Is Nava Mau Married? Husband, Transgender Journey, And Family

Nava Mau Pictured For Her Interview With Glamour UK And British Vogue

The Baby Reindeer actress Nava Mau isn’t married and has no husband. The trans actress has never talked much about her romantic relationships in interviews.

Mau, 32, was raised in Mexico for the first eight years of her life. Her family then shifted to Texas, where she spent the majority of her growing years.

Before appearing on TV screens, Mau worked with survivors of violence and community-based service providers. She received a breakthrough in her career with the TV series Genera+ion in 2021. In Baby Reindeer, Nava starred as Teri, the real-life love interest of Richard Gadd.

Nava Mau Pictured With Her Co-Stars, Richard Gadd And Jessica Gunning During The Show's Premiere
Nava Mau Pictured With Her Co-Stars, Richard Gadd And Jessica Gunning During The Show’s Premiere (Source: Instagram)

Nava and her co-stars, Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning have been praised left and right for their performance in Baby Reindeer. It’s been reported that Baby Reindeer is on its way to becoming the most-watched show in Netflix’s history.

In both Genra+ion and Baby Reindeer, Nava has played the role of a trans woman. The multi-hyphenate woman Nava previously directed a short movie titled Waking Hour, which showed the challenges of dating as a trans woman.

Is Nava Mau Married? Who Is Her Husband?

The multitalented actress and filmmaker Nava Mau isn’t married and has no husband. Mau has never publicly talked about her romantic relationships in her interviews.

Nowadays, social media handles have allowed fans to connect the dots and find out if their favorite artist is in a relationship and if they are in a relationship, with whom. But in Nava’s case, she has made it hard for her fans to know about her private life.

The Baby Reindeer actress only uses her Instagram handle to promote her projects and rarely uses it to share personal photos. And when she is not doing both those things, Nava uses it to share screenshots of her interviews with publications like Forbes and Elle.

In none of those interviews has the actress mentioned about having a husband or being in a relationship. But in those interviews, Nava has talked about her trans identity.

Nava Mau’s Journey To Finding Herself

Nava always wanted to be an actress, but she thought it was an impossible dream to achieve. She had never seen a trans character on stage and didn’t have a role model of a successful trans professional.

Mau came out as gay during her senior year of high school. In her interview with Texas Monthly in 2021, Nava jokingly said everybody was waiting on that announcement.

But only a year later, when she left home and enrolled at Pomona College, Nava wanted to experiment. She was surrounded by a supportive queer community and felt safe. So, that year, Nava came out as a trans woman.

Nava Mau Pictured In London For Baby Reindeer's Promotion In April 2024
Nava Mau Pictured In London For Baby Reindeer’s Promotion In April 2024 (Source: Instagram)

With her acting and directing skills, Nava has also been able to bring out the stories of transwomen on the silver screen. In 2019, Nava wrote, directed, and starred in a short film called Waking Hour.

The film shows Nava’s character, Sofia, struggling to decide whether or not to go home with a man after a party. The following year, she was part of a Netflix documentary called Disclosure.

The documentary was about trans representation in film and television. Nava played the role of trans woman Ana in the TV series Genera+ion in 2021.

She once again reprised the role of a trans woman in her latest project Baby Reindeer, an international hit that is certainly securing several awards this year.

Nava On Playing Richard Gadd’s Love Interest

The Mexican actress might not have revealed her real-life partner, but recently, on our TV screens, we have seen her play Teri, Richard Gadd’s love interest in Baby Reindeer.

On the show, Teri and Donny (Gadd’s character) meet on a trans dating site. While they get to know each other, Donny is battling his internalized homophobia and shame, whereas Teri is confident in herself.

Nava Mau And Her Baby Reindeer Co-Star, Richard Gadd, Click A Selfie During The Promotion Of Their Show
Nava Mau And Her Baby Reindeer Co-Star, Richard Gadd, Click A Selfie During The Promotion Of Their Show (Source: Instagram)

In her GQ interview, Nava was questioned if Richard talked about real-life Teri. Nava answered Richard was generous in sharing details of his real-life relationship with her.

When asked how Teri holds up to other trans representation on mainstream TV and film, the Genera+ion actress said films and series often show trans people’s lives being violent.

But in Baby Reindeer, Teri is based on a real person who had a relationship with a straight man. In the show, Donny and Teri do not end up together, but Teri finds her happy ending with another man.

Nava Mau Family

Nava Mau’s parents, Gabriel Navarro, and Rae-Ellen Navarro, are originally from Mexico but migrated to Texas for better opportunities. The actress has previously mentioned about having sisters.

The family moved to Texas when Nava was eight. Her mother works as a counselor, and her dad is an accountant. The couple wanted their daughter to apply to Health Careers High School.

They wanted her to join the medical field but also knew about her desire to work in the creative field. But they had also signed Nava up for community theater programs, helping her nurture her creative side.

The actress’ family was supportive of her decision when she came out as gay and later trans. Knowing that your family supports you and your true identity helped Nava navigate with much more ease in her career.

Nava Mau’s Age & Height: How Tall Is The Actress?

Nava Mau, 32, was born on May 14, 1992. The Baby Reindeer actress stands 5ft 6 inches (167m).

Before entering the entertainment industry, Nava received her bachelor’s in linguistics and cognitive science from Pomona College. She studied in Paris and later conducted her research in Guadalajara, Mexico.

She has previously worked with survivors of violence, which included working with immigrant survivors as a legal assistant and then as a peer counselor and also as an advocate for LGBTQ survivors of violence in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nava Mau's First Project Came As A Director And Actress In 2019 Titled, Waking Hours
Nava Mau’s First Project Came As A Director And Actress In 2019 Titled, Waking Hours (Source: Instagram)

While as a student, Nava took acting classes in the evenings and wrote and performed in a student-run comedy program. Her first major work as an actress came in 2019 with a short film titled Waking Hour.

That year, she also worked on another short movie titled Femenina. A year later, Nava worked in the grip and electric department for the Netflix documentary Disclosure.

Nava almost lost her role in the TV series Genera+ion if she hadn’t checked her DMs regularly. Before starring in Baby Reindeer, Nava also worked in another short movie titled Work.

The actress and Baby Reindeer has received critical acclaim from all over the world. Speaking to Hello!, the actress said she felt great responsibility playing Teri as she was based on a real-life person.

Mau also said she felt drawn to the project as she felt it had been written by someone who had known and loved a trans woman and wasn’t writing from a place of imagination.


Is Baby Reindeer Actress Nava Mau Married?

The Baby Reindeer actress Nava Mau isn’t married and has no husband

Is Teri Based On A Real-Life Person In Baby Reindeer?

The character, Teri from Baby Reindeer, is based on a real-life person, whom Richard Gadd had dated.

How Old Is Actress Nava Mau?

The Genera+ion actress, Nava Mau, is 32 years old.

How Tall Is Nava Mau?

Nava Mau stands at 5ft 6 inches.

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