Meet Sting’s Second Child, Fuchsia Sumner; Everything You Need To Know!

Meet Sting's Second Child, Fuchsia Sumner; Everything You Need To Know!

In filmmaking, the comedy genre is a tough one to crack, but Fuchsia Sumner makes it look so easy and soothing. Famed as the daughter of world-renowned musician Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, aka Sting, Fuchsia rose to the ranks in the industry on her own merit. Though she was born with a silver spoon, she is someone who enjoys a life of making rather than mere blessings.

This multi-talented lady seamlessly navigates both acting and directing and is renowned for her on-screen performances. Akin to her sister Eliot Sumner, Fuchsia is not just limited to directing and acting; she is also a remarkable singer. The siblings showcased their musical prowess in the emotionally charged song, Amazing Grace, featured in Marvel’s movie, Logan.

How Old is Fuchsia Sumner? Her Age & Birthday

Fuchsia, born Fuschia Kate Sumner on April 17, 1982, in London, England, is 42 years old. Fuschia is the second child and the only daughter of the famed rock band bassist, Sting (Gordon Matthew Sumner) and Frances Tomelty.

What is Fuschia Sumner’s Height? Her Body Measurements

While specific details like Sumner’s height, eye color, and weight remain undisclosed to the media, her slender physique is evident. Furthermore, Fuschia’s zodiac sign is Aries, and her natural hair color is light brown.

Is Fuchsia Sumner Dating? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Maintaining a discreet personal life, the 42 years old actress keeps her affairs away from the public eye. Successfully evading rumors, Fuchsia’s marital status and any information about a spouse or children remain unknown in the media. While her social media has just the story, you guys want unravelled.

Active on Instagram with 12.5k followers, Fuschia Sumner keeps blessing, sometimes, her fans with lovely couple goals materials, be it pictures or videos.

Back on November 06, 2022, Fuschia shared a video on Instagram with the caption, “Always a good idea to test out each other’s survival skills before getting married, just in case of emergency. Team work baby!“.

Well, it is obvious that the lady is enjoying her love life and she seems to be quite into the man as well. We will have to wait until the news of her marriage and the identity of her lovers comes to life.

Fuschia Sumner and Her Siblings

Fuschia Sumner is part of a diverse sibling group. Born to Sting and Frances Tomelty, she shares a blood relation with her brother Joe Sumner. Additionally, she has four step-siblings — Mickey, Jake, Eliot, and Giacomo Sumner — each making a mark in their respective fields.

Joe Sumner: A singer, songwriter, and bassist for the rock band Fiction Plane.

Jake Sumner: An actor and director known for works such as “Bob of the Park” and “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.”

Eliot Sumner: A singer, songwriter, and actor acclaimed for roles in movies like “A Mouthful of Air” and “The Gentlemen.”

Giacomo Sumner: An actor recognized for performances in movies like “Ten Thousand Saints” and “American Typecast.”

Mickey Sumner: An actress known for roles in movies like “Frances Ha” and “Mistress America.”

Where did Fuschia Receive her Education?

Sumner attended a local school in London until the age of 16. Subsequently, she spent two years in a Dorset boarding school. After a gap year filled with global travel experiences, Fuschia settled in New York, attending the Sumner class for Acting in Film. Later, she pursued a Drama and English Literature degree at the University of Bristol.

How did Sumner Begin her Career?

Following university, Fuschia immersed herself in theater programs and auditions in London. Her initial acting gig was in the movie “Once You’re Born, You Can No Longer Hide,” playing the role of Diana. Noteworthy performances include “Saving Mr. Banks,” “Billionaire Boys Club,” and “A Tuscan Sunset.” Sumner’s directorial debut was in “Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men.”

Notably, her acting career commenced at the age of 11 in a radio play titled “Echoes in the Park,” and she, along with her sister Eliot Sumner, contributed to Marvel’s Logan Movie Track “Amazing Grace.”

Is Fuschia Active on Instagram?

Fuschia Sumner engages with her audience through her Instagram handle, @fuschiakate, where she shares glimpses of her family and upcoming movie projects. With over 12 thousand followers, she maintains an active presence on the platform.

What is Fuschia Sumner’s Net Worth?

Fuschia’s net worth is estimated at around $800 thousand. Despite her ascending career, the details of her annual income remain less publicized. Sumner generates revenue through directing and acting, earning approximately $42 thousand monthly.

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