Latin Pop Singer Gloria Trevi Accused of Sex Cult Again!

Gloria Trevi, one of Mexico’s most beloved pop singers, was imprisoned in 2000 on sexual charges. Trevi spent four years and eight months in prison, doing her time in Brazil and Mexico. She was released in 2004 due to a ‘lack of evidence’.

Trevi is again accused of sexual cult by a pair of Jane Does (refers to someone whose identity is concealed). The recent complaint (filed on Friday, December 29, 2023) is the second time Trevi has been accused of sexual misconduct in the same year. The pop singer was first sued for sexual assault in January.

The lawsuit filed on Friday claims Gloria Trevi helped obtain young girls for her ex-manager/producer Sergio Andrade. Reportedly, Trevi helped Andrade to perpetuate his sex cult (a practice of performing sexual activity as a way of worship).

As per the 98-page complaint, Gloria Trevi recruited vulnerable teens into Andrade’s sex cult by pressurizing them. The complaint page mentions some horrifying acts of Trevi, like forcing a teenage girl into Andrade’s bedroom and waiting outside the room while Andrade exploited the teenage girl.

Gloria Trevi allegedly recruited teens into Andrade’s sex cult/ Source: Instagram

According to the complaint, the abuse continued for years until 2000, when Trevi and Andrea were arrested in Brazil. Travi and her former manager, Andrade, were arrested in Rio de Janeiro on charges of corrupting minors and forcing sex on minors.

This was the second time Trevi was accused of sexual assault in 2023. In January 2023, a pair of Jane Does filed a similar sexual lawsuit against the Mexican pop singer, citing she coerced young girls to partake in Andrade’s sex cult.

Gloria Trevi’s Files Cross-Complaint Against Former Manager Andrade

In response to January’s lawsuit, Trevi had filed a cross-complaint against her former manager/ producer Sergio Andrade. Born Gloria de los Angeles Trevino Ruiz, the pop star accused Sergio of sexual assault and sexual battery, among other charges.

The lawsuit, filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, December 28, 2023, claims Gloria Trevi was under Andrade’s control from a young age. The lawsuit further claims Andrade exploited Trevi’s talent to his benefit.

In her statement post filing the cross-compliant, Trevi shared the motive of the cross-compliant was to shed light on the wrongdoings and ensure the triumph of truth. The 56 year-old pop singer further expressed her desire to hold the responsible ones accountable for their disgraceful act.

American attorney Camille Vasquez is representing Trevi in her cross-complaint against her former producer/ manager Sergio Andrade. Addressing her client Trevi, Camille Vasquez (famous for defending actor Johnny Depp in Depp vs Amber Case) revealed her team is fully prepared to seek justice on Trevi’s behalf.

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