Lilli Kay Is Openly LGBTQ Member: Who Is She Dating Now? Girlfriend And Past Relationships

Lilli Kay And Her Girlfriend Juli Kocemba Pictured During Their France Trip In 2022

The Your Honor actress, Lilli Kay’s current girlfriend, is Danish model Juli Kocemba. Kocemba and Kay went public with their relationship in 2022 and have even kissed in front of the TV screens.

In December 2022, Juli made their first TV appearance as she starred in the hit TV show Yellowstone and shared a sweet kiss with her real-life girlfriend, Lilli Kay.

Juli Kocemba Shares A Sweet Photo Of Her And Her Girlfriend, Lilli Kay
Juli Kocemba Shares A Sweet Photo Of Her And Her Girlfriend, Lilli Kay (Source: Instagram)

Kay, 28, has always advocated for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and is a proud member herself. Her girlfriend, Juli Kocemba, is non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them.

Lilli was promoted to season regular during season 5 of Yellowstone. Dawn Olivieri was another cast member alongside Lilli, promoted to season regular who is no stranger to the Yellowstone universe, having starred in its prequel series 1883.

Who Is Lilli Kay’s Girlfriend? Is She Dating Juli Kocemba?

An ally of the LGBTQ+ community, actress Lilli Kay, is also a part of it. Kay is currently in a relationship with a non-binary model, Juli Kocemba.

Juli Kocemba, age 24, was born on February 10, 2000, and is four years younger than her girlfriend. The model is currently under the New York Model Management, an agency home to some of the industry’s top models like Meghan Collison, Yilan Hua, and Anna Jagodzinska.

A few of those who keep up with the modeling world have known Juli since they were a teenager. They had previously signed with Elite Model Management Copenhagen and worked with the designer and stylist Mette Assarsson for The Tactile Skin Collection in 2015.

In 2020, Juli appeared in a CHIMI X H&M video, which starred a few other young models. That same year, Juli was the cover star of the Swedish magazine Damernas Värld.

The 24-Year-Old Danish Model, Juli Kocemba, Pictured For Vogue Portugal
The 24-Year-Old Danish Model, Juli Kocemba, Pictured For Vogue Portugal (Source: Instagram)

After two years, in April 2022, Juli received another cover story. This time, it was for Elle Denmark, a huge step for their fashion career. In 2022, Juli also appeared in the editorial for Schön Magazine.

2022 was a big year for the Danish model as they also walked their first runway show. Kocemba took to the ramp for Miaou for the 2023 collection. Since last year, Juli has been more active in the fashion industry.

Last year, they walked for several shows, including Marc Jacobs Spring 23, Rodarte F/W 23, Collina Strada S/S 24, and AREA F/W 23 Show.

In November 2023, Juli was photographed for i-D magazine, and in December, for the Generation Gender Fluid Elle France shoot.

During the fashion week of February, Juli walked for Collina Strada and opened the show for Aknvas. Juli starred in 10Magazine’s March ISSUE 72 – DARE TO DREAM.

Lilli Kay And Juli Kocemba Relationship

Lilli Kay went public with her relationship with Juli in February 2022. She shared two black-and-white pictures of her and Juli from their photo booth session.

Lilli captioned the post, “loml,” but had British chef Jamie Olive’s name in the brackets as she had also shared a photo of his 1999 debut book, The Naked Chef, in the photo dump.

Lilli Kay Went Public With Her Romance With Juli In 2022
Lilli Kay Went Public With Her Romance With Juli In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The actress appeared for the first time on Juli’s Instagram handle a few months later in May. Juli captioned the post, “Lilli rice cake,” and shared three black and white pictures of her.

In April 2022, the two were spotted hanging out with their fans around France, and in May, Lilli was in her girlfriend’s native land. The two haven’t shied away from showing their love on social media.

In September 2022, Juli shared a photo of Lilli driving and captioned it, “My favorite view.” In November of that year, the Yellowstone actress shared a photo of her kissing the model passionately.

Juli and Lilli made history on December 18, 2022, as they shared a kiss during the Season 5 Episode 7 of Yellowstone. It was the first queer kiss on the show that attracts all kinds of audiences.

Lilli Talks About Her Kiss With Juli On Yellowstone

Speaking to Variety about their kiss, Lilli said the kiss happened accidentally. The actress shared that she was in Montana with her partner and was reading the script that had her making out with someone.

But they hadn’t finalized who it would be. So, Lilli asked Juli if she would be comfortable doing it. Juli gave her approval.

Lilli And Juli Pictured Sharing A Kiss During One Of The Scenes Of Yellowstone
Lilli And Juli Pictured Sharing A Kiss During One Of The Scenes Of Yellowstone (Source: Twitter)

In the conversation with Variety, Lilli said, “Everybody was very loving and supportive and didn’t make a fuss about it, which I think is hopefully the direction that we’re headed in.

The actress added, “I remember seeing something about it where somebody wrote that, “A lesbian kiss just came out of nowhere.” What do you mean? It doesn’t have to come out of anywhere! Queer people exist.”

Talking about the fans’ reaction to the scene, the actress said many reacted positively and said it was fun to hear what they think as they’re so passionate about the show.

Kay further said that she had received texts from her friends that said, “Oh my God… lesbians made it onto the ranch!” The Rustin actress said some so many queer women are cowgirls and wanted them to feel represented.

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