Life Below Zero’s Martha Mae Salitan; Martha Mae’s Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Children

Martha Mae Salitan and Erik Salitan; Age, Wiki, Children, Net Worth

The regulars of National Geographic’s documentary TV series Life Below Zero know Martha Mae Salitan as a fearless woman. Those who have not followed the National Geographic documentary may not recognize Martha well.

Martha rose to fame when she was cast as a member of the survival TV series Life Below Zero, featuring a famous cast named Sue Aikens.

Marth is a native of Illiamna, Alaska, and she experienced a tough childhood while growing up in the wilderness and harsh climate of Alaska. She was brought up close to the challenging environment of Alaska, learning the necessary skills to survive there. Her survival skills were rightfully highlighted in Life Below Zero.

Martha Mae Salitan in Life Below Zero

Survival shows are a great watch for anyone, but the hardships members of any survival show go through are beyond our imagination. Luckily for Martha Mae, her stint at Life Below Zero was not as daunting as you may think.

Marth was born and raised in Alaska, with a climate below zero and life consistently brisk in the locality, surrounded by wild animals. She adapted to the wilderness of Alaska from an early age, which made her ‘Life Below Zero’ journey rewarding.

She joined the National Geographic TV show in 2013, during the show’s pilot season. During her time on the TV show, Martha presented her life experiences and lifestyle as an Alaskan. Her hunting skills were the highlight of the show throughout her time on the show.

Gradually, Martha climbed the ranks in the TV show, and viewers were accustomed to seeing her on the show. However, after three seasons with Life Below Zero, Martha suddenly quit the show.

Martha left the show in 2016 after appearing in a total of 16 episodes. She left the show along with her husband, Erik Salitan. The reasons why Martha quit Life Below Zero are best known to her only.

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Erik Salitan and Martha Mae Salitan; Marriage and Children

Martha Mae Salitan is married to her Life Below Zero co-star, Erik Salitan. Though Martha unexpectedly left her National Geographic TV show just after 16 episodes, she had a great time with her husband, Erik, on the TV show.

Erik and Martha come from polarising childhoods. While Martha was raised in the wilderness in Alaska, Erik was born and brought up in the sophistication of New York City.

Though this husband-wife pair had different upbringings, one common thing between them led to their companionship – their love for nature.
Erik Salitan moved to Alaska from New York City to explore nature, which eventually had him cross paths with his wife, Martha Mae.

Martha met her husband, Erik Salitan, in Alaska through common business interests, interests best known to the couple.

Their casual business-related meet-up turned into a blissful marriage that would later give them a lovely son. Their son is named Lucas Salitan. Lucas was born in 2012, two years into their parents’ marriage, and is 12 years of age.

Martha's husband, Erik Salitan, and their son Lucas Salitan
Martha’s husband, Erik Salitan, and their son Lucas Salitan/ Source: Talarik Creek Lodge

The couple dated each other for a brief time before getting married in 2010. Their marriage was a family function with less buzz and media exposure.

Martha and Erik joined Life Below Zero as a married couple in 2013 and left the show together in 2016.

It is reported Erik left the show due to some un-named intervention with NatGeogrpahic. Probably, after Erik left the show, his wife Martha Mae followed suit.

Where is Martha Mae Salitan from Life Below Zero Now?

Martha Mae left Life Below Zero in 2016, though she has not left her birthplace, Alaska. She is still located in Iliamna, Alaska, her birthplace.

The former Life Below Zero cast member runs a family business in Alaska, Talarik Creek Lodge. She co-runs the business with her husband, Erik.
Talarik Creek Lodge offers a touch of wilderness for its guests, helping them experience outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and heli-skiing.

Their business is quite popular in Alaska. Their seafood cuisine and outdoor activities are often featured in the popular Fish Alaska Magazine.

An all-inclusive package with lodging, food, camping, and a guide will cost $7,500 for a 6-day/5-night trip at Talarik Creek Lodge. General trips around the wilderness of Alaska will cost you $3,500.

How Much is Martha Mae’s Net Worth?

Martha from Life Below Zero has an estimated net worth of less than $1 million. During her time at Life Below Zero, Martha earned an estimated $4500 per episode of the show.

She appeared in 16 episodes of Life Below Zero, which means she earned around $72 thousand from her TV career alone. Additionally, she earns a good deal of money from her lodging business, which adds to her net worth.

Martha runs Talarik Creek Lodge in Alaska with her husband, Erik Salitan.

Martha Mae's husband, Erik Salitan has a net worth of $2 million
Martha Mae’s husband, Erik Salitan has a net worth of $2 million/ Source: Instagram

Martha’s husband, Erik, is the wealthiest member of the Salitan family. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million, amassed from his TV and business endeavors.

How old is Erik Salitan’s Wife Martha?

Martha Mae Salitan was born in November 1985. Her age is 38 at the time of writing.

She was born into an American family in Iliamna, Alaska. Her nationality is Caucasian, and she holds American nationality.

Martha’s family ran a Fishing Lodge in Alaska. Growing up, she used to help her parents with cooking and had a keen interest in hunting and fishing, which shined on the TV show Life Below Zero.

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