Judith Ann Hawkins, The Mother Of Halle Berry- Everything About Her Personal Life Including Daughter, Divorce, Husband & More!

Judith Ann Hawkins, herself may not be a popular figure but being the mother of an acclaimed celebrity daughter Halle Berry brought her into the limelight. Halle Berry is widely recognized for her role as Ororo Munroe/ Storm in the X-Men franchise and as Catwoman in the 2004 movie Catwoman.  Halle Berry is one of the most successful actresses in the industry with a net worth of $120 million (as of June 2022) and her success has a lot to do with her mother Judith Ann Hawkins, who raised her as a single mother.

Judith Ann Hawkins, the 83-year-old Sawley Derbyshire native raised Halle as a single mother after her divorce from husband Jerome Jesse Berry (divorced 1970). Halle Berry’s father Jerome and mother Judith got divorced when Halle was only four years of age.

Get to know Halle Berry’s mother Judith Ann Hawkins a bit more with us.

Who Is Halle Berry’s mother Judith Ann Hawkins?

Hawkins is a retired psychiatric nurse. She was born to mix-ethnic parents, an American father, and an English mother who was born in Sawley Derbyshire. Judith’s father’s name is Earl Ellsworth Hawkins and her mother’s name is Nellie Dicken. While it is obvious that her famous actress daughter has a publicized life, Hawkins rather prefers a low-key life. Unlike her age and nationality details, not much is published about Judith on the web.

How old is Judith Ann Hawkins in 2022? Her Age

Halle Berry is more of an open book to cord-cutters. In contrast, her mother Judith has a low-key life. The exact details of her birth and early life are still under the wraps. With some digging, it is known that Judith Ann Hawkins was born in the year 1939. She is 83 years of age in 2022.

Judith is originally an English immigrant, who moved to the United States from Liverpool. Her ethnicity is white.

How’s Judith Ann Hawkins’ Personal Life?

Judith was married only once and remained with her African-American husband Jerome Jesse Berry until their divorce. Similar to Hawkins, Jerome was also a hospital attendant. They shared a relationship for a few years and shared two children. They welcomed their first child Heidi Berry in 1964, and two years later the second baby Halle Berry.

Hawkins filed for divorce from her husband in 1970 and raised her daughters on her own. Her ex-husband died of a brain tumor on January 24, 2003. During a speech at the unite4:humanity gala held in February 2015, Halle revealed her mother was the victim of domestic violence and her father used to beat Hawkins brutally. She also went on to claim that her father was an avid alcoholic and an abuser.

Hawkins has a good relationship with both of her daughters. The mother-daughter pair is often seen attending public events together. Growing up with a single mother, it is obvious that Halle Berry is so close with her mother.

Hawkins’Daughter Is A Millionaire- Net Worth and Earnings

Hawkins made her living serving as a hospital attendant most of her life. The median salary of a Psychiatric nurse fall between $47,948 – $84,870 a year. Although the exact figure of her fortune never came out, she possibly had a net worth in the 6-digit figure in 2022.

On the other, her daughter Halle Berry has an estimated $120 million net worth in 2022. Halle Berry is one of the sought actresses in Hollywood and her annual earnings speak volumes of her populairty. As of 2022, her annul income is reported at a colossal $36 million.

Halle Berry’s Upcoming Movies 2022

If we ought to speak of this larger-than-life actress and her family, we got to add her professional belongings. Halle Berry is one of the most successful and deemed actresses who rose to prominence with years of hard work and perseverance. She has a big list of movies and TV shows to her name and her new shows hit the road every now and then.

While fans were hoping to see Berry as ex-assassin Sofia in the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 4 movie, the disappointment sneaked in. In an interview with IGN in February 2022, the actress confirmed that she was not appearing in the John Wick movie this time; it is set to release on May 24, 2023.

Halle Berry appeared in the sci-fi disaster 2022 film Moonfall alongside an ensemble cast of Patrick Wilson, Michael Pena, and Charlie Plummer.

The IMDB reports that she will appear as the lead Sara Morse in The Mothership (filming), and as Roxanne in Our Man from Jersey (filming).

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