Meet Arlo Mertz ‘The Terminal List’ Actress- Age, Height, And Family

American actress Arlo Mertz- she played Lucy in The Terminal List featuring Chris Pratt

Arlo Mertz is an American-born child model and actress- she is famous for portraying Emily in the 2019 film Lucy in the Sky. For sure, talents see no bars to achievements and the on-screen progression of Mertz puts an exhibition to this.

In 2022, she marked yet another acting impression- the young prodigy landed the role of Lucy Reece in the series The Terminal List. The action-thriller Amazon Prime series stars Chris Pratt in the role of James Reece, a US Navy Lieutenant Commander.

Where Is Arlo Mertz From? When Is Her Birthday?

Mertz was born on May 20, 2011, in the United States. The California-raised with a height of 4 feet 8 inches is 11 years old as of 2022.

Over these years, Arlo has been posting pictures of her birthday celebration on Instagram- including her 11th birthday to which she wrote: “Best Birthday Week Ever. 11 is feeling pretty good.”

Mertz with her father Hal Mertz
Mertz with her father Hal Mertz; Photo Source: Instagram

With only a few years in the acting industry, Arlo Mertz gained notable attention & a potential call to bigger projects. The blue eyes with brown wavy hair add up charisma to her cuteness- not to forget about her signature dimple smile.

Who Are Parents Of Arlo Mertz?

The ‘Mank’ actress is the only child of her parents: Carrie Gifford, an illustrator & creative director at Red Cap Cards, and Hal Mertz, an entrepreneur.

Both of them are co-founders of Red Cap Cards; it is a Los Angeles, California-based card & paper design firm. They specialize in curated art and design stationery brands and showcase their artwork via their official website and Instagram page.

Actress Arlo Mertz hugging her mother Carrie Gifford
Actress Arlo Mertz and her mother Carrie Gifford; Photo Source: Instagram

Arlo’s mother Carrie is active on Instagram (@carriegiffordphotos).

Her grandmother’s name is Elizabeth A. Mertz.

Child Model and An Actress

The young talent started her career as a child model; in fact, she posed for her family business of cards & paper products, Red Cap Cards.

As for the disclosure on her journey to acting, Arlo seems quite reserved. But it is undeniable that her adorable modeling pictures possibly attracted casting directors to an on-screen approach.

She made her acting debut in a minor role in the movie A Boy Called Po (2016), which followed with the portrayal of 4-year-old Anna in Wildling (2018). In 2019, Arlo appeared as Emily in the sci-fi thriller Lucy in the Sky starring Natalie Portman, Jon Ham, and Zazie Beetz.

Then, Mertz had the role of a child star in David Fincher-directed film Mank (2020) featuring Academy Award winner Gary Oldman.

Played Lucy Reece In ‘The Terminal List’

Having guest-appeared in On the Verge (as prop child) and The First Lady (as Young Susan Ford), Arlo landed as Lucy Reece in the action-thriller series The Terminal List (2022). The Amazon series premiered on July 1, 2022, and is based on the book of the same name by former Navy SEAL Jack Carr.

It is a 5-book series, namely: The Terminal List, True Believer, Savage Son, The Devil’s Hand, and In The Blood.

Arlo with Chris Partt, her 'The Terminal List' co-star & on-screen father
Arlo with Chris Partt, her ‘The Terminal List’ co-star & on-screen father; Photo Source: Instagram

In the series, Arlo Mertz plays the daughter of US Navy Lieutenant James Reece (actor Chris Pratt) and his wife Lauren Reece (actress Riley Keough). Other casts include Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards, Constance Wu as Katie Buranek, Jeanne Tripplehorn as Lorraine Hartley, and Jared Shaw as Boozer.

Is Arlo Mertz Active On Instagram?

Yes, Mertz is active on Instagram with more than 1.6K followers on her IG handle @arlomertz. Her social media profile is handled by her mother; along with her photoshoots, it features moments with her parents & friends.

Currently, she lives with her family in Los Angeles where she does her schooling.

She often mentions her best friends Isla Ward and Eli Malcolm. An avid dog-lover, Arlo has a pet dog named Arthur; back in January 2020, she lost her pet Bartleby.

Arlo Mertz embracing her pet dog Arthur
Arlo Mertz with her pet dog Arthur; Photo Source: Instagram

From a young age, the American actress is a horse-riding lover, in fact, she rode roses since she was 7. In her free time, Mertz loves to play the piano.

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