Meet Leah Sava Jeffries from Percy Jackson; Leah’s Age, Height, Parents

Meet Leah Sava Jeffries from Percy Jackson; Leah's Age, Height, Parents

Leah Sava Jeffries is a young actress in her teens. Leah rose to fame as a standout talent in Disney’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

Fans enthusiastically praise her portrayal of Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson, noting her captivating performance. Despite her youthful age, Leah boasts several screen experiences, contributing to her rising star status.

With impeccable acting skills, a youthful face, and a tall height that justifies a teenager, this Percy Jackson actress is bound to greatness.

Know the details of Leah Sava Jeffries’ age, height, net worth, boyfriend, and parents in this post.

Leah Sava Jeffries’ Age

How old is Leah Sava Jeffries? Born in 2009, Leah Sava Jeffries is 14 years old. Her birthday falls on September 25th. She is a Libra.

Leah was around 13 years old when Rick Riordan cast him as Annabeth in the Percy Jackson series.

Rick was looking for a young actress who could justify the character of young Annabeth, and luckily, he found Leah. Leah Sava’s age rightly matched the character’s age.

As a young actress aged 14, this tall-looking girl has captivated hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Leah started acting at a young age when she was cast as Lola Lyon in the series Empire at just five years of age.

Before her acting debut at five, Leah was already a child model, working for children’s products including Carol’s Daughter.

Leah Sava Jeffries’ Height

What is Leah Sava Jeffries’ height? IMDb lists Leah’s height as 4 feet 7 and a half inches, equivalent to approximately 1.41 meters.

4 feet and 7 and a half inches is a great height for a young girl aged 14.

If you check her Instagram page, you can find many pictures highlighting her body height. Her lean body matches her height.

However, it’s worth noting that her height may have changed since this measurement was recorded.

Leah Sava Jeffries’ Nationality and Background

Where is Leah Sava Jeffries from? Leah Sava Jeffries hails from Detroit, Michigan, and holds American nationality.

Leah currently resides in Los Angeles. She commenced her journey into acting and modeling at a tender age, influenced by her familial ties.

Her older brother, Floyd Jeffries, is also an actor and a model. Floyd is known for his involvement in the TV series A Hero’s Journey: The Making of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Leah Sava Jefferies is Named after her Mother, Parents

When Leah made it big in the showbiz industry, the queries regarding her parents, father, and mother, went through the roof.

If you did not know, Leah is named after her mother, Leah C Jefferies. Her father’s name is Floyd S Jeffries Jr.

Leah Sava Jeffries' parents; father Floyd S Jeffries Jr and mother Leah C Jeffries
Leah Sava Jeffries’ parents; father Floyd S Jeffries Jr and mother Leah C Jeffries/ Source: Instagram

Leah’s mother, Leah C Jefferies, is a businesswoman and a radio personality. She is the owner of Jeff Lee Productions. Jeff Lee Productions is an entertainment company.

You can follow Leah’s father’s on Instagram. He is one Instagram as fsjeffries. Leah’s father is also active on TikTok. He seems like a social guy.

Leah Sava is very close to her parents, especially her father. Several of her Instagram posts have pictures of her father.

The same goes for Floyd S Jeffries Jr. He frequently posts about his daughter, reflecting how proud he is of his daughter’s achievements.

On Leah’s 12th birthday, her father, Floyd, shared a lovely birthday wish video for her on his Instagram account.

Who is Leah Dating Now? Boyfriend Details

Leah is currently single. She is not dating anyone in 2024.

She is close to her co-stars, especially her co-stars from the TV series Percy Jackson. But, she is not engaged in any girlfriend-boyfriend kind of thing with her co-stars.

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What is Leah Sava Jeffries’ Net Worth in 2024?

Leah has a net worth of $1.5 million, which is great considering her tender age.

She has only been featured in a few projects to date and is already a millionaire at the age of 14.

In the coming years, the sky is the limit as far as Leah’s net worth is concerned.

She made her million-dollar fortune through her TV and movie roles, notably her Percy Jackson role.

In 2022, Leah Sava earned over $700 thousand from her movie projects. She earned $400,000 for appearing in the film Beast. Something from Tiffany’s movie brought her a $300,000 salary.

Leah is the second-highest-paid cast of Percy Jackson. She earns a hefty salary of $22,000 per episode of the fantasy TV series.

Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson

Who portrays Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson and the Olympians? Leah Sava Jeffries embodies the iconic character of Annabeth Chase in Disney’s rendition of Percy Jackson and the Olympians¬†starring Walker Scobell and Aryan Simhadri.

As Athena’s daughter and a camper at Camp Half-Blood, Annabeth epitomizes intelligence, loyalty, and assertiveness, traits impeccably depicted by Leah in her portrayal.

Leah Sava Jeffries’ Audition for Percy Jackson

Many viewers of Percy Jackson may not know that Leah was heavily criticized when she was cast as Annabeth in the TV show. Despite all the criticism, creator Rick Riordan believed in Leah.

Leah Sava Jeffries emerged as Rick Riordan’s top choice to portray Annabeth in Percy Jackson. Rick thinks highly of Leah Sava, which he has also expressed in his interviews.

In a testament to her talent, Riordan expressed,

“Out of all the talented actors we looked at for this role, Leah Sava Jeffries quickly became my number one choice for Annabeth. Leah is exactly the way I imagined Annabeth in the books: smart, strong and courageous, a true daughter of Athena who has zero patience for the foolishness of a certain Seaweed Brain.”

His praise highlights Leah’s embodiment of the character’s essence, mirroring the qualities envisioned in the original books.

Leah Sava Jeffries’ Role in Empire

Who did Leah Sava Jeffries portray in Empire? Leah Sava Jeffries debuted on-screen, appearing in the renowned TV series Empire at the tender age of five.

Portraying Lola Lyon, the daughter of Olivia and Jamal’s ex-wife, Leah captivated audiences across six episodes during the show’s inaugural season.

Leah Sava Jeffries’ Filmography

What projects has Leah Sava Jeffries been involved in? Prior to her notable role in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Leah Sava Jeffries showcased her talent in films such as Something from Tiffany’s, Beast, and PupParazzi.

Additionally, she graced the small screen with appearances in TV series like Rel, marking her diverse acting repertoire, which commenced with her early involvement in Empire dating back to 2015.

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