Is Jerrika Hinton Married? Rumors On Husband And Relationship With Jesse Williams

Jerrika Hinton Pictured During An Interview Shoot In February 2023

The former Grey’s Anatomy star, Jerrika Hinton, isn’t married and has no husband. The actress has never talked about tying the knot or starting a family.

Hinton, 42, made her acting debut on TV with Gilmore Girls in 2006. She also starred in several other popular shows, including Everybody Hates Chris, Gossip Girl, and Zoey 101, before booking Grey’s Anatomy.

Jerrika Hinton Pictured For The Coveteur Magazine In 2018

Hinton marked her first appearance as Dr. Stephanie Edwards in Season 9 and remained until Season 13. In the show, she was one of the love interests of Dr. Jackson Avery, played by Jesse Williams.

Many believe that the show’s titular character, played by Ellen Pompeo, was behind Jerrika’s exit, and some believe it to be a conspiracy theory.

Recently, the actress appeared in the TV mini-series A Man in Full and will star in the movie The Piano Lesson alongside Samuel L. Jackson.

Is Jerrika Hinton Married? Who Is Her Husband?

The Doxxed actress Jerrika Hinton isn’t married and has never explicitly talked about getting married. Since her exit from Grey’s Anatomy, the actress hasn’t even given many interviews.

When interviewed, Hinton only talked about her work and how she prepared for her character. Immediately after her exit from Grey’s Anatomy, Jerrika joined the cast of Here and Now.

The Coveteur magazine interviewed the actress, and they had several questions for her, including why she left the hit show. Hinton was quizzed whether she was surprised to see fans be upset when she left Grey’s.

Jerrika Hinton As Millie Morris On The Show Hunters That Ended Last Year After Two Seasons

The actress said, “My first few years on the show were difficult in terms of interacting with the audience. There were some really nasty responses, particularly when they made my character a love interest. There was a lot of hate speech, frankly, directed at me-just a lot of nasty responses that I didn’t anticipate would come with just being a character on the show.”

Jerrika is available on Instagram but doesn’t share many posts. During her conversation, Jerrika was asked if it was difficult putting themselves out there with social media and all.

The actress said, “Being a decent person is easy, I think. And operating with dignity is easy. But responding to other people’s indecency-not even responding to, but fielding how other people choose to be in the world can be a challenge sometimes.”

Is Jerrika Hinton Non-Binary?

The actress hasn’t said in her interviews that she is a non-binary. But if you look at her Instagram bio, you will start questioning whether the actress is part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Being a non-binary person means you are someone who doesn’t identify exclusively as a man or a woman. Someone who is non-binary might feel like a mix of genders or like they have no gender at all.

On her Instagram bio, Jerrika Hinton has written she/they as the pronouns she identifies with.

In an article published by Teen Vogue, the magazine stated that people who use the she/they pronoun are likely to be the ones who identify as a woman but also as a non-binary.

In recent years, several actors and actresses in Hollywood have come out and shared their status. But Jerrika has chosen to remain silent and only her close friends and family members may know about it.

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Jerrika Hinton And Her Relationship With Jesse Williams

After Jerrika quit Grey’s Anatomy, the actress hasn’t been seen with her love interest on the show, Jesse Williams.

Hinton’s character, Stephanie, and Williams’ character, Jackson, almost ended up together, but they were still far away from getting a happy ending.

The two get set up on a date by April Kepner at Miranda Bailey’s wedding, but they miss the ceremony. And that is when the things between the two heat up.

And bear in mind that Jackson is Stephanie’s boss, so if anything happens between the two, they need to keep it lowkey. After failing to attend the wedding ceremony, Jackson asks Stephanie to take her home.

Jerrika Hinton And Jesse Hinton Pictured During The Filming Of Grey’s Anatomy

Stephanie misinterprets and tells him she doesn’t want to sleep with her boss. But they eventually end up doing exactly that. From the get-go, the two were on different pages about their relationship.

Jackson looked at it as a friend-with-benefits situation, whereas Stephanie thought it was more serious than that. In one of the episodes, Jackson didn’t even let Stephanie interact with his mom.

Their relationship ended on a sour note when Jackson confessed his love for April in front of everyone at her wedding to Matthew. It leaves Stephanie embarrassed, and she returns to the hospital only three weeks later.

Jerrika’s time in Grey’s Anatomy came to an end after Season 13’s finale. Jerrika suffered devastating burns after a fiery explosion in a hospital wing, which made her re-evaluate her life, choosing to leave the job behind and start again.

There are conspiracies surrounding Hinton’s exit from the show, and the popular one is that Ellen Pompeo was the one to influence her exit.

Business Insider reported that Jerrika was asked to exit the show for not asking Pompeo’s permission to take Polaroids on set. However, other publications stated that it was simply because Jerrika wanted to try something new creatively.


Is Jerrika Hinton Married?

The Grey’s Anatomy actress Jerrika Hinton isn’t married.

Does Jerrika Hinton Have A Husband?

Jerrika Hinton has no husband and remains single.

Did Stephanie And Jackson End Up Together In Grey’s Anatomy?

No, Stephanie and Jackson separated after the latter confessed his feelings for April on her wedding day.

Is Jerrika Hinton Non-Binary?

Jerriak Hinton hasn’t confirmed she is non-binary but she uses the pronouns she/they on her Instagram bio.

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