May Calamawy

May Calamawy, an Egyptian-Palestinian actress who played Layla in 'Moon Knight'

Actress May Calamawy is popular for portraying Dena Hassan in the comedy-drama series Ramy (2019- Present). Now, she has added further shine to her acting portfolio; thanks to her role as the main cast, Layla El-Faouly, in the MCU-based TV mini-series Moon Knight (2022).

The Emerson College alum glued herself to acting interest ever since she watched the 1992 film Death Becomes Her. And since her professional debut in 2006, the Bahrain-born Egyptian-Palestinian TV star is already racing in competitive Hollywood.

Dual Nationality And Diverse Family Background

Born on October 28, 1986, in Bahrain, Calamawy traveled across countries while growing up. As for her nationality, she has dual nationality: Egyptian-Palestinian. She is the daughter of an Egyptian father and a Palestinian-Jordanian mother (who died of stage 4 lung cancer).

May Calamawy's childhood picture which she shared on her Instagram
May Calamawy’s childhood picture; Photo Source: Instagram@calamawy

Her father worked as a banker in the Gulf state and the US; as a result, she briefly lived in Doha, Qatar, and Houston, Texas. Later, her family moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where May attended Emerson College. The Djinn actress has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Studies.

Moreover, she studied acting at William Esper Studio in New York City.

What Is Age and Full Name Of May Calamawy?

As of early 2022, Calamawy is 35 years old. Her height is 5 feet 6.5 inches (169 cm).

Her birth name is May El Calamawy; she even went by her full name until 2014 for acting credits.

Journey Of Calamawy Into Acting

The sprout for acting interest sowed into the Egyptian-Palestinian actress after watching the black comedy-fantasy movie Death Becomes Her (1992). But it was not buttered on the pan for her!

In an interview with Harper’s Bazar Arabia, she told about her rebellion with her family over the choice of an acting career. The reason was the tradition encompassing the boundary of an “Arab woman.”

However, passion sees no bound- and a decade later, May earned her acting debut in the film Thursday (2006).

Afterward, short films laddered her up; she worked in Temperance (2007), Santa Claus in Baghdad (2008), Paradise Falls (2011), and A Genie Called Gin (2012).

In 2013, May Calamawy earned the role of Aisha in the  Emirati supernatural horror film Djinn. It was the first horror film to be produced in the United Arab Emirates.

What Roles May Calamawy Portrayed In ‘Ramy’ and ‘Moon Knight’?

The stream of success followed in the 2010s after she landed in TV roles. May paced up with guest roles in Madam Secretary and The Brave, before a 7-episode appearance as Faiza in the mini-series The Long Road Home (2017).

Then, Calamawy guest-starred in FBI in 2018 before she booked the main role, Dena Hassan, in Ramy (2019- Now). It is a comedy-drama streaming on Hulu (premiered on April 19, 2019).

The casts of Ramy include Ramy Youssef, Hiam Abbass, Amr Waked, Dave Merheje, and Mohammed Amer.

Actress Calamwy as Dena Hassan in 'Ramy'
Actress Calamawy as Dena Hassan in ‘Ramy’; Photo Source: IMDB

A fast-forward to three years, the international recognition for the actress peaked even more.

May Calamawy landed as the main cast, Layla El-Faouly, in the MCU-superhero-based mini-series Moon Knight (2022). It premiered on March 30, 2022, and received positive critics.

Her character in ‘Moon Knight’ is the wife of the title character Marc Spector / Moon Knight (actor Oscar Isaac). Also, the popular show starred F. Murray Abraham (as Khonsu), Ethan Hawke (as Arthur Harrow), Khalid Abdalla (as Selim), and Ann Akinjirin (as Bobbi Kennedy).

An interview of Calamawy about her experience on ‘Moon Knight’, check this out:


Upcoming Works?

Yet, no new, on-screen projects of the actress is on the list. Rather, the Moon Knight actress is working on the production of Season 3 of Ramy. Its Season 2 aired on May 29, 2020, and got a renewal contract for the third season in July that year.

May Calamawy’s Relationship Status & More!!

A sudden burst into fame comes with a swarm of curiosity about personal life- no doubt about that.

Even though, there are hailstones of questions regarding Calamawy’s relationship status; whether she has a boyfriend or is married, the actress has it all under wraps. Even more, she seems untouched by dating rumors or any romantic connections at the moment.

Health Issue

At the age of 22, May Calamawy was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease Alopecia areata. It causes the ones to lose some or all of their hair from their body parts.

The condition was even introduced to her Ramy character Dena. In an interview with, she expressed her challenges & emotional scratches due to Alopecia areata. Also, she expressed that her motive to share the story was for a theme of inspiration for others suffering the same.

Is She Active On Instagram?

Yes, the Egyptian-Palestinian actress is an active Instagram user; her official Instagram handle (@calamawy) has more than 205K followers. She also has a Twitter account (@maycalamawywith over 6.45K followers as of 2022.

Net Worth Of May Calamawy

Calamawy already has more than a decade-long career in acting yet her breakthrough performance came in the late 2010s. The ‘Ramy’ and the ‘Moon Knight’ actress earned a huge fan base and considerable salaries from main roles in those series.

As of 2022, May owns an estimated net worth of $300,000. And the surging TV success can buff up her fortune in the coming days.

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