Logan Lerman Proposed To His Fiance Ana Corrigan In A Rowboat: Everything About Their Relationship

Logan Lerman Pictured With His Girlfriend Turned Fiance Ana Corrigan Rocking The New Thom Browne Collection

Logan Lerman proposed to his girlfriend-turned-fiance Ana Corrigan in November 2023. The proposal took place during the couple’s trip to New York City, with the actor going down on one knee in a rowboat, which he didn’t know how to row.

Lerman, 32, became Hollywood’s biggest star during his teen years when he played Percy Jackson. In recent years, he has been seen in several movies, including End of Sentence and Bullet Train.

Logan Lerman Pictured With Ana Corrigan In 2020, When They Went Public With Their Relationship
Logan Lerman Pictured With Ana Corrigan In 2020, When They Went Public With Their Relationship (Source: Instagram)

It was during the premiere of Bullet Train in 2022 that Logan and Ana made their first public appearance. Before that, the ceramic artist would share pictures of them on her Instagram handle, making several of Logan’s fangirls jealous.

Recently, Logan starred alongside Joey King in the latest Hulu show, We Were the Lucky Ones, which showed a Jewish family determined to survive and reunite. The show received favorable reviews, with many critics applauding King’s and Lerman’s performance.

Logan Lerman On How He Proposed His Longtime Girlfriend Turned Fiance Ana Corrigan

The We Were the Lucky Ones actor Logan Lerman proposed to his fiance Ana Corrigan in November 2023. He revealed how he popped the big question to Ana during his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in March 2024.

The proposal took place during the couple’s trip to New York. In his interview, the actor mentioned he had no plans, but after they ended up in Central Park, Ana pointed at rowboats, and the actor was like, “Oh, let’s do it.”

Logan might have agreed too quickly to Ana’s plans, forgetting he didn’t know how to row. Lerman said Ana had to row the boat, and he just sat back.

The actor admitted that several people pointed at them, laughed, and took pictures of them. But Ana soon rode them to a quiet part of the lake, where the actor popped the question. Ana shared the exciting news of her engagement to Logan on her Instagram handle.

She shared a video of her engagement ring and photos clicked in a photo booth. Ana captioned the post, “That’s Mrs Logie to you.” Ana’s future husband commented, “Love you, sweetie.”

The couple’s close friend and actress, Rachel Sennott, commented on the post expressing her shock with, “OH MY GODDDDDD.” Similarly, actress Joey King wrote “My Favorites.” Victoria Pedretti, Jenny Han, and Gracie Abrams also extended their warm wishes to the couple.

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When Did Logan Lerman And Ana Corrigan Begin Dating?

In his appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show in April 2024, Logan Lerman revealed he met his fiance, Ana Corrigan, on a dating app. The actor said he knew Ana was the one for him on their first date.

The rumors between the two began in January 2020 after Ana shared a photo of her and Logan on his birthday. She shared a few photographs of the actor, including one with his dog. A month later, she shared another photo with him, but this time without a caption.

In the initial stages of their relationship, the two were doing long-distance as Logan had his base in LA and Ana lived in New York. During one of Ana’s trips to LA, the pandemic hit, and the ceramic artist wound up staying with her boyfriend. That is how you know you are destined to be together.

Logan And Ana Pictured In The Snow In 2021, With The Actor Using The Above Photo For His Birthday Post For His Girlfriend
Logan And Ana Pictured In The Snow In 2021, With The Actor Using The Above Photo For His Birthday Post For His Girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

On December 29, 2021, Logan shared a sweet birthday message for his girlfriend. The actor wrote, “Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday. She truly makes every day better and brighter.

I wake up every morning feeling like the luckiest guy in the world, knowing I have this one in my life. This bday we learned how to ski. Here’s to many more adventures together. Love you, Anita.”

In April 2021, Ana shared a gallery of images of their trip to a rocky seashore. She shared photos of Logan as well as of the beautiful surroundings. With Ana being more active on social media, she has shared birthday posts for the actor since the year they have been together.

A month before Logan proposed to Ana, the couple attended their close friend, Joey King’s wedding ceremony in Mallorca. The Kissing Booth actress tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Steven Piet, whom she met in 2019 on the set of The Act.

Logan and Ana haven’t announced the wedding dates, but there’s a good chance it could be this year.

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Who Is Logan Lerman’s Fiance Ana Corrigan?

Full name Analuisa Corrigan, Logan Lerman’s fiance, is an artist who works with ceramic art. Ana is the only child of her parents, with the artist losing her dad, Edward Joseph Corrigan, in 2014.

Her father worked as a Technical Director at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. In 2021, Ana shared a lengthy post celebrating her father’s birthday. She shared a video of her father giving a tour of his favorite place, a theatre somewhere in the US.

Ana wrote that every year on his birthday, she would celebrate his life by eating dumplings at his favorite spot in Sunset Park. As she couldn’t do it in 2021 due to the pandemic, she spent the whole day listening to his favorite songs and wearing his t-shirts.

In her interview with Architectural Digest, Ana revealed that she didn’t have a straightforward journey to becoming a ceramic artist. She graduated with a communication design degree from Parsons School of Design but was at a career crossroads.

Ana Corrigan Pictured At Her Studio Dressed In Yasmine Diba's Clothing Collection
Ana Corrigan Pictured At Her Studio Dressed In Yasmine Diba’s Clothing Collection (Source: Instagram)

She said, “I immediately was like, I hate this, I’m unhappy, I want to make lamps. Once I decided I didn’t want to work on a screen all day, I went to clay.

The fact that it was something that I was going to be creating with my hands that had function was amazing to me. I found it to be such a complicated and beautiful material.”

Ana said her road trips to Mexico with her mom helped her expand her taste of culture. She also views her dad’s dance company as a gateway to the multidimensionality of New York City’s theater world. Ana has shared several of her works on her Instagram handle, and you can also view her work on her website.

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