Beau Bridges’ First Wife: Julie Landfield Age, Net Worth & Movies

Meet Beau Bridges First Wife Julie Landfield; her wiki, age, family, parents, net worth, adopted son, height, husband, and divorce/ Starbiossip

Meet actor cum director Beau Bridges’ first wife, Julie Landfield. From Julie’s age, net worth, movies, and parents to children, everything we know about her.

Beau Bridgge’s first wife, Julie Landfield, is a celebrity ex-wife. She is the ex-wife of acclaimed actor and director Beau Bridges, popular for movies like The Landlord (1970) and The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989). Julie became a celebrated figure in the media after her marriage to Beau; besides, she had a career in movies.

Professionally, Julie is famous for her movies like Bitter Heritage (1979) and Two-Minute Warning (1976) and TV shows like Joe Forrester (1976). Julie, who was born as Julie Ann Landfield in LA, California is now a retired TV and movie actress. She now enjoys a quiet life as a single mother and grandmother, out of the media scrutiny.

Julie Landfield’s Age Now?

Julie is 80 years old now. She was born on April 25, 1944. She is three years younger than her ex-husband Bridges. Her sun sign is Taurus.

Who are Julie’s Parents; Details on her Father and Mother

Julie was born to her American parents in LA on April 25, 1994. Her parents are Marvin Landfield (father) and Magdalene Anne Polries Landfield (mother). Her father was a military man.

She is a Caucasian. She has two siblings, both sisters named Jeri Landfield and Joni Landfield.

Julie is Christian and Jewish. Her father, Marvin Landfield comes from a Jewish family. While her mother, Magdalene Landfield comes from a Catholic family.

Julie’s parents were married for well over six decades until her father’s death. Her father died on April 30, 2006. He died at the age of 94.

Julie Landfield and Beau Bridges; Marriage & Children

Julie was married to her former husband Beau Bridges for years before their divorce. They were married in 1964. It is not mentioned how Julie met her then-husband Bridges. Since they were in the same profession, they could have met as professionals first, then gradually started dating, and eventually walked down the aisle in 1964.

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Landfield and Bridges were married for almost a decade. Their divorce was finalized in the year 1974. In all those years of marriage, Julie Bridges and Beau Bridges were blessed with two children.

Are Julie Landfield and Beau Bridges’ children adopted?

While Beau Bridges was married to his first wife, Julie Bridges, they had two children; one biological and one adopted. Their biological son is Jordan Bridges (born 1973). Their adopted son is Casey Bridges (born 1969).

Childhood picture of Julie Landfield and Beau Bridges’ adopted son Casey Bridges/ Source: Twitter

Jule and Beau raised both their sons with the same love and affection and today they are successful actors, following in their parent’s footsteps.

The adopted son of Beau Bridges and his first wife, Casey Bridges was born on March 16, 1969. Casey is a graduate of the University of California. He started his career as a child actor, starring in movies like The Macahans and The Other Side of the Mountain.

Julie & Beau Bridges’ Sons

The oldest son of Julie and Beau, Casey has worked as an acting director. Additionally, he also owns a media company by the name Bridges Media Arts.

Comparatively, Casey did not make it as big as his brother Jordan could in movies. Jordan Bridges, who was born on November 13, 1973, is a graduate of Bard College. Just like her older brother, Jordan started as a child actor and went on to star in Rizzoli & Isles, Holiday Engagement, and others.

Jordan Bridges is best known for his role as Frankie Rizzoli in the drama series Rizzoli & Isles. His other notable role includes lawyer Nick Potter in the NBC drama TV series Conviction. Jordan is now happily married to his wife Carrie Eastman and has two children.

Besides two sons, Beau Bridges has three more children from his marriage to his second wife Wendy Treece (married April 10, 1984).

Actor Beau Bridges with his second wife Wendy Treece/ Starbiossip
Actor Beau Bridges with his second wife Wendy Treece/ Source: Instagram

Bridges and his second wife, Wendy Treece are parents to Dylan Lloyd (born 1984), Emily Beau (born 1986), and Ezekiel Jeffrey (born 1993). Beau and his wife Wendy are grandparents to six grandchildren now.

Julie Landfield and Beau Bridges; Divorce

Julie and Beau Bridges divorced in 1974. After nearly a decade-long marital life, the news of Julie and Bridges’ divorce came as a big surprise to the public.

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Though Beau is an acclaimed actor and was often asked questions regarding his divorce from Julie, he chose not to entertain the ‘divorce question’. So far, the reason for their divorce has not become public. Following their divorce, Julie and Beau decided to co-parent both their sons.

How Much is Julie Landfield’s Net Worth in 2024?

As of 2024, Julie Landfield has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Some sources also claim her net worth is in the range of $1 million to $5 million.

Landfield, the first wife of actor Beau Bridges, accumulated her wealth through her acting roles. Additionally, some fraction of her fortune is a result of her divorce settlement with her husband Beau Bridges.

Speaking of finances, her ex-husband Bridges has a colossal net worth of $16 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. Aged 82, Lloyd Vernet Beau Bridges III made his fortune through his movies, TV shows, and endorsements. His popular movies including The Fabulous Baker Boys, Max Payne, Norma Rae, and The Landlord have earned him huge paychecks.

Julie’s children, Casey Bridges and Jordan Bridges are also millionaires. Jordan Bridges has a net worth of $12 million, while Casey Bridges is worth around $2 million in 2024. Both Casey and Jordan are actors and make good money through their movies and TV shows.

Where is Bridges’ first wife Julie Landfield Now?

Julie Landfield did not marry after her divorce from Beau Bridges. Now, she is a happy mother and a grandmother. She often spends her time with her grandchildren from son Jordan Bridges.

Jordan Bridges, who is married to his wife Carrie Eastman, has two children, a daughter named Caroline Bridges and a son named Orson Bridges. Her granddaughter, Caroline was born in 2003 and is referred to as ‘Lola’ by her family. Her grandson, Orson was born in 2005.

Julie Landfield’s son Jordan Bridges and granddaughter Caroline Bridges (Lola)/ Source: Instagram

Julie’s adopted son, Casey Bridges does not father any kids. He spends his time between his work and his extended family.

How tall is Julie Landfield?

Julie, who is in her late 70s, has a decent height and a fair complexion. The retired TV and movie actress is shorter compared to her ex-husband Beau. Beau Bridges is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

If you are interested in catching some videos and pictures of Julie Landfield, you can follow her on Instagram. She has a limited social media presence and is only active on Instagram as @nonnie2lo_or. You have to follow the former actress on her Instagram handle to watch her family videos and photos for her account is private.

Her family members, like her son Jordan Bridges and others, are active on social media.

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