Kaleidoscope Is Topping Charts Over Netflix’s Wednesday. Bet You Didn’t Know!

Netflix's new show Kaleidoscope

People have an unquenchable urge for crime series and Netflix is feeding just that thing. This is one specific niche that has worked wonders for cinephiles. Netflix’s crime thriller series Kaleidoscope is the latest offering of the same. If little is known of this Netflix series from Eric Garcia, it is working like wizardry, beating Netflix’s other popular show Wednesday.

Kaleidoscope has remained the most streamed Netflix series for a third consecutive time. It appears as the worthy successor of Wednesday, featuring Percy Hynes and Emma Myers, which topped Netflix’s charts for weeks since its debut. Wednesday (premiered on November 2022) is set for renewal.

It’s still doubtful if the series will air on Netflix or not.

Kaleidoscope only aired on January 1, 2023 (New Year). It is early to suspect if the series will have a second season for the fans of Netflix’s heist show.

While it’s still on air on Netflix, knowing about the show can help you watch it in peace. We discuss what’s there to discuss and expect from Netflix’s Kaleidoscope, smashing records on the OTT platform right off its premiere on January 1.

What is Netflix’s series Kaleidoscope?

A series nerd never gives on to a new series without figuring ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the show. So, what is Kaleidoscope? Cinephiles who have binged the new Netflix series can have perceptions somehow rubbing in the series Money Heist.

While the Spanish heist saga had a series of heists streamlined by the notorious Professor, Kaleidoscope focuses on a plain robbery. Of course, viewers will have chances to enjoy unprecedented events that lead to ultimate outcome of the heist.

Netflix’s Kaleidoscope depicts the ambitions and struggles of a thief (not just some thief, a mastermind) trying to steal $7 billion. Viewers can expect twists and turns, basic ingredients of crime shows, as the story progresses. The common human nature; greed and betrayal ultimately gives the heist a sweet menacing turn.

Leo Pap (played by actor Giancarlo Esposito) leads a group of bandits eyeing a huge payday. You might remember Giancarlo from Breaking Bad and The Mandalorian. He is quite good at essaying roles of those who love to play a schemer. Reviews have been sweet to the actor here as well. The series has a total of eight episodes.

Is Kalediscope based on a real story?

Writer Eric Garcia has a unique way of storytelling that appeals to cinephiles from different walks of life. Most of his previous works such as Matchstick Men and Anonymous Rex have portrayed him as an unconventional writer. It is not revealed where he drives his inspiration from. For Kaleidoscope, it is reported the story is loosely inspired by the 2012 Hurricane Sandy.

The Hurricane that hit New York City in October of 2012 caused more damage than meets the eyes of local people. It is said the hurricane damaged bearer bonds worth $70 billion from floodwater that made its way to a large depository vault in downtown New York.

In the story, the group of bandits employed by Leo Pap is also trying to steal bonds worth $7 billion. How they cover up the heist and give it the shape of a forced accident could be the story resembling the Hurricane incident.

Who appears in Kalediscope Series? Details on the cast

Netflix’s new series Kalediscope features some familiar faces cinephiles are acquainted with. First and foremost, leading the ensemble cast of the Netflix series is Giancarlo Esposito (our own Gus Fring from Breaking Bad). Giancarlo plays Leo Pap in the series, the mastermind of the heist, a man on a notorious mission.

The Boss Man of Kaleidoscope - Giancarlo Esposito
The Boss Man of Kaleidoscope – Giancarlo Esposito/ Source: Instagram

Other cast members headlining the show are Paz Vega, Rufus Sewell, Jai Courtney, Tati Gabrielle, Jordan Mendoza, Niousha Noor, Rosaline Elbay, and Peter Mark Kendall.

Paz Vega plays Ava Mercer, a law attorney. She is more dedicated to her clients than the law itself.

Tati Gabrielle plays Hannah Kim. Hannah is the chameleon on the show playing sides with Leo Pap.

Rufus Swell plays Roger Salas. He is a former thief with a manipulative demeanor. You can tell which side he is on!

Peter Mark Kendall as Stan Loomis, Rosaline Elbay as Judy Goodwin, and Jai Courtney as Bob Goodwin are all in Leo Pap’s group.

When did Kalediscope Premier? How Can I Watch It?

Kaleidoscope is available on Netflix for streaming. The limited series premiered on Sunday, January 1 (New Year). The time of the premiere was 12 AM PT/ 3 AM ET.

Viewers need a Netflix account to watch this new Netflix series. If you are a subscribed Netflix user, just go to the search box and look for ‘Kaleidoscope’. For those who do not have a Netflix account, a subscription to the streaming network is available for US $9.99 a month.

Will there be a Kaleidoscope Season 2?

Kaleidoscope is a limited series, meaning the makers only plan to run it for a single season. If the show continues to drag the numbers for the streaming network, it is a possibility the network will offer a contract extension for another season of the show.

It will be childish to assume that Kaleidoscope will return for Season 2. Again, it is too soon to have a say on Kaleidoscope, Season 2.

Netflix Kaleidoscope Review

Crimes series have managed to keep cinephiles at the edge of their seats in many cases. Netflix does not miss the mark with Kaleidoscope, solidifying the point crime series have unrivaled potential to entertain those craving binge-watching.

And Netflix’s new limited series Kaleidoscope is just the show you need to get ahead of the curve in case you love the crime genre.

In What Order Should I Watch Netflix’s Kaleidoscope?

Netflix’s limited series Kaleidoscope has a total of eight episodes. You can choose to watch the episodes in any manner you prefer. This new series is slightly peculiar to most TV shows you grew up watching for you necessarily do not have to streamline the episodes.

Kaleidoscope episodes in chronological order
Netflix’s Kaleidoscope episodes in chronological order/ Source: Instagram

Kaleidoscope’s storytelling resembles Christopher Nolan’s Memento in nonlinear storytelling. The eight episodes are named after different colors, a reference to the series name Kaleidoscope. The episodes are named the following in chronological order in reference to events taking place chronologically;

  • Violet (1st episode)
  • Green (2nd episode)
  • Yellow (3red episode)
  • Orange (4th episode)
  • Blue (5th episode)
  • White (6th episode)
  • Red (7th episode)
  • Pink (8th episode)

Here’s one Twitterian sharing her order to watch Netflix’s Kaleidoscope.

To keep the storyline as intriguing as possible, you can follow the episodes in a nonlinear manner. Again, it is entirely up to you how to watch the show.

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