Mikey Williams’ Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating Now? Story Of Mikey’s Arrest

The Memphis Tigers commit Mikey Williams was in a relationship with Jada Williams but broke up in 2022. After that, the basketball player found his new girlfriend, who is she?

Amid the talks about his new relationship, after Mikey was charged with gun violence in 2023, fans are curious if they are still together.

The possible 2024 NBA draft pick faced 6 felony gun charges that put his basketball career in uncertainty. What’s the update on his case with a potential 24 years in jail (if found guilty)? Get all the answers below in this article.

Mikey Williams Girlfriend: Dating A New Girl, What’s Her Name?

The American basketball star Mikey Williams has a new girlfriend whose name is Joycelyn Dysart. Besides her fame as the athlete’s lover, she has her recognition as a TikTok star and Instagram influencer.

Dystart’s TikTok handle @jadysart19 has more than 236k followers, while her Instagram @jadysart has over 67.2K followers. Previously, she worked as a dancer and bottle girl.

Amid Mikey’s controversial gun felony charges, it seemingly have not affected his relationship with Joycelyn.

Mikey Williams' New Girlfriend Joycelyn
Basketball Player Mikey Williams And His New Girlfriend Joycelyn | Source: Facebook

Even if the couple has not opened up much about their dating story, they allegedly have been in a relationship since mid-2023.

(As of this writing) While Mikey and his girlfriend have yet to share their pictures on their Instagram profile, their Facebook profiles feature each other. They have tagged each other on their Facebook relationship status.

In August 2023, they posted pictures of each other on their Facebook for the first time.

Do They Have Plans For A Wedding?

No, Mikey and his girlfriend, Joycelyn, have not commented or shared if they have plans for marrying anytime soon.

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Mikey’s Ex-Girlfriend, Jada Williams: Reason For Break-Up

The San Diego, California native basketball point guard was in a relationship with Jada Williams. They reportedly dated for a few months before splitting in mid-2022.

At first, there were speculations that Mikey and Jada could be related as they shared the same surname “Williams.”

However, their dating story came to light on February 7, 2022, after the Memphis Tigers player posted a series of cozy pictures with her.

Later, it got a stamp of approval after Jada shared a picture with the basketball star and wrote, “You see how we walked in… you know we run stuff” on February 9 that year.

Mikey Williams And His Ex-Girlfriend, Jada Williams, Briefly Dated In 2022
Mikey Williams And His Ex-Girlfriend, Jada Williams, Briefly Dated In 2022 | Source: YouTube

By mid-2022, there were reports that the duo had broken up but none of them ever commented on the issue or the reason for their split.

Mikey’s break-up with Jada got a confirmation a year later when he posed for a picture with his new girlfriend, Jocelyn.

Williams’ ex-lover, Jada Williams is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. Born on February 6, 2005, the 19-year-old is a collegiate basketball player at the University of Arizona (enrolled in 2023).

Also, she is a two-time gold medalist with the USA women’s junior basketball team, with each win in the 2021 FIBA Americas U16 Championship & the 2022 FIBA U17 World Cup.

Jada played high school basketball at Blue Springs High School in Missouri & later went to La Jolla Country Day School in 2021 as a junior.

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Mikey Williams Arrest: Is He Going To Jail? Update On The Case?

Willimas was arrested on April 13, 2023, on six counts of gun felony charges. It included five counts of assault with a deadly weapon and 1 count of firing into an occupied vehicle.

The arrest came a few weeks after an incident outside his San Diego County residence on March 27, 2023. 

According to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Mikey had an argument with “several uninvited individuals” who entered his house. Later, he fired shots at a car leaving his house with 5 passengers, though none sustained an injury.

Mikey In The Court Room After Arrest For Six Counts Of Gun Felony Charges
Mikey In The Court Room After Arrest For Six Counts Of Gun Felony Charges

The 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m) tall basketball player got out on a bail of $50,000, a day after his arrest, on April 14.

He didn’t plead guilty to the charges on April 20, so a preliminary hearing was set. However, it was postponed three times until October 24, 2023.

On November 20, 2023, Mikey pled guilty to a single count of making criminal threats. So as a part of the plea, he ‘must attend cognitive behavioral therapy, gun safety and anger management classes’.

He will have to complete the course by the August 12, 2024, sentencing date. If completed, the charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Had he been found guilty in all 6 gun-related felony charges, Mikey could get a sentence of up to 28 years in prison.

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Lost Endorsement Deals After Arrest

Following his arrest, the San Ysidro High School prodigy has yet to participate in any of the Memphis Tigers practices or games.

In September 2023, the college management said they would clarify his status after his case was resolved.

At 17, Mikey signed a multi-year endorsement deal with Puma, on October 28, 2021. It made him the first American high school basketball player to achieve the feat. However, after his gun violence charges, the footwear giant ended their endorsement deal with him.

Moreover, in May 20243, a sports tech company LaceClips ended their deal with Williams, which allegedly was due to his stemming legal case.

However, some reports mention that his connection with the company was already on the verge of conclusion.


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