Chiara King And Her Boyfriend Eren San Broke Up In March: Dating Life Of The TikTok Content Creator

Chiara King And Her Turkish Boyfriend Eren San Broke Up After 11 Months In March

The Tiktoker Chiara King and her boyfriend, Eren Sam, broke up in March 2024. King announced their breakup in April 2024 via her podcast, The King of Hearts.

Though the TikToker turned singer, Chiara King, claimed the breakup was amicable and that she and Eren didn’t have bad blood. But a month later, Sam gave his side of the story, saying he never wanted Chiara to show their love life on social media.

Chiara King Looks Stunning In Her White Suit At The Boss Event In June
Chiara King Looks Stunning In Her White Suit At The Boss Event In June (Source: Instagram)

King, 25, is a British content creator who gained fame through the short video-sharing platform, where she started talking about her love life. After blowing up on TikTok, Chiara began working with several luxury brands.

The content creator had always made music before her TikTok fame. Her new song Party With A Monster, has more than one million plays on Spotify and is her second most streamed song after Lick It.

Chiara King And Boyfriend Eren San Messy Breakup

On April 24, 2024, Chiara King shared a video about her breakup with her boyfriend, Eren San. She shared the video on her YouTube channel, King of Hearts.

The content creator said she felt she had to address the situation surrounding her breakup as fans had started speculating about it on her posts.

King looked visibly emotional in the video and even cried while explaining to the audience what went wrong. The British TikTok content creator said she felt depressed at the time and wasn’t happy with herself.

Chiara said if she couldn’t love herself, how could she love someone else? She added that long-distance was also one of the causes for their breakup.

King’s boyfriend, Eren San, lives in Istanbul, Turkey, and she would have to fly there to meet him. The constant trips to Turkey didn’t sit well with Chiara’s management, as she had to back out of collaboration and brand deals, which could have increased her popularity.

In her podcast, King emphasizes that Eren is not a toxic man and that they separated amicably. But a month after Chiara shared that video, on May 28, 2024, Eren came out with his version of their breakup.

Eren shared a lengthy post talking about their breakup on his Instagram story. San wrote that he and Chiara had dated for a year, and they met at an airport and had a quick meal together.

Eren wrote, “She shared our private lives on social media platforms, even though she didn’t have my permission. Anyway, I respected our time and kept silent about her lies.”

He ended the post with, “She looked sad and fed up. She said she wanted to get rid of the feelings of regret and shame she felt towards me. I accepted and will continue to keep my silence. The stage is yours, Chiara.”

So, in the end, it wasn’t an amicable breakup. It doesn’t look like Chiara and Eren will get back together, and they are probably better off without each other.

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Who Is Chiara King’s Former Boyfriend, Eren San? What Does He Do For Living?

Chiara King’s former boyfriend, Eren San, is a Turkish businessman with companies in the United Kingdom. Born in 1990, San shared an age gap of nine years with Chiara.

On his LinkedIn page, San has shared that he founded San Automotive in 2011. The entrepreneur has also mentioned that he is the Director of San Business Consultancy.

As per the legal document site of the United Kingdom, San Business Consultancy was incorporated in 2019, and Eren San became the company’s director in 2020.

In 2021, Eren became director of yet another company established in the United Kingdom. Eren took up the director’s position at Target UK Wholesale LTD.

Chiara King's Boyfriend, Eren San, Made His Instagram Handle After Breaking Up With Chiara In March
Chiara King’s Boyfriend, Eren San, Made His Instagram Handle After Their Breakup In March (Source: Instagram)

As per the same legal document site, Eren and another man named Kenan Oguz are the company’s directors. Before the two became directors, four people had resigned from that position.

Eren is available on Instagram with the username @mr.erensan, and the businessman’s first post came on April 27, a month after his breakup with Chiara.

To date, the Turkish man has only shared nine posts on his account, with most of those posts showing off his luxurious lifestyle. Recently, he shared photos from his trip to Venice and London and also shared a video with an Instagram influencer named Ann.

Chiara King’s Dating History: The Men The Singer Has Dated

Previously, a Reddit user had shared a post talking about Chiara King’s messy love life. The Reddit user pointed out that Chiara has dated men of various nationalities, including Turkish, Arabic, French, and Italian.

The post didn’t provide the names of the men Chiara dated, but it is known that Chiara was in a relationship with a French man before she got along with Eren.

Chiara had shared several Instagram posts and stories with her Frenchman before the two eventually broke up. A TikTok user wrote about Chiara’s timeline with her French boyfriend.

Chiara showed her French boyfriend to her followers in December 2022 and continued sharing pictures with him in January. But on February 12, Chiara shared a TikTok video revealing her short-lived romantic outing with her French boyfriend had ended.

Chiara King With Her Former Boyfriend, Who Happened To Be French
Chiara King With Her Former Boyfriend, Who Happened To Be French (Source: Reddit)

After ending her relationship with her Frenchman in February, Chiara met Eren in May, and the two began dating in June.

Chiara gained a fanbase on social media platforms by sharing about her love life. She documented her first relationship on TikTok in 2020, and after she broke up with the first guy, Chiara went on to date a Frenchman, with whom she had an on-and-off relationship.

Some Chiara fans also believe that TikToker dated another fellow TikToker, Toufiluk. Toufiluk has a following of 800k+ on TikTok, which he gained through his funny skits. But many of their fans believe they only got together to create content and their relationship was nothing serious.

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Chiara King’s Comes From English-Polish Family

In her Hello Magazine interview, Chiara King cleared the doubts of many of her fans about her ethnicity.

In her interview, King revealed that her mother is Polish and was a professional Opera singer. She also shared that her father is English and was part of a theatre group based in Wimbledon during his younger days.

Chiara King With Her Biological Dad At A Music Festival In 2022
Chiara King With Her Biological Dad At A Music Festival In 2022 (Source: Facebook)

The content creator said she started working in theater plays when she was ten and pantos at 13. King also started attending after-school classes at Sylvia Young Theatre School.

In September 2023, Chiara shared a video featuring her mom and half-sibling. The TikTok showed Chiara’s mom trying to give relationship advice to Chiara, but the TikToker mentions that she only has half-siblings.

Chiara captioned the video, “My mum and stepdad have been together for 20 years, but still.” In 2022, Chiara shared a photo with her dad on her Facebook handle as the two attended a music festival.


What Is Chiara King’s Age?

Chiara King was born on January 17, 1999, making her 25.

Who Is Chiara King’s Boyfriend?

Chiara King dated a Turkish businessman, Eren Sam, for 11 months before breaking up in March 2024.

What Is Chiara King’s Ethnicity?

Chiara King’s mother is Polish and her father is English

What Is Chiara King’s Height?

Chiara King stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches (175cm).

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