Edward Bluemel’s Future Wife Is Mary Barone: Relationship History And Family

Edward Bluemel Pictured With His Girlfriend Mary Beth Barone At The Glastonbury Festival In 2022

Edward Bluemel’s future wife is highly likely to be the American comedian Mary Beth Barone. The couple began dating in 2020 but only went public a year later.

Mary and Edward have recently posed together during the actor’s promotion for his new TV series that has gripped the world- My Lady Jane. The actor stars as Lord Guildford Dudley, the dashing husband of Lady Jane, played by Emily Bader.

Edward And Mary Pose Before They Enter The JW Anderson Show
Edward And Mary Pose Before They Enter The JW Anderson Show (Source: Instagram)

The show also has Kate O’Flynn as the evil sister Mary, Abbie Hern as Bess, and child actress Robyn Betterdige as Margaret Grey. Bluemel, 31, began taking acting seriously at age 17 and was once turned down from a drama school before getting into the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in 2011.

Before starring in My Lady Jane, you probably saw the actor in the TV series Sex Education and Ten Percent. He also previously starred in the hit TV series Killing Eve. In May, the British-American couple starred together in a short movie titled Greta Gerwig directed by Jess Bray.

Edward Bluemel’s Future Wife, Mary Beth Barone, Is A Comedian

Edward Bluemel has no wife but is in a long-term relationship with comedian Mary Beth Barone. The couple went public with their relationship on the same day, October 19, 2021.

Edward shared a photo of them on the seaside and had a humorous caption to go, “Too busy flirting to notice the lads behind us driving off in our brand new super yacht.” Mary didn’t want to hide their relationship as well. She shared a mirror selfie with the caption, “Going public with having a hot boyfriend.”

Edward And Mary Pose For The Cameras At The Red Carpet Of The Tribeca Film Festival In June 2024
Edward And Mary Pose For The Cameras At The Red Carpet Of The Tribeca Film Festival In June 2024 (Source: Instagram)

In recent years, Mary has shared several appreciation posts for her boyfriend. On Valentine’s Day in 2022, Mary shared a gallery of images of her and Edward.

She shared many cute pictures of her and the actor, including a few private ones like Edward and her dozing off in the airplane in the most awkward position and a snap of the Persuasion actor covered in bed sheets.

Edward returned the favor in 2023 when he shared a carousel of images, mainly including screenshots and video calls. Despite their busy schedule, the two have not let the long-distance ruin their relationship.

Mary Gave Details About Their Relationship In Her Podcast

Earlier this year, in March, Mary talked about her relationship with Edward in her podcast that she co-hosts with her long-time friend Benito Skinner. The two besties launched their podcast in March 2023 and had their season finale on March 27, 2024.

But in the episode dedicated to Mary’s boyfriend, it wasn’t Mary who talked about him; it was Benito. In the podcast, Mary revealed that she and Edward had been dating before they went public in 2021.

In the podcast, Mary tells Benito that she has been in a relationship with Edward for four years, meaning the two started seeing each other in 2020. Benito tells the listeners it was the British actor who initiated their relationship.

Edward had slipped into Mary’s Instagram DMs, and the two quickly became close to each other. Mary showed Benito a few messages sent by Edward to her, which Benito found funny, though at first, he was a bit alarmed about his friend dating an actor.

Edward Bluemel And Mary Barone Take A Selfie At The UK Premiere Of My Lady Jane
Edward Bluemel And Mary Barone Take A Selfie At The UK Premiere Of My Lady Jane (Source: Instagram)

But all of Benito’s suspicions about the actor faded once they started hanging out together. Benito and his partner Terry would join Mary and Edward for several double dates, which he mentions in the podcast. Benito also mentions how generous Edward is and that he pays for all their double dates.

Mary also chimes in to compliment her boyfriend and says that as a bisexual woman, she never thought she would ever find a man whom she would love having around all the time. The comedian thought her boyfriend was gay at first and wasn’t interested in her, and promised listeners she would give more details about their love story in future episodes.

As a couple, Mary said, they have been through many ups and downs but added they are better than ever. Recently, Mary was Edward’s plus-one at the Tribeca Film Festival, where they premiered My Lady Jane.

The two also shared several photos from the UK premiere of the show, with Mary captioning the post, “Date night in London for MY LADY JANE UK PREMIERE.”

Edward Bluemel Comes From A Family Of Educators

Previously, in an interview, Edward mentioned he grew up in a supportive household. He said his parents encouraged him to try new things instead of suppressing them. His mum and dad are educators at Taunton School in Somerset.

His father, Martin Bluemel, is the Head of Chemistry and IB. Edward’s mum, Jane Bluemel, is a Physics teacher. In an interview with Fabric Magazine, Edward talked about his mother’s excitement when he landed the role in the 2022 film Persuasion.

The movie was based on Jane Austen’s novel of the same name, and Edward’s mum happened to be a huge Jane Austen fan. Edward isn’t the only child of his parents; the actor has two siblings.

Edward Bluemel With His Mother Jane Bluemel At The Premiere Of My Lady Jane In The UK
Edward Bluemel With His Mother Jane Bluemel At The Premiere Of My Lady Jane In The UK (Source: Instagram)

He previously mentioned that his sister, Phyllida, is an artist and an illustrator. Phyllida has a personal website where she has shared that she specializes in printed pages and loves working on community projects.

Edward’s older brother, on the other hand, took a different route. An Oxford University graduate, Ben Bluemel, worked as a corporate lawyer in London before becoming a full-time pastor in 2015.

He holds a Master’s in Biblical interpretation and is an assistant pastor at Freedom Church Jersey. Ben is married to Kelsey, and though he has an Instagram handle, he has kept his account private.

Does Edward Bluemel Have Any Medical Condition/Disease?

Edward Bluemel is fit and healthy and has no medical conditions that could prove to be a threat to him. The My Lady Jane actor is also not suffering from any disease that could prevent him from working on his future roles.

The one time the actor mentioned suffering from any condition was during his interview with Visual Tales magazine in 2022. When asked how he was affected by the pandemic, the actor said his problems were insignificant compared to many people worldwide.

He said the pandemic allowed him to live three months with his parents and return to his teenage years. Edward said he looked at being in the bubble fondly. The actor added that he had ended up with a twisted Covid Stockholm Syndrome.

Some of us might be familiar with the definition of Stockholm Syndrome. It is when a victim starts developing a psychological connection with their captor. A little research has been done on COVID-19 Stockholm Syndrome. It is described as people becoming increasingly accustomed to staying away from others.

It’s been around three years since the world came out of lockdown mode. Since then, Edward has starred in several shows, probably ending his COVID-19 Stockholm Syndrome.

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