Is Antony Starr Dating? A Closer Look into Antony’s Girlfriends and Relationships

Is Antony Starr Dating A Closer Look into Antony's Girlfriends and Relationships

Is ‘The Boys’ actor Antony Starr still dating his girlfriend Lucy McLay? 

Antony Starr is a world-renowned actor from New Zealand. He climbed the ranks of fame and fortune for playing the character of a polarising superhero, Homelander, in The Boys.

Since he stepped into the shoes of Homelander in Amazon Prime’s The Boys, Antony has become an indispensable part of Amazon’s superhero world. With the glitters of fame and wealth, the series has earned him some curious admirers, too.

The curious case of Antony Starr is mostly about his love life and relationships. This New Zealand-born actor, who is secretive about his personal affairs, like girlfriends, has been linked with some well-known names.

Antony’s most talked-about relationship is with costume designer Lucy McLay. He was also linked with his The Boys co-star Erin Moriarty.

Is ‘The Boys’ star Antony still Dating Lucy McLay?

If you are a fan of this actor and you have not heard about his publicized affair with his girlfriend Lucy McLay, are you even a fan?

Antony and Lucy McLay make for one of the most talked-about couples in the tinsel town. Frankly, why wouldn’t they be? This 48 years old actor gained fame exorbitantly after The Boys; people could not stop talking about him.

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Popular dating sites like WhosDatedWho credit Lucy McLay as Antony Starr’s long-standing girlfriend. But, there were rumors of a link-up between Starr and his co-star Erin Moriarty. The rumors of Antony dating Erin were publicized only after they appeared on The Boys.

If Antony and Ein really had something going on, what happened to this relationship with Lucy? Well, the actor’s love life and relationships have been mostly confusing! But, we will unravel a brief of Antony’s dating timeline here.

Antony started Dating his Girlfriend Lucy around 2006

Antony first met Lucy, who is a costume designer, on the sets of the series Mercy Peak in 2001. These two have worked on three projects together such as Mercy Peak (2001-02), Without a Paddle (2004), and Outrageous Fortune (2007).

So, it is obvious The Boys actor has known Lucy since the early 00s. After working together on Mercy Peak, Antony and Lucy developed an affection for each other. However, they did not start dating each other right away.

This pair met again on the sets of the film Without a Paddle in 2004, and, as fate had it, their affection could blossom into something beautiful. Though it is not clear when they started dating, it is reported it all began around 2006.

'The Boys' actor Antony Starr with his girlfriend Lucy McLay
Antony Starr and his girlfriend Lucy McLay/ Source: Pinterest

In the mid-00s, there were several pictures of Lucy and Antony attending award shows and media events together. Lucy is a costume designer, and her work is limited to behind-the-scenes, while Antony is a frontman, the showstopper.

Generally, costume designers do not come along with actors on promotional campaigns for movies or TV shows. But Antony and Lucy were seen together at such events several times. This led many to believe they were in a relationship.

Many media portals started writing Lucy and Antony in the same column as a couple. Interestingly, neither of the two denied being a couple, though they also did not speak about their relationship much in public.

When Did Antony and His Girlfriend Lucy Break Up?

Lucy and Antony last worked together on the sets of the TV show Outrageous Fortune in 2007. In the late 00s, the couple gradually stopped giving public appearances together.

Furthermore, there are no ‘together pictures’ of Starr and McLay from the 10s. Their sudden disappearance from public events and absence of pictures in recent times led many to think they are separated now.

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However, there is no valid proof that can reveal if they are still dating each other or have broken up. Antony, as he is – secretive about his affairs, can still be together with his girlfriend, Lucy McLay. Another possibility is they are not dating anymore.

An Alleged Relationship; The Affair between Antony and Erin

Fans of The Boys have enjoyed seeing Erin Moriarty go face-to-face with Antony Starr on The Boys. While viewers of the superhero series enjoy seeing Antony and Erin as rivals, in real life, the co-stars could be sharing only love.

Dating rumors of Starr and Moriarty have been swirling since the early 20s. The rumors of their alleged relationship took off after the celebrity gossip page @Deuxmoi cared to share their insights on the topic of the ‘Antony and Erin relationship’.

In 2021, Deuxmoi shared a series of anonymous emails hinting that The Boy’s co-stars are dating. Though this revelation from Deuxmoi spread like wildfire over the internet, neither Antony nor Erin cared to speak about it.

A hint at Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr's relationship
Deuxmoi hints at Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr’s relationship/ Source: Instagram

So, like that, it was never known if they were dating. Fast forward to August 2023, an unknown on social media revealed a sighting of Erin and Antony enjoying lunch together at Superba in Hollywood (a restaurant in Los Angeles) on Sunday, August 13, 2023.

In response to this sighting, the gossip page Deuxmoi again hinted at Erin and Antony’s affair, saying ”they hook up/ have hooked up.”

Deuxmoi hints at Erin and Antony's Possible Relationship
Are Erin and Antony in a Relationship?/ Source: Instagram

Keeping aside what Deuxmoi says about Erin and Antony, there are several real-life pictures of the duo that catch our attention. On several occasions, this alleged couple has been sighted sharing some happy moments.

Antony Starr with his alleged girlfriend Erin Moriarty
Antony Starr with his alleged girlfriend Erin Moriarty/ Source: Twitter

While the internet is buzzing with rumors of their relationship, Antony Starr and Erin Moriarty do not seem to care. Let’s hope one of the two lifts the curtains from these ‘Antony and Erin dating rumors’ soon.

Who Else has Antony Starr Dated, Allegedly

This good-looking superhero from The Boys often fails to let his fans gush over his girlfriends and relationships. Despite this, his name is linked with a few girls.

The most talked about affair of Antony is obviously with Lucy McLay and Erin Moriarty. Besides these, Antony was linked with some other ladies in the past.

Allegedly, Starr was in a relationship with his Banshee co-star Ivana Milicevic. Starr and Milicevic were co-stars on the American TV series Banshee from 2013-16. It was also rumored Antony and Ivana hooked up in 2015.

Other than this, the Banshee star was in an alleged relationship with American actress Trieste Kelly Dunn. Like his other alleged relationships, Antony never commented on his link-ups with actress Trieste Dunn.

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