‘Eric’ Actor Jose Pimentao: What’s His Age & Height, Know About His Family Life & Relationship

Jose Pimentao Photographed At The Portuguese Academia Red Carpet In June 2022

The 1899 actor Jose Pimentao, age 35, hails from Portugal. Aside from being an actor, Jose is also a DJ.

Maybe the artistry runs in the bloodline as one of Jose’s cousins is also an artist, a sculpturer to be specific. Jose made his acting debut in 2014 and has since starred in Portuguese and American shows.

Jose Pimentao As Antonio In The Movie Amadeo In 2023
Jose Pimentao As Antonio In The Movie Amadeo In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

His latest work is in the Benedict Cumberbatch-led Netflix series Eric. The show also has child actor Ivan Morris Howe, who is debuting. The series follows Benedict Cumberbatch trying to find his son Edgar (Ivan Morris Howe) after he gets kidnapped on his way to school.

Full NameJosé Pimentão
Date of BirthOctober 22, 1988
Height5’11 (1.80m)
ParentsFather-Dr Jose Bravo Pimentao
Years Active2014-Current Day

Jose Pimentao’s Age & Height: How Old Is The Portuguese Actor?

Jose Pimentao, 35, was born on October 22, 1988. His birthplace is Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. If you go through his IMDb pro profile, you can find that Jose stands 5’11 (180 m).

Jose’s acting career began in 2014 with the short movie Turn. That same year, he booked another movie titled Puto. The short drama movie directed by Bernardo Carvalho and Fabiana Tavares starred Pedro Gomes and Mafalda Rodrigues alongside Jose.

In 2015 and 2016, Jose starred in three short movies titled Lux, Our Garden, and Ninho. In 2017, the actor starred in his first TV series, Filha da Lei.

It was a Portuguese crime mystery series, with Jose starring in two episodes. In 2018, Jose played the role of Alexandre Bastos Moreira in the Portuguese soap opera Valor da Vida. And soon after Valor da Vida ended, we saw Jose in the TV series Teorias da Conspiracao.

Jose Pimentao Seen DJing In Portugal For One Of His Close Friends In 2022
Jose Pimentao Seen DJing In Portugal For One Of His Close Friends In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Jose grew his fanbase in 2022 after he starred in the multilingual German period mystery-science fiction television series 1899. The Netflix show helped Jose become popular among people away from his native land.

That same year, he starred in a supporting role in the critically acclaimed TV series Santiago. Last year, Jose received his first prominent movie role in the biopic Amadeo. The biopic is of the famous Portuguese artist Amadeo de Souza Cardoso.

But acting isn’t the only talent that Jose has at his disposal. He is also a DJ and has shared several videos of him weaving his magic on clubgoers on his Instagram.

Most of Jose’s DJing work has happened in Portugal, with the artist taking center stage at places like Lusophonica. In 2022, the DJ collaborated with Ponto d’Orvalho for an interdisciplinary festival.

Jose Pimentao Family: Does The Actor Have Any Siblings?

The Eric actor hasn’t shared much about his personal life on social media or during interviews. As the actor slowly settles his feet in the mainstream media, we can probably get more interviews where he shares more about his inner circle.

That being said, the actor follows a few people with the same last name as his on Instagram, and some could be his close relatives. A prominent name is Jose Maria Bravo Pimentao.

A few of Jose’s fans believe that person could be his dad. Jose Maria Bravo Pimentao is a doctor and a rheumatology specialist. Bravo Pimentao obtained his title of Specialist in Rheumatology from the Order of Doctors in 1985.

Jose Pimentao Pictured With His Cousin Diogo Pimentao At One Of His Exhibitions In 2014
Jose Pimentao Pictured With His Cousin Diogo Pimentao At One Of His Exhibitions In 2014 (Source: Facebook)

He received his training in Rheumatological Techniques in France and the US. He is also a national expert and is responsible for training in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques in Rheumatology. Jose is available on Facebook but has only shared a handful of photos, none of which includes our actor.

Another close relative, who is likely Jose’s cousin, is Diogo Pimentao. Diogo is an artist and studies sculpturing at the Ar Co in Lisbon. He has been living and working in London since 2012.

Diogo has held several exhibitions, with his latest one, Proportions of Silence, held on May 16 at Rua de São Bernardo. Earlier this year, on January 20, he organized another exhibition titled Perceptions and Movements.

Diogo is available on Instagram and has shared his works for the rest of the world to see. Previously, in 2014, Jose attended one of Diogo’s exhibitions and shared a photo on his Facebook handle.

Jose Pimentao’s Relationship: Does The Actor Have A Girlfriend?

In none of his interviews has the actor explicitly stated that he is in a relationship. Jose has shared several photos with his friends, but none seem to be his romantic partner.

But there’s a good chance that the 1899 actor wants to keep his relationship away from the public limelight. Most of the time, actors tend not to post about their partners so that the attention could be on their work.

Jose Pimentao Pictured With One Of His Close Friends Before Their DJ Set
Jose Pimentao Pictured With One Of His Close Friends Before Their DJ Set (Source: Instagram)

It is also one of their ways to keep their audience engaged. After learning about their favorite artist’s girlfriend or boyfriend, some fans tend to harass them as they create a parasocial relationship with them.

So, several artists choose not to show their partners until they don’t reach another step in their relationship, such as engagement or marriage. Though it may look like Jose is currently not in a relationship, there is a good chance he is protecting them.

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