Harriet Herbig-Matten Is Not The Only One From Her Family In TV Industry: Brother Is A Director; More On Parents

Harriet Herbig-Matten Pictured Earlier This Year During A Function

Harriet Herbig-Matten’s family hails from Munich, Germany. The German actress debuted at 14 with the movie Teenosauraus Rex in 2017.

Herbig-Matten, 20, was influenced by her brother to join the entertainment industry. Harriet’s older brother, Linus, is a filmmaker/writer and also the one who gave her a head start in the tough industry.

Harriet Herbig-Matten Pictured For Her Latest Show Maxton Hall By Amazon Prime
Harriet Herbig-Matten Pictured For Her Latest Show Maxton Hall By Amazon Prime (Source: Instagram)

The young actress has been gaining attention since the TV show Maxton Hall: The World Between Us debuted on May 9 on Amazon. Harriet is starring opposite the handsome actor Damian Hardung.

The young adult drama broke records, becoming Amazon’s largest-ever viewership for one of its international originals in launch week.

The show is based on Mona Kasten’s book trilogy, Save Me, Save You, and Save Us. It follows Ruby Bell (Harriet), a reserved scholarship student at the elite Maxton Hall School, and James Beaufort (Damian), the arrogant heir to a vast fortune.

Harriet Herbig-Matten Family: Her Parents Remain Out Of The Spotlight

Harriet Herbig-Matten has never mentioned her parents in any of her past interviews. But as the young actress slowly starts gaining more attention, we might hear her tell some childhood stories and how her parents inspired her.

On her Instagram, Harriet has shared photos ranging from her projects to hanging out with friends, but she hasn’t shared any snaps with her family. But there are few relatives that Harriet follows on her Instagram.

And there is a chance that one of them could be her dad and mom. One of her relatives includes Utz Herbig, an Associate Professor at New Jersey Medical School. Utz is married to Anneli Herbig, and their family is settled in Chester, New Jersey.

Harriet Herbig-Matten Pictured During An H&M Shoot In 2022
Harriet Herbig-Matten Pictured During An H&M Shoot In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Harriet’s other relative is a woman named Lola Herbig, who is available on Instagram with the username @lolasnewworld, where she regularly shares posts of her traveling to various places. In one of her childhood photos, Lola mentions that she and Utz are siblings, and their dad is Jost Herbig.

Jost Herbig happens to be a German science journalist and art collector. He passed away in 1994 due to heart-related conditions. In a 2020 interview, Harriet mentioned when she is not busy filming, she stays at her parents’ home in Weßling.

At the time, Harriet was promoting her TV series, Bibi & Tina, for which she had to take horseriding classes. During the interview, Herbig-Matten mentioned that her mother is allergic to stallions and took lessons on a farm near Fischen, near Andechs Monastery.

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Harriet Herbig-Matten’s Brother, Linus Herbig Matten, Is A Director

Harriet and her older brother, Linus Herbig Matten, share an age gap of nine years. The young actress has mentioned that her brother had the biggest influence on her acting career.

When Harriet was young, Linus began casting his sister in short films and advertising clips. Harriet would appear as a beggar girl to a crime witness.

It was through her brother that Harriet came in contact with a casting director who then led her to the auditions of Pubertier. Though initially rejected as she was only 12, Harriet was recalled six months later.

Linus’ career as a director and a writer began in 2016 with the short movie Trailblazer. For the short movie, the young director won the Best Student Film Award at the New Zealand Film Awards in 2017.

Harriet Herbig-Matten Pictured With Her Three Siblings, From L To R: Linus, Toni, Harriet, And Jasper
Harriet Herbig-Matten Pictured With Her Three Siblings, From L To R: Linus, Toni, Harriet, And Jasper (Source: Instagram)

To date, Linus has directed seven short movies and has written five of them. In 2017, he directed the short film/documentary Naresh Kumar: The Man in Sandals. It is the story of a man named Naresh Kumar who ran the entire length of New Zealand in 87 days in sandals.

His latest project came in 2021, a short movie titled Freedom Seat, which tells the story of a man’s journey from India to Germany on a tandem bike.

On his website, Linus has put out all the projects he has made in his career. He is available on Instagram but hasn’t updated it since last year.

But Linus doesn’t seem to be the only sibling of the Bibi & Tina actress. Previously, Linus had shared a photo of him along with Harriet and their two other siblings, who happen to be Jasper and Toni Herbig-Matten.

Unlike their two siblings, Toni and Jasper remain away from the spotlight and probably also away from the entertainment world.

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Harriet Herbig-Matten’s Boyfriend? Who Is The Actress Dating?

Harriet Herbig-Matten hasn’t confirmed whether she is dating someone or is single. But many of her fans believe the actress could be dating her co-star Damian Hardung from Maxton Hall.

The two young actors certainly have an electric connection on the show, which led the fans to believe in their dating rumors.

Speaking to TVInsider, Hardung said their characters, James and Ruby, love each other to death and are ready to overcome any obstacles to be together.

Harriet Herbig-Matten Poses With Her Co-star, Damian Hardung For The Promotion Shoot For Their Show, Maxton Hall
Harriet Herbig-Matten Poses With Her Co-star, Damian Hardung For The Promotion Shoot For Their Show, Maxton Hall (Source: Instagram)

The two young stars clearly know how to play out their relationship in media. They have been seen sharing sweet glances on the red carpet and posting cozy photoshoots on Instagram.

It’s an old Hollywood trick to grab attention, compelling viewers to watch the show or a movie and make them analyze the actors’ chemistry.


How Old Is Harriet Herbig-Matten?

The German actress Harriet Herbig-Matten is 20 years old.

When Is Harriet Herbig-Matten’s Birthday?

Harriet Herbig-Matten celebrates her birthday every year on August 21.

How Tall Is Harriet Herbig-Matten?

Harriet Herbig-Matten stands 5ft 5 inches (167m).

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