not?”

Reynolds said Kelly was scared about him reading the book as they hadn’t met. But she shared it with him anyway, and in the end, the two grew closer over it.

The dating rumors between Dan and Minka began in November 2022. The pictures of the two hanging out came out, and soon, the gossip sites started talking about the two.

The two stars have chosen to keep their relationship as lowkey as possible and tend not to share pictures of each other on social media sites. Dan’s recent interview with People magazine is the first time the singer has opened up about his romantic life with Kelly.

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Who Is Dan Reynolds? His Past Relationship And Fatherhood

For those who are unfamiliar with Dan Reynolds, you might’ve heard his band’s name Imagine Dragons. And if you have never heard of Imagine Dragons, you might’ve listened to their songs, Thunder, Believer, and Radioactive.

Reynolds’ band Imagine Dragons are considered one of the most popular bands of the 2010s. Reynolds formed the band in Las Vegas in 2008. Since their formation, the band has earned several accolades, including a Grammy for Best Rock Performance for their song Radioactive.

In a 2013 Billboard interview, Reynolds said he had numerous discussions about the band’s name and that Imagine Dragons is an anagram related to “a phrase that meant something to all of us.”

Dan Reynolds Pictured With His First Wife, Aja Volkman, During A Music Event
Dan Reynolds Pictured With His First Wife, Aja Volkman, During A Music Event (Source: Twitter)

The band’s debut album, Night Visions, was a commercial success, propelling them to overnight success with songs like Radioactive, Time, and Demon. Since then, the band has released six albums, including their latest one, Loom.

Talking about Dan’s previous relationship, the frontman was married to American singer and songwriter Aja Volkman. Aja and Dan tied the knot on March 5, 2011, a year after they met. The two share four kids-daughter Arrow, 11, twin girls Gia and Coco, 7, and son Valentine, 4.

Though it looked like they were going strong, cracks began appearing in Dan and Aja’s relationship. The two divorced in 2022 after 11 years of marriage. Speaking to People about his divorce, Reynolds said, “Divorce is really hard, especially when you really care about the person.”

The singer also made it clear that no infidelity or cheating was involved between the two. Dan also added that fatherhood is the favorite part of his life.

Reynolds said, “It [fatherhood] is my favorite part of life. It brings me immense joy. I love my four kids so much. I feel like I have the luckiest career in the world, [but] that’s always been my first priority, is making sure that I’m showing up in the ways I need to love on these kids.”

Minka Kelly’s Past Relationship: The Famous Ex’s Of The Actress

The actress, who debuted in 2004 with the TV series Cracking Up, gained fame after starring in Friday Night Lights in 2006. She starred in several other shows, including Titans, Euphoria, Drunk History, and The Path.

As much as Minka gained attention for her acting roles, she also attracted several eyes to her romantic relationships. The actress has dated high-profile men, including Derek Jeter, Chris Evans, John Mayer, and Trevor Noah.

Captain America, Chris Evans, and Minka Kelly dated briefly in 2007 and rekindled their romance in 2012. They ended their relationship in 2013 but again sparked dating rumors in 2015 when they were photographed taking their dogs for a walk.

Minka Kelly Was Once Linked With Captain American Chris Evans
Minka Kelly Was Once Linked With Captain American Chris Evans (Source: Twitter)

Chris Evans tied the knot last year with actress Alba Baptista in September 2023, breaking the hearts of millions of his fangirls worldwide.

Minka dated the Yankees legend Derek Jeter between 2008-2011. The two never talked much about their romantic life, and at one point, there were rumors about their engagement, which they denied.

Today, Jeter is married to Hannah Davis, with whom he shares four kids. In 2020, Minka made headlines with her rumored relationship with talk show host Trevor Noah.

The on-and-off couple dated for two years before calling it quits in 2022. The rumors between the two began swirling in September 2020, and they tried their best to keep it private.

In May 2021, US magazine sources confirmed the couple had broken up, but they reconciled a month later. In their two years of dating, the couple weren’t pictured often and tried to stay out of the limelight. Earlier this year, there were rumors that Noah was dating influencer and business expert Zoë Leila Mabie.

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Minka Kelly Is The Daughter Of The Aerosmith Guitarist

Growing up, Minka Kelly had to go through a lot. She had a poor relationship with her mom and dad and had even seen her mom deal with addiction and abusive relationships.

Minka is the only child of her parents, Maureen Kelly and Rick Dufay. Her parents met at a recording studio in Los Angeles in 1979 but never tied the knot. Maureen Kelly, a dancer at the Crazy Girls strip club in Los Angeles, gave birth to her only child, Minka, in 1980.

The mother-daughter duo went through poverty, and at one point, they stayed in a 125-foot storage shed of an apartment complex after not being able to pay rent.

The two moved from LA to Albuquerque, New Mexico, after Maureen began dating a man with whom she had an on-and-off relationship. In her 20s, Minka started drifting away from her mom’s life after she started asking for more financial support.

Minka Kelly Has Tried To Mend Her Relationship With Her Dad, Rick Dufay, As She Got Older
Minka Kelly Has Tried To Mend Her Relationship With Her Dad, Rick Dufay, As She Got Older (Source: Twitter)

The two only rekindled after Maureen’s colon cancer diagnosis and the former dancer had two years to live. Maureen died of cancer in 2008 at age 51. The actress has said she and her dad are trying to work on their relationship.

In an interview, Minka said Dufay helped her find her footing in LA before she got her own place to live in the city. In a 2018 Instagram post, Kelly wrote, “We met up a few times through the years but never really knew each other until I got older and was able to see the situation for what it was and was able to let go of any grudges.”

She continued, “Our parents are human after all. When I was ready, he was there. It was a very bumpy road to start, but we found our way. Thank god for therapy. We still drive each other nuts sometimes, but I can honestly say that I’m not sure where I’d be without him today.”

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