Alaqua Cox Husband: Is She Married? A Son With Partner; Net Worth In 2024

American actress Alaqua Cox with her husband-to-be Erich

Alaqua Cox, widely popular as Maya Lopez/Echo in the MCU series ‘Hawkeye’ and ‘Echo’, is the mother of one with her spouse. Fans tag her partner as her husband, but they have yet to get married.

No doubt, that Cox, with her professional achievements, became the talk of the town. However, aside from that, her relationship is another topic fans are intrigued about.

A jumpstart to an on-screen career & success within a short span got prying eyes on her net worth as well.

Buckle up as we cover details on her dating life and earnings in this article.

Alaqua Cox Husband: Is She Married? Her Partner’s Name?

No, Cox doesn’t have a husband officially for now but is on the way to having one though. She is currently in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend-turned-fiance, Erich. On top of that, the two are already parents of a baby boy.

So, it’s obvious that eager fans are already tagging her husband-to-be as her “husband”. With so, there have been rising queries about Alaqua being married.

Alaqua Cox with her boyfriend-turned-fiance Erich
Alaqua Cox with her boyfriend-turned-fiance Erich (Source: Instagram)

Well, not legally married, but the Echo actress and her fiance have been living together for years. They are raising a family of their own. Perhaps, the chemistry and adoration for each other is more than enough to call them spouses.

As of this writing, nothing much on her beau’s family background, age, or professional venture is out.

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Do Alaqua And Erich Have Plans For A Wedding?

Even if the duo has not green-ticked the exact date for their wedding, they have plans to tie the knot.

In an interview with People in January 2024, Cox hinted that an upcoming marriage may be in store if she and Erich could align their schedules.

She said, “We’re thinking about having a last-minute small wedding when we are both available, but it’s just been so busy, so we’re just going to see what happens.”

Alaqua Cox’s Dating Story And Engagement

Cox, who was born deaf and is an amputee in her right leg, didn’t let her disability become a hurdle in her life- either it is her career or her love life.

Alaqua has been dating her longtime boyfriend (now fiance), Erich, since 2017. While talking with the People in 2024, she briefly talked about her relationship with him, “I have been dating my partner for about six years, almost seven years.”

In August 2021, the Hawkeye actress, who plays Maya Lopez/Echo, first shared a picture of her lover in a carousel of Instagram pictures.

Echo actress Cox hinted that she was engaged to her longtime boyfriend in December 2023
Echo actress Cox hinted that she was engaged to her longtime boyfriend in December 2023 (Source: Instagram)

So, when did they get engaged? The American actress has yet to address the exact date of her engagement, but, on December 23, 2021, she mentioned Erich as her “fiance”.

It led fans to assume that he proposed to Cox somewhere between the fall and December of 2021.

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Cox Is The Mother Of A Son: Pregnancy Journey And More

On Mother’s Day of 2023, the Wisconsin-born actress took to Instagram to share that she and her fiance were expecting a child. Even more, the duo held a cupcake with a blue color indicating that a baby boy was on the way.

She captioned, “Best Mother’s Day gift. We can’t wait to meet you, baby boy.”  The couple welcomed a son in October 2023.

Alaqua with her newly born son
Alaqua with her newly born son (Source: Instagram)

A few days before her son’s birth, Alaqua had posted a picture showing her baby bump on October 11, stating she was welcoming her ‘little pumpkin into the world in just a few days.’

On October 30, 2023, the actress shared a picture with her newborn baby, in a paid partnership post with Lollipop Baby Camera. She stated that the device has a crying detection feature which was great for her as a deaf mom.

How Much Is Alaqua Cox’s Net Worth In 2024?

Cox may be a newbie in the TV industry in terms of her on-screen flagship but is on par with veterans if compared to her acting skills. As of 2024, Alaqua has an estimated net worth of $100K.

The given amount of her fortune seems justifiable given she made her debut in the Marvel series, Hawkeye, in 2021 as its prominent cast Maya Lopez/Echo.

Her realistic acting and sheer dedication amid the challenges of her disability (deaf and amputee), quickly rose her demand and fame.

As a result, she reprised her role as Maya in the spin-off series, Echo. With this, she became the first indigenous and deaf actress to land in the lead role of a TV series.

Moreover, in April 2023, the actress bought a new house in Wisconsin with her fiance.

Before acting, Alaqua worked in a nursing home and warehouses of Amazon and FedEx. Along with her acting proficiency, her success credits also go to her friends who convinced & encouraged her to hit up for auditions.

She envisions a hectic next few years with other acting projects already in the lineup following her success in the Marvel series.


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