Are Allie Schnacky And Austin Armstrong Married? Age, Parents, Siblings, & Family

Allie Schnacky And Austin Armstrong

Allie Schnacky and Austin Armstrong have become a darling couple on social media for their delightful chemistry, capturing the hearts of today’s generation.

It’s been a while since the news of their marriage is making headlines. Let’s find out if the couple has officially started their journey as life partners.

Are Allie Schnacky And Austin Armstrong Married?

Allie Schnacky and Austin Armstrong are not married as of now. They are in a relationship and have been dating since April 2023.

They first met in 2014 during a Disney play audition when Austin was 16 and Allie was 14. After losing touch for a few years, they reconnected at church in 2016. Austin is best friends with Allie’s brother, Noah Schnacky, and they all attend the same church.

Allie Schnacky With Her Boyfriend Austin Armstrong
Allie Schnacky With Her Boyfriend Austin Armstrong (Source: Instagram)

Interestingly, Allie admitted that she hadn’t been friends with her current boyfriend for almost six years because she couldn’t stand him. This was due to a past incident where she felt hurt by Austin’s actions when they were teenagers.

In 2020, during the lockdown, Armstrong moved into the same house as Schnacky, and they began creating content together. Despite their past, the couple reconnected, and they started posting content on TikTok in September 2020.

Allie Schnacky’s Partner Had Feelings For Her Since The Start

Austin had always known he liked Allie, and their relationship developed over time. In November 2021, Allie posted a TikTok video hinting at her growing feelings for Austin.

The pair’s relationship took a significant turn during a trip to New York City, where Austin surprised her with tickets just to recreate her favorite movie scene.

After that in February, Austin asked Allie to be his Valentine in a special way and the latter too said yes but only as a friend.

In 2022, their bond grew stronger, but Austin’s love of the life faced major health issues, leading to an emergency hospital visit in March. In June, she underwent medical tests, causing anxiety for both of them.

Allie Schnacky And Her Boyfriend Austin Armstrong On Their Friends Engagement
Allie Schnacky And Her Boyfriend Austin Armstrong On Their Friends Engagement (Source: Instagram)

Allie’s health struggles, including a third bout of COVID-19 in July and separation anxiety in August, tested their relationship. However, they took a positive step by going on a solo trip to Dallas for a wedding in October 2022.

Finally, on September 9, 2023, Austin and Allie officially announced their relationship via a YouTube video, revealing that they had been dating since April 2023. Since then, they’ve been inseparable, frequently sharing pictures and videos of their time together.

Recently, there was a rumor of the duo’s engagement due to the video they shared on their YouTube channel. However, after viewing the entire video, fans discovered that it was actually the engagement ceremony of their friends.

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Allie Schnacky Parents: Meet Lance & Kim Schnacky

Allie Schnacky was born on February 22, 2000, in Orlando, Florida. As of [current-year], she is 24 years old.

Allie Schnacky Parents Lance & Kim Schnacky
Allie Schnacky Parents Lance & Kim Schnacky (Source: Instagram)

Talking of her parents, her mother is Kim Schnacky while her father, Lance Schnacky is a singer, songwriter, and musician. He attended Dr.Philips High School and North Central University.

The Schnacky Family: Is Allie Schnacky Related To Noah Schnacky?

Yes, Allie Schnacky is related to Noah Schnacky as they are brother and sister. Just like Allie, her brother is also a social media personality, actor, singer, and songwriter.

Allie Schnacky With Her Brothers Noah & Colby Schnacky
Allie Schnacky With Her Brothers Noah & Colby Schnacky (Source: Pinterest)

Apart from him, the 24 year-old also has other three siblings. She has two sisters, Ella and Marie, and a brother, Colby Schnacky.

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Graduate Of Valencia College

Discussing her academics, Schnacky went to Valencia College. During her college days, she used to participate in various activities such as water polo, dance, and competitive swimming.

Moreover, she also took on roles as a small group leader, contributed to theater activities, and joined the National Honor Society. In December 2018, she shared a graduation photo with her dad on her Instagram account.

Once, Allie revealed that she attended a public elementary school before turning 13. She even landed the role of Pippi Longstocking in a play. However, her school wasn’t very flexible about her taking time off for the project.

In response, her parents enrolled her in Florida Virtual School, giving her the flexibility to pursue her passion.

What Is Allie Schnacky Net Worth In 2024?

With a thriving career in movies, TV shows, modeling, and brand endorsements, Allie Schnacky has achieved not only fame but also financial success. While she hasn’t publicly disclosed her exact net worth, it is estimated to be around $4 million in 2024.

Additionally, as the founder of ‘Choosen & Free,’ she generates income by selling various merchandise items, including a winter beanie, Contagious Joy totes, and a Contagious Joy hoodie.

Allie is a well-known social media personality who dreamed of a career in entertainment from a young age. At just 6 years old, she began her acting journey, taking on the role of Chelsea in the production of Gooney Bird Greene.

Since then, the versatile figure has built an impressive career, appearing in various commercials, movies, voice-overs, live local performances, theater productions, and print works.

Allie Schnacky Net Worth Is $4 Million
Allie Schnacky Net Worth Is Reportedly $4 Million (Source: Instagram)

She’s not only an accomplished actor but also a skilled dancer and vocalist, winning numerous awards in regional and national competitions. In 2010, she showcased her dancing talent on the TV series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and had an uncredited role in the film Letters to God.

Allie’s notable roles include portraying Tess in the TV series Golden Gates (2010-2011) and appearing in projects like Cooked, BubbleGum Smackers, and Caught in the Middle.

Beyond her entertainment career, Schnacky has actively contributed to philanthropic causes, volunteering for organizations such as ‘Give Kids The World Village’ and the Salvation Army.

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