Day: February 18, 2024

Martha Mae Salitan and Erik Salitan; Age, Wiki, Children, Net Worth

Life Below Zero’s Martha Mae Salitan; Martha Mae’s Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Children

The regulars of National Geographic’s documentary TV series Life Below Zero know Martha Mae Salitan as a fearless woman. Those who have not followed the National Geographic documentary may not recognize Martha well. Martha rose to fame when she was cast as a member of the survival TV series Life Below Zero, featuring a famous […]

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What happened to Sue Aikens' granddaughter? Drew McClurg Obituary!

What happened to Sue Aikens’ granddaughter? Drew McClurg Obituary!

No event is as unfortunate, devastating as the passing of a loved one. Sue Aikens, famed for her long-running TV show ‘Life Below Zero‘, is celebrated for her resilience and grit. But, in the unfortunate event of her granddaughter’s passing, the world bore witness to her vulnerable side. Sue Aikens broke into tears in her […]

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